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Welcome to
How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a m&m my little pony rainbow
dash cake. This is for those of you who wanted my little
pony cake, those of you who wanted an easy cake and those of you who wanted one with
no fondant. The first thing you need to do is make three
trays of chocolate cake and I’ll link you to in the description below
this video to give you the recipe for that and all of recipe quantities that you’ll need
for the frosting recipe as well. I’m using a brand new frosting recipe that
I invented for you today. You’ll need cream, I have a new page on my website explaining
which cream to use for those of you who aren’t sure about that. Compound white chocolate
and some jelly or jello in your favourite flavour, for this cake it’s best if you choose
one with a blueish colour. Place the powdered jelly into a saucepan and
add the cream. Give it a good stir and then you want to leave it for a while so the gelatin
in the jelly to absorb moisture from the cream and go soft. That will take about 10 minutes
and leave you with a lumpy looking mixture like this. It kind of looks a bit like the
cream is off, but it not it’s just the gelatin there. Turn on the heat and then stir that until
all the gelatin and the sugar and the gelatin is dissolved and it just starts to bubble.
Now turn off the heat and add your compound white chocolate. Keep stirring until it is
all melted. Pour the mixture into a bowl and place in
the fridge for a couple of hours to cool down. You can speed the cooling process up by putting
it into a tray in the fridge instead of a bowl if you like.
Once it is cooled it will look thick like this which is from a combination of the chocolate
setting and the gelatin setting as well. Whip that up using an electric mixer and you’ll
get a beautiful smooth fluffy frosting in the flavour of your jello. Cover your cake board in foil and add one
of your tray cakes to one side. Make sure you cakes are completely cool and you have
already leveled them off. You’ll have a space at the top and that is
where we ant to add another half of your tray cake. Cover that whole thing in a thin layer of
frosting then add your next layer of cake on top. I find it easiest to put the cake
onto a flat tray and pull the baking paper underneath so that the cake can just slide
off onto there. Now you need to print out a picture of rainbow
dash. And cut around it using a serrated knife. I’ll put this one in the size I am using on website so you can print it out like that. You can of course use a
picture of pinkie pie, princess luna, rarity or whoever you’d want instead If you want to make a cake for less people
then you can use just one layer of cake instead of two so you’ll have less quantity. Take out the excess cake from all of the little
gaps there and remove the template. For our crumb coat take some frosting and heat it
in the microwave. Pour it over the cake and spread it out really thinly. What the crumb
coat does is it just stop you getting crumbs in the next layer of frosting so when you
spread it on you’ll get a nice clean layer of frosting instead of having specks of crumbs
through it. Once you’ve covered all the top and sides
in the thin crumb coat add another layer of frosting over the top spreading it out smoothly. Now for the fun part adding the m&m’s start
with mini m&m’s for the outline, and add some mini orange and red where they come across
the leg there. Follow the blue up and around and around the
leg and then add the rainbow coloured m&m’s for
the tail. I am going from mini m&m’s going to normal
ones to crispy ones in the middle in the middle
then back down to minis at the end of the tail.
Just keep following your picture for which colours go where.
Fill in the body with pale blue m&m’s and continue adding the blue minis for outlines. Then follow the colours that you’ve put on
top down onto the sides of the cake too, you can use dark blue on the bottom sides of the
cake and pale blue on the top sides if you want to so it is like shading. Now for the eye, yes we are going to use fondant
for this because it just looks better. cut out an oval shape and then roll a small oval
of white and squash it down to match the shape on the eye there.
Roll another bigger oval and squash that down to match the larger white part of the eye. Next cut a flat oval out of some purple fondant
or you can use deep pink colour. and place it on top of the white of your eye.
Roll an oval of black and squash that into place on top of the purple. Then add two pieces
that we made just a moment ago of white on top.
Roll a snake of black making it thinner at one end and wrap it around the eye just like
it is in the picture. Cut yourself three thin eyelashes from a snake
of black and add them into place using a tiny bit of water to make them stick.
Then add you eye into place on the cake. For the rainbow lightning flash roll roll
a snake of red yellow and blue join them together using a tiny bit of water and bend them into
a zig zag and then add flattened white balls of fondant for the cloud. you’ll need four
of those on top. Roll a thin snake of blue and use that to
outline the cloud. Add that to the cake gently pressing it into
place and you’re done. I remember choosing cakes for my birthday when I was little based
on how many lollies or candies they had on top, so I think this one would definitely
pass that test. Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes
chocolates and desserts click here for last weeks chocolate flower dessert video and here
to go to the channel to see my other videos. And here to go to the website to get those
recipes. This cake was requested by
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    How am I only just seeing this? My Little Pony was my childhood and Rainbow Dash (from friendship is magic which unfortunately was just starting as I grew out of MLP so I only saw the first two seasons or so) is one of my favorite characters. This cake looks amazing and is totally what I would have wanted growing up.

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