#NCBD Final Quest #18 Release Day Reaction & the Quest for the New Issue || Vlog #1

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Welcome to the ElfQuest Collector’s Guide!
good morning guys! it’s New Comic Book Day, and it’s the release of Final Quest #18, and
i’ve decided i’m going to vlog the day! so, here we go, guys, have a good day and i hope
you enjoy mine! ok, so first of all, i always get the new issues of Final Quest digitally
on Dark Horse Digital-dot-com, so i haven’t actually gotten my new copy yet. I’m about to buy it and i’m about to read
it. i usually get to read it the day before, ’cause
i know the “trick,” um, but for some reason it wasn’t working this time, so i had to wait
just like everybody else until the ACTUAL release day to read this issue. so, i haven’t read it yet, i’m about to read
it, and i’m going to record my reactions, so here we go, guys!
well guys, i was going to try to read it on my Kindle, but it’s taking forever to download,
so i already have it pulled up here on my computer, and here we go! i’m about to read
Final Quest issue number 18… *inhales* let’s see what happens! i won’t say anything, guys,
just don’t worry, i’m not going to let any spoilers out or anything like that. if you haven’t read the issue for yourself,
don’t worry, i’m not going to tell you what happens in it! i’m just going to show you what i’m doing
as i read it. ok, here we go, guys! *inhales* i’m excited!
beautiful cover! *relaxing music begins,
“I Don’t See the Branches, I See the Leaves” by Chris Zabriskie* rrrrraaaaahhhh!!!! just reading that beginning
synopsis gave me chills, guys! oooooh! ok, now i was able to read those first four
pages really quickly, because those were actually the preview pages that were posted, i think
earlier this month, and, uh, so i’ve actually already gotten to read these four pages. now it’s all going to be fresh material, so…
*clicks tongue and whispers* here we go… awwww! i’m gonna cry it’s so beautiful! ohh
ho ho… this is awesome! *chuckles* whoa, chill waves, guys, chill waves… oh, i never thought about that! *Tam toddler-talks in the background* *giggles* *Tam shouts playfully in the background* Excuse the chewing noises, guys, that’s my
family’s pet hamster, up there. *giggles* she’s decided to wake up and chew
on her cage. her name is Salt, by the way… ElfQuest character! *clicks tongue* *laughs* *giggles* *to Tam, off camera* i don’t know, what’d
you find? *to audience* hey guys, you want to say hi
to my son, Tam? *to Tam* come here, buddy! come here, come
here… *to audience* he’s still kind of waking up
and grumpy, but *to Tam* lookit, right there! lookit there’s
mommy and Tam! can you say Hi? *to audience* Hi everybody, this is Tam! *To Tam* can you say HI? *chuckles* aawww… *giggle* *snickers triumphantly* aawwwww what a beautiful end to this chapter
of the story! awwww!! gonna bring tears to my eyes, guys! this is beautiful! *sniffles*
oh that was awesome! now i do usually try to read the ElfQuotes. i will do that once i’m off-camera so i can
actually pay attention to what everybody’s saying. uh… i want to see what else is here, if
it’s just ElfQuotes. ’cause sometimes they like to add little fun
things at the end… and they did add some fun little things, not
just the ElfQuotes… again i’m not going to say what it is, because you guys can just
wait and get you own issue! *giggles* but uh, yeah! so there we go, guys, that was my
reactions to reading the new Final Quest issue. it’s a GREAT one! i highly recommend reading
it! i mean come on, it’s ElfQuest: Final Quest,
so i’m sure you guys already know it should be read! but um, really good one! you guys
can probably tell from my reactions, lots of, uh, roller coaster emotions in this one. lots of happy moments, lots of sad moments,
lots of like, “WHOA! what the heck’s going on?!” GOOD ISSUE! Wendy, once again, you outdid yourself, this
is beautiful and i love it! and i hope everybody else loves it! alright so, now for the rest of the vlog,
it’s going to be my trip to the comic book shop! it’s going to be my day, it’s going
to be– i’ll do a small uh, introduction to my family. you guys got to meet Tam just a few minutes
ago on my camera, and previously, in one of my other videos, you got to meet my daughter,
Lori, so i’ll do another full introduction. Lori is at school right now, so once she gets
out of school, that’s when we will be leaving to go to the comic book shop! now, some of
you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that i live, literally, in the middle
of the woods, on the side of a mountain! therefore it takes me about an hour and a half just
to drive to my nearest comic book shop! and i’m going to vlog that trip for you guys,
just to show you exactly how long it takes, but ElfQuest is well worth it, isn’t it guys?
we all know that! we love our ElfQuest! these elves are WAY worth that much time to just
go get a new issue of it! even though i’ve already read the issue? i don’t care, i’m going to make the drive
to go get it. i have to have it! uh, so yeah, i’ll see you
guys in a bit, later on in the vlog, and i hope you guys enjoyed the reaction video!
*clicks tongue* also guys, we are coming up on a HUGE milestone
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from 100! that is HUGE, that is SO exciting for me, guys! um, i want to thank all of my
Subscribers, all of my viewers, uh, all of my friends and Tribemates on Facebook and
Twitter- Thank you guys SO much for the support! it’s REALLY encouraging to me, it really inspires
me to, just, keep pushing, to keep making bigger and better videos, so, THANK YOU so
much for all of the support! if it wasn’t for you guys out there, showing me the support,
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so, SO very much for being here! i really hope that you’re enjoying my show, i hope
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count, ok guys? alright, so let’s get on with the rest of
the Vlog, and the rest of my day! hey guys! we’re about to head out the door,
on the way to the comic book shop! thought i’d introduce my husband, my Lifemate, and
my Nasty-Bad Editor-Thing, Adam! Hi everybody! *voice-over of a menacing evil laugh*
MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!! alright guys, as part of the vlog, i figured
i would show our drive there, and how long it actually takes to get to the comic book
shop! so, i’m going to set my camera in my car, and i’m going to strap it down, and i’m
going to show you the drive! so, first-of-all, here i am, annnnd there’s my car! *catchy upbeat tune plays* so we’ll
see you there, guys! *clicks tongue* here we are in the car, folks, and we actually
have to go pick-up my daughter, Lori from school, first, so we’ll be doing that before
we stop in town, and then we’ll be heading off to the comic book shop! and there’s Tam
in the background! hi Tam! and there’s Adam! he’s driving, so he can’t look! on the road again, and now, we have Lori in
the car! hi Lori! and there’s Tam still! my cute kiddos! and that was just the drive to Cave Junction,
the closest town where we do our grocery shopping! we still haven’t gotten to the town where the
comic book shop is yet! grabbed some lunch and we’re back on-the-go!
we also had to switch cameras, because our actual camera’s battery juice is kind-of running
low, and we wanted to save some for when we actually get to the comic shop, so, we had
to switch cameras so the footage might be a little bit different-looking from here-on-out,
but we’re doing what we can, guys! we’re almost there, guys! it’s been about
25 minutes, i think, since my last comment, and we’re getting there! we’re getting there… well, we finally got to Grants Pass, the city
that has the comic shop, now we just have to get through the city to the comic shop
itself… and that was the tallest flagpole in all of
Oregon! New Comic Book Daaaaay!! *kids running amok and laughing* *talking, away from microphone* he he heee!!! *shop owner, off-camera* i have a couple of
questions for you… oh, questions! yes? alright guys, i’m here! this is my Comic Shop,
this is Iguana Comics, i LOVE this place! this is where i come to get my Final Quest
comics EVERY single time! the owner’s really, really awesome… *to the owner* would you– would you mind
being on-camera for a second? there he is! there he is! hi everybody! hi
ElfQuest fans! *laughs* alright guys, so, here i am, got my new issues,
and i’m excited! *whispers* i found Red Sonja! *to Lori* nice! *to camera* so my comic shop has a LOT of
Pops! *sing-songy* Po-o-o-o-o-ops! lots of Pops! lots and lots of Pops! there’s Pops!
on this side, there’s Pops! on that side! alright, back in the car, done at the comic
book shop, and on our way home! *whispers and stutters*
i… am so… scared! guys! i got lost in the woods! *normal voice* no i’m just joking, my house is right over here! there’s my house, right
back there, there’s my house! FOOF! and we’re back! oh my gosh, guys! ok,
so, when i left, it was only quarter-after-two in the afternoon. we JUST walked back in the door, and it is
now 6:35! so, that’s about standard, we stopped at one other place, took about 20 minutes,
and uh– the rest of it was the trip to the comic book shop! so that’s about standard,
it takes me about 4 hours to go to my comic shop, get my new Final Quest issues, head
on home! so that’s about standard, i hope you guys enjoyed the video! it was a lot of fun to
make, it was a bit of a-of an adventure today! so, uh, we had a lot of fun, uh, you guys
got to meet my family, you got to see where i go to pick up my ElfQuest comics every time,
and i hope you enjoyed it! um– make sure you keep watching, uh— i
hope to do more vlogs like this in the future. Oh! here comes someone you didn’t get to meet
yet! you guys didn’t get to meet my puppy, Choplicker! come here, buddy! oh, this is Choplicker,
he lives up to his name, as you can see! he’s Choplicker, my new puppy, he’s a good boy!
and i love him! he’s a good boy! *to Choplicker* ok, go on. watch out, pups, watch out puppy! watch out!
you’re a good boy, i know! oh! you’re bumping stuff, go on, klutz-oid! go on! *to camera* he’s a bit of a klutz, so he just
bumped my camera. but, uh– anyway, so i hope you guys enjoyed this,
this is my first Vlog! you guys got to meet my family, you got to see the area i live in,
which i don’t think many people have really gotten to see much of… and uh— it was a lot of
fun, i’m hoping to do more vlogs like this in the future! uh– i heard some great news from my Comic
Book Shop guy; uh– first of all, they got a new location for their store, a bigger location,
so next time i go to my comic book shop it’s going to be exciting because it’ll be in a
whole new place! bigger location, more stuff to check out! um– he also told me, while i was there, that
there are at least 2 or 3 other ElfQuest fans in the area, because they have also started
coming in for Final Quest! so, i wanna know where you guys are, where are the other–
uh– ElfQuest fans in my area? i’d love to meet you guys, and let’s hang
out and geek-out sometime! i hope you enjoyed the show, everyone, and,
uh– Until next time, Shade and Sweet Water, and Happy Hunting! Byyyyeeee!!


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    hey folks! so what did everyone think of this video? it was our longest and biggest production (so far), so we would REALLY appreciate any and all feedback, especially creative criticisms! what did you think of the Reaction segment? how about Adam's Evil Laugh? was the Drive too boring, or did it go by too fast? PLEASE leave a comment below and let us know what you thought, positive or negative comments are welcome, please just remain respectful and polite! Thanks!!


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