MY LITTLE PONY PRESENTS OPENING! 🎁 Giant My Little Pony Egg Surprise My Little Pony Equestria Toys

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Let the party begin My Little Pony Heaven Balloons, Balloons, Rainbow Dash are you ready for Showtime in Equestria? Let the Party begin!!! Confetti everywhere Testing, Testing, Testing, were going live? oh! Reporting live from Equestria Here in Equestria everyone is so excited Isn’t that right Rainbow Dash? The Battle of the Bands competition will go live in a few hours. So lets go see everyone who is taking part So what have you got in there Rainbow Dash? Our first competitors are: The Dazzlings. Now let’s see what the Dazzlings have to say? Hi I’m Araia Blaze and I’m absolutely awesome. Hi I’m Sonata Dusk and you know I’m awesome too. We have been to the beauty salon all day. We look fabulous. Don’t we? Were going to rock and roll and take control. Who can stop us now? Ah Ah we are so awesome. Well this is the final so we love confident bands. So girls why don’t you tell everyone at home about your song for tonight? Let’s just say our song will have the audience falling under our rocking spell. Now we got to dash. They are calling us for rehearsals. Come on Sonata we can’t be late for taking over Equestria The Dazzlings sure are confident they will win the Battle of the bands. What do you guys think at home? They are not the only ones Rainbow Dash. It’s Pinkie Pie from the Rainbooms and the Rainbow Rocks stage. Its Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy from the Rainbooms. and here we have two more band members. It’s Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Drops. Sweetie Drops is filling in for Apple Jack because she is not feeling too well. And joining me tonight we have the Rainbooms. So tell me a bit about yourselves girls? Well I’m twilight sparkle and I’m dressed in stars right down to my shoes. I’m Rainbow Dash and I’m the lightning bolt of this band. As you can see I got it all over my outfit. I’m Pinkie Pie and I’m going to be playing the drums tonight. I’m Fluttershy and I love butterflies I even have butterflies in my tummy. And I’m Sweetie Drops and I’m as sweet as candy. And girls what about your song for tonight? Its awesome Elena Cupcake. Its a surprise but we’ll give you this. You gonna love it. Yes but where is DJ Pon? I’ll find DJ Pon. You guys go to rehearsals. Bye! And I can’t wait to hear your song. Rainbow Dash Do you know where DJ Pon is? Its DJ Pon and her car. Guys at home. Am I lost? I’ve been going up these roads forever and I’m going to be late for the final of the Equestria Battle of the Bands. Can anyone help me? Oh we can help you. Its that way. Oh thank you so much girls. Are you going there? I bet your song will be great. Ya. We’ll going to be there. Were going to get everyone to fall under our spell. She’s not going to the battle of the bands and we are going to make sure of it. Yes lets cast a magical spell to block the roads. This is for you DJ Pon. Who ha ha ha ha. Ah the road is blocked and it looks like a magic spell. I should have known those Dazzlings were up to something. Ah..I’ll never get to the battle of the Bands final now. oh awwh. Ah. These eggs are too heavy. I’m never ever ever ever going to get there. [crying] You guys DJ Pon is in trouble. How could we help her? Rainbow Dash can you help? Its Princess Twilight Sparkle. This is perfect. She has Rainbow Powers. Somebody is using dark magic in Equestria. I feel like somebody needs my help. I must fly there right away. Are you ok? No I can’t get to the Battle of the Bands final Oh! Thats terrible. Here let me use my magic. Thank you so much Princess Twilight sparkle for clearing the road with your Rainbow Powers. Now I can get to the battle of the Bands and the final. You are welcome My Dear and Good Luck in the final. Bye! and Thank you. Now its time to meet all the ponies that will be in the audience tonight. Rarity and Princess Twilight Sparkle Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are in for a real treat tonight. and lastly we have our MLP Fashems. These will be so colourful. Oh Elena Cupcake. We are simply so happy to be at the competition. Look at my beautiful outfit. Don’t I just look amazing. Ya we have been watching the competition the whole way through and we can’t wait to see who wins the final. Yes I really hope we are going to be invited to the after party. We’re going to rock that party. I think its going to be a close competition but I would really love the Rainbooms to win. In our audience we will also have apple bloom, scootaloo, sweetie bell, rainbow dash, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. Well I’m here with my big sister Apple Jack and I’m so excited to be here at the final. I’m here with rainbow Dash and I just can’t wait. And I’m here with rarity and I want to go into the Battle of the Bands one day. The Rainbooms are going to rock that stage..awh yes. I really hope they have figured out the counter spell. And I cant wait for all the fun at the after party. Oh my goodness it going to be so much fun. Elena cupcake excuse us for a minute. We gotta dash. We want to get some really yummy sweet treats for the final. See you later. bye. I know the perfect place to get sweet treats. Its Pinkie Pie’s sweet Shoppe. Welcome to Pinkie Pie’s Sweet Shoppe. Here we have a sweet to suit every taste. And we have My Little Pony Kinder Surprise Eggs. yay!! Now help yourselves. Even the roof is made of candy. I want to try some. Delicious. Is that a birthday cake I see? Ah. It even smells like cake. And the little heart pretzels. Oh they are just so delicious. Pinkie Pie we are all stocked up on sweets. And they taste delicious. but we were just wondering how are you going to get to the concert? Its Pinkie Pie’s helicopter. Thats easy. I’m going in my helicopter. See you at the party. Now we are going back stage and meet our Judges. And our competition judges are the Crystal Empire ponies. Aren’t they beautiful. The judges are staying at Princess Twilight Sparkle Kingdom. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the judges of the 2016 final of the battle of the bands. So Apple Jack are you happy to be a judge. I sure am. This competition is going to be like an apple falling off a tree. Rarity. Yes this competition is going to be so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the costumes. And as for me Fluttershy I can’t wait for this final to start. Yes I think its going to be a close call and I just can’t wait. I think it will be like lightning bolts when the music starts on this competition. Yes I think it going to be a very stiff competition. And the party after. Oh my goodness. The Party. The party is going to be so much fun. Look at this stage. I think this is going to be the best competition Equestria has ever seen. And our first finalist tonight are The Dazzlings. We will be adored. tell us that you love us. come on, get off the stage. I don’t know what happened there. The Dazzlings seem to lose their rhythm. But don’t go away because our next finalist is the Rainbooms. We use to fight with each other (o oh oo) that was before we discovered (o oh oo) that when your friendship is real (o oh oo) ya you just say what you feel. and the music, yay the music gets us to the top. as we learn how the rainbow, rainbow rocks. [Cheering] And now for the moment you have been waiting for. The results of the judges are in. And .. the 2016 winners of the Equestria Battle of the bands are The Rainbooms. yay!!! Congratulations girls. Now let me take you to the stage for a live interview with our winners. So girls how does it feel to win? Its feels awesome. It was a truly magical feeling. and of course with my awesome singing like we totally won. I’m so excited and the after party is going to be so much fun so see you there. OMG!! What a final, what amazing winners and what a night. But it doesn’t end there. There is going to be a huge celebration at Princess Celestia’s, love her, castle in Canterlot. So see you there. I’m at Princess Celestia’s Canterlot castle for the official after party for the 2016 battle of the bands. So let the party begin. So CupcakeSurpriseToys fans. I really hope your enjoyed my Giant My Little Pony egg and the Equestria battle of the bands. And all these beautiful toys we opened up today. So don’t forget to like, comment subscribe and share this video. You know you want to. Bye CupcakeSurpriseToyfans. See you on my next video. Bye


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