My Little Pony Meets Angry Birds s1 e1

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Now, it’s My Litle Pony meets Angry Birds AJ (AppleJack): Good mornin’ Ponyville! What’s this bridge for? I dont no, let’s cross It. What’s that? What in tarnation??? Were am I? Uhh… why are the lights flickerin’? Ahhh, everything’s shakin’!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Wat n’ Tarnahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! AJ: What in tarnation is- litlelelelelelelelelelelleellelelekelelleellekkevkoeqwnfcjhewqbfgbwhrqbdfhdfewbhkfaevb hjefbefjhefbvheqbcwqhvcewqhvbh AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ???: Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink! Robert: Wait, pause AJ: I hear somebody. Robert: What was that? Robert: A pony? Ponies? ?? What the heck?? Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, oah!! Noo! My God Jesus: Yes? She is a very powerful pony. Come on here. I Shall myself hike I found somewhere, aah in there Yes, oh Gotcha I’m Gonna show you to my friends. Oh, no Hmm It’s definitely not one of us well the real question is Where did it come from I? believe it came from Pony Ponyville you mean for my little pony friendship is magic pretty much So what powers is well when I leave how my best she kicked my radio for back feet Brooke and She had a red Ribbon on me Okay, so apparently she is a kicker But the Kingdom orchestra steal apples don’t see you get that apple fuck Yeah, I Heard about the time child coming in two days If I you were interested about oh, I am in de shit about it holy All right, why don’t you sign up there is a song and yep place at Blue Birds Angry Bird school? You mean it’s on the monday. Yeah, but we need to take out exactly on the Sabbath day, and I don’t don’t know What’s good I? Have all this of softer. Oh the why aren’t you soon um well you see I kinda lost it. Oh ok Okaii one So I need a rest for a little bit more ok I loved it. I’ll go the blackbirds get some more in What? it’s pretty unusual, but I feather and Well record already an oyster And we know she’s good for bucking apples because her key Mark said so and when I laid her on my desk She kicked my radio Okay, so she’s a very powerful counting Did you want to keep her you have [to] avoid her parents which means you have to see how the friendship? mean element of Honesty um Look, she does the element of honest So if you lie about something to your mom or dad or anyone else don’t tell them Dang hey yeah, so yeah Well sometimes when she has the element of disharmony she died So if you see her grace, you know you know she’s long So displacer on that TV over there cuz is way past your bedtime Well actually is blue birthday bluebird in a bed So you have to be very careful with? her I will sir so are you ready to be set as phony as your hat Yep Well, I think more [impala] nizar are going to be here. It’s six you loved it Well apparently we rappelled hecklers in Ponyville It’s only hair because bad guy to back hi to ya bad guy to stop Pinkie pie rarity Fluttershy highlights Brecker so it’s all an apple debt and there’s only the five because rainbow dash got killed in the war with fat guy too, so [you] really need [to] turn to do a rocky song at the time, so You can turn to and then the rainbow dash because the elements of harmony won’t work without all six of them blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Okay, okay while speaking of apples Hey, good chicken appetit. She’s gone Mm-Hmm, I see her. She’s going down the steps everybody’s ass Mmm. Take the book I know Let’s go catch that Pony hMM She went this way There she goes She went into the portal I saw her She’s going back to Ponyville. Oh, oh Oh fuck we have stuck all the powers oh Damn, man Hmm, nah


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