My Little Pony MLP Power Ponies Collection Friendship is Magic Toys Kinder Playtime

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Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) (upbeat techno music plays) Power Ponies! Emily: Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Mom: Today we have a Power Ponies set that we bought from Target. It’s been out for a while and we’re really excited to them and Emily has hiccups today, so excuse her. She’s so excited that she got the hiccups! So today we’re going to open each individual power pony, which is basically your favorite My Little Pony characters. With super super powers! Woo-hoo! Let’s take a look at them! Emily: These ponies are so cool! Kinder Mom: They’re so colorful and awesome! I love them! (yeah!) Emily: What do these ponies do? Kinder Mom: Let’s talk about each of them. I’m the Masked Matter-Horn. I’ll blast my way through the bad guys. This is the Masked Matter-Horn. She is the leader of our ponies. She can generate a variety of energy beams from her horn. Such as energy blast and freeze rays. This is of course Twilight Sparkle. (yeah!) I’m Mistress Mare-Velous. My hooking rings and lasso will do the trick. Mistress Mare-Velous has a lasso that she can physically control. She also makes use of her horse shoes called hook-a-rangs! (wow!) This is Apple Jack! Yay! I’m Radiance, and I can make anything. Radiance can create energy constructs with her jewelry. From tea sets, to an umbrella, to ice skates, to virtually anything else. Neat, huh? (Uh-huh!) She is obsessed with beauty and personal appearances, and is mentioned to have appeared on the cover of three magazines. This is of course, Rarity. (yeah!) Fili-Second is on the way. Fili-Second is the fastest pony in all of Mare-tropolis, and can run a distance of miles in mere seconds. This speedy pony is Pinkie Pie! Saddle Rager! Saddle Rager can turn into a Hulking monster with tremendous strength when she loses her temper. This power pony is Fluttershy! Emily: She’s like the Hulk. Zapp can zip all the evil henchmen. Woo-hoo! Zapp can control the forces of nature, such as thunderstorms and tornadoes through her lightening bolt necklace. This pony is Rainbow Dash! With their powers combined, they are the Power Ponies! Who is your favorite power pony Emily? Emily: Fluttershy! Kinder Mom: Fluttershy is my favorite too. (Yeah!) Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!


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