My Little Pony Toys Musical Celebration Castle Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Applejack

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It’s Kinder Playtime! Party bus! Woo-hoo! Let’s get down to Daisy Dream and Star Songs castle. Oh yeah! Party is my middle name. Giddy up little doggy. Hold on girls, we’re gonna crash! Ughh. Let’s get out of here. Oh my dear sweet goodness. Umm, are you guys okay? What’s going on? I heard a big noise and it woke me up. (gasp) Who crashed the van?! I did. We were having too much fun coming over to your party. But we’re all okay, don’t worry. Yeah, don’t make a fuss. Let’s just have fun now. We’ll take care of the van later. If you say so. Let’s party! (swing music plays) Whoa. Sooo Dizzy. Walk it off Pinkie Pie! Man, this is a great party. Oh thanks you guys for coming! Woo-hoo! This is better than an escalator. Yeehaw! Group slide! Wee! Greatest party ever! Hey Kinder Playtime friends! Today we have the Playskool friends My Little Pony musical celebration castle and the Rainbow Dash friendship bus. And they’re little and they’re more round for little hands to grab, so that’s really really cool. Yeah! You ready to look at what this does? Yeah! Let’s open her up! Here’s our pretty castle! We have Apple Jack, Daisy Dream, Pinkie Pie, Star Song, and Rainbow Dash with her bus! It has a rainbow handle! It says My Little Pony! Yeah! Open the door! It makes music! Pump here to make them spin. Go up and down in the elevator. Take a nap in the stables. Good morning! Go down the slide! Wee! There are lots of play areas for your ponies to be in. Hop on the bus with your friends! What a colorful spinner. Stop! There’s a pony crossing! Go! I love this castle. It’s a fun My Little Pony set, huh? Yeah! Are you excited to show Chloe? Yeah! It’ll be so fun! Thanks for watching, bye! (grunts) Keep going guys! We’re almost to the repair shop. Wait a second. Wasn’t she the one that wrecked the bus?


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