My Little Pony MLP Giant Play-Doh Surprise Egg Celestia

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Welcome to Kinder Playtime! This week is a very special week, isn’t it? Uh-huh! We have 50,000 subscribers now, YAY! Yeah. So this week, we’re doing a whole week of surprises, and we’re starting with this play-doh my Little Pony egg. Who’s on that egg? Celestia! Princess Celestia. Okay, you ready to open it and see what’s inside? Uh-huh! Okay, here we go, here we go! You took her off? What’s inside? Wow! My Little Pony surprises. Wow! Okay, let’s take a look at, let’s take a look at this egg. Oh my Goodness, it’s chock full of my Little Pony stuff! You ready to pop it open? Count down with me. Three, two, one, POP! Okay, pick what you wanna do first. That One? Here we go, let’s open up this my Little Pony blind bag. Let’s see who we got? Who is that? Oh! Sugar Grape! This is Sugar Grape. She loves stories! We don’t have Sugar Grape yet? Okay Emmy, there you go. Alright, what’s next? This one? Wow Look! Applejack! It’s Applejack. Let’s open her up. Oh cute! Oh, she comes with a brush too. Wow! Okay, here’s Applejack. She has three sets of Apples on her. And her tail is hair that you can brush. Cute, huh? Do you like this Applejack? okay What’s next? Should we do another bag or a box? Umm, a box! A box! Oh, it’s the first time we’re doing these my Little Pony vinyl figure mystery minis. Cool, huh? Alright, let’s open it up and see what we get first. I want to get Flutter Shy!! You want to get Flutter Shy? Uh-huh! I don’t think she’s an option. What about Twilight Sparkle? Okay! I want her! Rarity looks pretty cute. I want Rarity! I bet you want all of them. Uh-huh, I want all of them. Okay, let’s see, what’s in the bag! It’s a dragon! I think This guy’s name is Discord? Is that his name? Uh-huh! Wow, cool! He’s like a Dragon with lots of different animal parts. Let’s See, we got the black one. That’s a two out of twelve. Alright. Here you go Emmy. All right what’s next? Let’s do this Twilight Sparkle! Its Princess Twilight Sparkle. She has her wings and she comes with a brush too! Okay so here’s…. Beautiful Twilight with her three different sparkles on her. Look, she stands up. She stands up! Yeah! And let’s pull her brush out. This one’s a pink brush. The other brush was kind of like a coral. Wow! That’s so cute! Alright, there you go Emmy. Alright, what next? Another blind bag! You want another blind bag? Here we go! Are you so excited? Who do you want? I want Applejack! You want Applejack? Uh-huh! Who did we get? I want Applejack! Whoo! Sweetie Swirl! That’s cute! She kind of looks like Pinkie Pie and Rarity mixed together. Wow Cute Sweetie Pie loves to dress up! Do you love to dress up? That’s the pony for you. Alright. let’s do this one next, okay? Wow Pinkie Pie! Oh, but it’s an Equestria Girl! It’s a Pinkie Pie doll. Oh my goodness, let’s open her up! Wow So cute! I love Equestria Girls! She comes with a brush too! Oh yeah, oh wow, pretty! Okay, so her head moves, but her arms and her legs do not move. Cool! This is neat. Okay, let’s brush her hair! okay That’s fun and pretty. This brush Is a little more of a dark pink. Alright, you ready? Pinkie pie Alright, what do you want to do next? Another box! Another box! Here we go! Roar! Emily’s playing with Discord over here. Okay, what’s in the Box? Who do you think this one is? I want Rarity! I know you do. Hopefully it’s a Rarity! I just want Applejack. Yeah there’s an AppleJack in this set. Well let’s see. This one feels like a pony. Rarity! Wow! She’s so cute! Oh I love the black. I thought I wouldn’t, but I do! She’s Black, with purple hair and her diamond cutie mark pretty eyes and her horn. Rarity! There you go! Okay, let’s do another Equestria girl! This one’s Twilight Sparkle! She stands up! She does? Here she is. Alright! I’m sure Twilight Sparkle Equestria girl doll. She has wings and a horn, well no she doesn’t have a horn, but she does have wings! She’s got her cutie mark, on her dress and her cheek. This is really cute. I like her Outfit! Alright, here’s another Equestria Girl! Okay, now what? A Box, an Equestria girl, or a blind bag? Blind bag. Blind Bag! Here we go. Who could it be? It’s orange, oop, Pepper Dance! So cute! Pepper Dance! Pepper Dance! Alright Pepper Dance loves to race! That sounds like Jacobs kind of pony, huh? Jacob loves to race! Okay, We got two more things. What should we do next? The box! The box! The Box. What’s in the box? What do you think’s in the box? Fluttershy! Fluttershy? I told you there’s no Fluttershy in this set. There’s Applejack and Twilight Sparkle though and then this magic one. And then there’s a boy. There’s two Twilight Sparkles and then there’s this one. You want the Purple Twilight Sparkle? Okay Crossing our Fingers! Purple Twilight Sparkle Here We go Maybe it’s Applejack. Could be Applejack. Feels like a pony. It’s Applejack! Wow, it’s so cute. The colors are adorable. I love the apples that are red against the black. And her freckles, so cute! She has a really cute hat too. Alright! Applejack Okay, we have one more and it’s not really a mystery surprise, but it’s still cute! This is Applejack the Equestria Girl! Nope. Those aren’t squishy. Okay, so this one for sure came with a brush. Umm, you can squish her tail. Woo! I like this one. She looks ready for a rodeo. Look at those boots. They even have apples on them. Let’s brush her hair. Look at this one, Emily. Do you like her outfit? She looks like a cowgirl! Alright, that’s our surprises! Yeah! What was your Favorite one? Emily’s favorites are Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls.
Alright everybody. Thanks for watching, BYE!


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