My NaMoPaiMo Model Horses and How I Made Them

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Today’s video is a highlight of the three
NaMoPaiMo horses I have made through the years, with insights into how I made them. I participated in the very first year of NaMoPaiMo
in 2017 with this semi-drastic Breyer Stablemate custom. I created him with left-overs of another
project, so he has a resculpted head from the WEG driving horse and the body of the
newer Andalusian mold. I re-worked his neck and sculpted him a new
mane, tail and ears to convert him into a Marwari stallion. Then, using an airbrush,
white charcoal pencil, and hand-painted acrylics, I painted him as a loud chestnut sabino. This
horse was then donated to the 2017 Show for the Cure Live. My second year wasn’t quite as successful,
as two years later I am still working on my official horse. I may have bitten off more
than I can chew learning to paint a dapple rose gray. This horse started out as a Breyer Stablemate
G1 Thoroughbred mare, and with a lot of dremeling and sculpting, she transformed into an Arabian
mare. My third year, in 2019, I started my first
large scale, drastic custom. As part of the MEPSA makeover challenge as well, this horse
started out as a Breyer Traditional Lady Phase. She was completely overhauled. I manipulated
pretty much every aspect of this horse to transform her from standing to floating trot.
A lot of resculpting was also needed to transform her from a Quarter Horse to a Criollo, complete
with roached mane, wavy tail, and fetlock feathers. Her finishwork was completed in airbrushed
bay with hand-painted sabino markings (more accurately known as white mutation). Honestly, I still prefer working in smaller
scales even after completing this mare, but I might choose yet another traditional scale
horse as my 2020 NaMoPaiMo project. And speaking of that… During January and February, I will share
my progress on my own NaMoPaiMo horse, as well as tutorials and tips. So be sure to
subscribe to this channel and visit my blog on my website,
so you won’t miss it. For daily updates, follow my social media linked in this video
description. Now go paint those ponies!


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