My Little Pony Pop Twilight Sparkle Princess Cadence & Toys R Us Disney Elsa unboxing Surprise Egg!


Hey Everbody its Nina from 2 Dogs and Toys!
Today’s going to be pretty cool because we are going to be unboxing My Little Pony Pop
Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence which comes with a pretty cool bracelet. When
I was at Toys “R” Us I also picked up this Elsa Doll That we will be unboxing. And as
a bonus we will be opening one of these My Little Pony Sweet
and Surprises, Surprise eggs, which is gonna be awesome too. Lets Get started! Hey Everybody thanks for watching our video on My Little Pony and Elsa from
Frozen we will see you next time on our next video by 2 Dogs and Toys!


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  1. Linda Schatz

    November 22, 2015 3:19 am

    I was contemplating buying the Elsa, so it's great to see how great it is before buying it. My girls are going to love it!!! Post more vids!!!


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