My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rarity Classic Style Doll Review


hey everybody today in this video I will
be doing a review of the new My Little Pony Equestria girl rarity here is a
quick look at the back of the box you can see a picture of rarity with
Fluttershy and then also a picture from the Equestria girls okay here is rarity
out of the box starting with the very top of her head we have two white pony
ears that go into her beautiful I love this purple hair
unfortunately it’s supposed to be nice and curly but the box and the way it was
packaged it got really flattened and smashed so you can see it’s almost
completely straight by this point the feel and the texture to the hair they
did put some sort of product in to try to help preserve the curls so it kind of
has a slightly greasy feel to it the color is beautiful but anything else the
this sort of greasy feeling and the style is a little lacking after the box
here’s a look at her face the new Equestria girl doll style her rarities
face on this doll is probably my favorite out of the new styles the new
doll style I like her eyebrows her beautiful blue eyeshadow and the blue
eyes and then a light pink lipstick and she does have some light pink blushing
on her cheeks going down into her outfit she is accessorized with a gold necklace
and bracelet a purple belt her top is this blue and silver diamond pattern
sleeveless blouse and underneath that is a purple pencil skirt she does have
joints in her elbows these elbow joints only really go to there so there’s not
tons of flexibility but enough so you can get a few poses a few model like
poses for rarity and then finally we have her shoes which look like jeweled
sandals with a heel you see they’re all purple the same purple color it
would have been nice if they had colored in may be the jewels different colors
that have been a nice touch but they’re all just purple plastic now she does not
come with a doll stand or any other accessories but I was able to get her to
stand on her own two shoes so that’s a nice that she can balance probably
because she doesn’t have any knee joints okay some pros and cons about rarity I
am disappointed that her hair got flattened and is not as nice as it could
be because of the box and I am a little bit disappointed in one color plastic
shoes but other than those two things I really like her outfit and how they did
her face overall I really like rarity I think for the the new style Equestria
girl dolls this rarity is my personal favorite so for the rating from 1 to 10
I would give her a 9 out of 10 they should have packaged her hair a
different way so it didn’t get flat but other than that she’s really cute and
pretty thank you guys so much for in this review bye


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