fucking stairs but now will be PUBG! Hanz I´m here, we can play PUBG what PUBG? you fucking fat pig take the Cola away and the cigarette too…you won´t drink it! you won´t drink it! we´ll exercise I want to play Hi guys, today is Bender here with us the fat pig and we´ll do some video…hi guys today we´ll shoot Anabolic horse vs Nerd and we´ll see who is better finally episode in which I win we´ll see today is 8 challenges waiting for us where we´ll see who is better today I´ll show you, that it´s not only about lifting weights but that I´m better in PUBG too 8 challenges, 4 from NERD and 4 physical these physical are: challenge with an egg wounds with stun gun coordination run and stop breathing under water and these nerds: PUBG Superhot on VR Tekken and the last one is drink a liter of cola at once I do it normally when I’m thirsty it will kill me I want to win, because when I heard what is the punishment for loser I don´t want that…what is the punishment? we´ll eat fish eyes that we bite out of the fish, I don´t know who’s inventing it Pavlis…I prefer to drown in the water what if we do a draw and he will must eat that instead of us but it will never happen because I will win these are not my strongest disciplines it would have to be masturbation there or riming ok, the 1st challenge is here but first I want back my clothes I could wear that watch on my leg or on my penis I’ll be happy to give you back the S shirt it smells like a horse ok we are ready and we´ll go on the 1st challenge Tekken 3 on PS classic with controllers without analogs we want team battle or arcade mode? this is classic are you ready? yes, I grew up on this no, you grew up on steroids i still grow up on steroids fuck what? it´s on time? I hate this character it´s done I hate this he looks like Soukup no,no what are you doing? what?! 10 seconds I couldn´t do anything 2:1, no 2:0…we don´t have to play the last one good game because I won so I won the 1st challenge 1 point for me I didn’t play it for a long time he won nerd´s challenge, it´s ok…I didn´t play it for a long time too last time yesterday? Do you think I play daily on PS? so 2nd challenge is here and it´s VR and the best game Superhot we´ll play 2 rounds we add up how many enemies we kill who kills more, won we’ll do a stone, scissors, paper about who starts but it´s your strong side stone, scissors, paper, now here you have it I have to take my glasses off so the rules: he has 2 lives it´s this! I forgot how to take weapons it counts…no we will be careful just give 7 only 11 kill him, kill him! there were 9 of them fuck what happened? I expected that we´ll play it longer me too because I have VR at home we played it together about half a year ago I haven’t played it since it so 2:0 already he has 2 points lead it´ll be hard this I’ve ever played before but PUBG I never play so I´m little bit nervous…it´s good the next challenge is PUBG you definitely know how play it I never play it rock, scissors, paper now? or rock, scissors, paper rock, scissors, paper, now rock, scissors, paper, now rock, scissors, paper, now Hanz starts…no I won so you start I have to explain it to you you start and I will look on you main rule: you can’t camp somewhere that you will enter the house and be there for 10 minutes you don’t have to worry about it so let´s go do you know something about it? I know nothing about it Y-lie down, E,Q… by 1,2,3 you prepare your guns because he´s beginner he can choose if he want play in 1st person or 3rd person I want to win so I don´t go to Sosnovka I ask him something, but he has headphones so he doesn´t hear me now I heared you this 0 killed you will have maybe all the time and 72 people is still alive including me I absolutely don´t know what to do in this game this he likes? run around the map, meet no one, and then meet someone I normally jump elsewhere and then you play again, it´s bullshit it´s not bullshit here is 100 people and you will go to the circle where are 5 or 3 or 2 and it´s adrenaline, I know that it sounds strange when I say that I have adrenaline in the game and now you’re running away?..yes, I don´t want to die why? I’m not surprised that he´s playing it for 16 hours daily because you play 2 hours, you know, but 14 hours you’re hiding oh fuck so I was 37 you died on 37 place Now it’s your turn I did mistake it´s bullshit I absolutely don´t know what he says I only know that he died I got one shot on the face and then I died I set the 3rd person mode for him so we´ll see this is interesting place or on School, do you want to go on School? How I jump? it’s a lot of information for him at once wait, wait.. I hear the car how far? it´s ok, let it go I could shoot it what do I do? Take the bullets to desert eagle I want to shoot someone I don’t know where it was from yes I won But it is a fact that you met the first person and he killed you and I have same situation I killed 1 person so Hanz won surprisingly in PUBG I shouldn’t have been fighting with that guy he met two and killed one I met one and he killed me but I stayed longer we go to the next challenge this is your special discipline it´s not my special discipline I drink this maybe in two months You´ll have shock the last challenge: we have to drink 1l of Cola who drinks it faster, won it´s very cold…look, I have ice in it Pavlis put it in the freezer so now I have ice in it but why in this bottle isn´t ice ? Do you want this one? no I´m not ready but I want to start I don´t know how I can prepare to this How did you get this idea? 3…2…1…now it´s so cold what?! my head is cold it´s so cold can I vomit when I drink it? so Petr won but he went to vomit but he won it´s not possible I drank half of this bottle and it´s crazy and my head and neck is cold you don´t want this he won, it´s 3:1 it was very ugly I was tryint to vomit it but I just burped I have 3 points 3:1 you’re ahead but now it will be worse now it will be next challenge: wounds with stun gun 5x wounds and the one, who will shouts more, lose rock, scissors, paper, now I don´t know. where do you want it? on the nipple no, no I can´t on the nipple on the breast I don´t want it second wound and where? on the belly he already knows what it is like he doesn´t shout… shout! it was insidious it wasn´t 3 wounds wait, wait I´m afraid I understand 3…2…1.. he didn’t scream at all it’s weird, but my ass hurted most ass and breast the worst places but I was doing everything to not scream nothing? it hurts nothing?! what should I do more? it’s so stupid it was 3rd?..yes now on ass it will hurt a lot you don’t have to show her the whole that’s weird, it´s completely different on the ass what was that? none of us shout it’s a draw ok, next challenge is behind us it´s a draw so no one has point I’m happy with the result…me too I didn´t give you a point so it´s good we go to the next and next challenge is who lasts longer under water we have 6. challenge here who lasts longer under water I didn’t even dress because I know that he´ll win in rock, paper, scissors again and I will go first exactly rock, paper, scissors, now I absolutely knew it, that he give rock it looks like he´s dead nice ass it´s maybe 10 seconds, right? it´s 29,50 I’ll advise you but only then then I´ll advise you, not now 29,50 This is because of the hookah when he gets his head wet so how long? 31 I was already suffocating You see, cigarettes stretch lungs come here this challenge is done and he beat me again I had 29,5 and he had 31 seconds so cigarettes are less harmful than hookahs I was already drowning I was about to emerge 3 seconds after I got into the water because I pushed my belly on the tub and I couldn´t breathe I had pressure on my head and now coordination run 8 times we turn left, 8 times we turn right and then we´ll run 20 metres to Pavlis who runs faster, wins he was lucky to have won in PUBG That’s because you and Pavlis are longer time friends than we are wait, you are together longer friends not? so next time I will choose challenges ok, you can choose them next time when I will choose challenges will be rimmings normally we´ll do rock, paper, scissors but not now now he go first ok, I will go first, but we only try it rock, paper, scissors, now you bitch I don’t understand it you still give scissors you gave rock it doesn´t matter fuck my head is spinning it´s stupid 22 seconds 3…2…1…go I ran without shoes my boots are off I hope that I had one extra turn and I´ll win I’m desperate because coordination run he won he still has headphones, so he sees the space differently I’m humiliated..but it was close it was difference half a second I’m not a runner…
me neither we go to the last challenge the last challenge are eggs I want at least one point I’ll probably let you win no, I don´t want this I think that I won, I want go home the last challenge is here because those challenges are made for idiots The goal is to break 10 eggs by head it´s bullshit wtf? you have to break it by head are you ready? ok..3…2…1… he wasn’t the first, was he? I think it was in the same tíme I’ll give you a draw this was so… this was bullshit I think it was a draw yes, I agree or you can write in the comments who won but i think that it was a draw but it doesn´t matter, because I lost the draw is better for me it doesn´t matter if it was the draw or not are you looking forward to fish eyes? Hanz, don´t eat my eyes, please at least we don’t waste food Hanz is a hero I hope you like sushi today was very successful for me we had 8 challenges and I won 5 from them there were 2 draws and you had 1 point so I have 5 points he broke me but I beat him in PUBG you eat this once in a life that eye burst I’m afraid of it so 5… 4…3 1… go just swallow it chew it it´s like omega 3 every time when I was watching Fear Factor the worst thing was when they had to eat these bullshits the other one burst ok, I hope you had fun follow Anabolic Horse follow me it was terrible I don’t want Pavlis to invent the challenges anymore I don’t want to play when I know I can’t win it but you could win this..yes I know I quite believed to myself you won one from my challenges but it does not matter we won’t come back to it anymore so this video ends write something in comments write in comments you will invent another punishment I don´t want Pavlis to invent it but it will be worse Or rather not but you will invent more challenges so have a nice day or we will play Tekken and who will lose, will drink shots have a nice day we are talking bullshits now so we have to go like, follow, share and bye I’m not going anywhere, I live here I don´t want this no, wait, he give you all 5 wounds all 5 and then you will give them to him


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  1. Anabolic Horse

    July 8, 2019 6:12 pm

    Tenhle NERD je cheater ‼️‼️ Doufám, že jste to všichni poznali 😂😂😂

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    September 29, 2019 7:31 am

    Zákazník je to v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude v pohodě a pak se to bude

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    October 8, 2019 8:47 pm

    parádní video 🙂 příští trest prosím běh bez oblečení na veřejném prostranství 😀 to by mohla být sranda. Nebo skok do vody 😀 což v tomto ročním období nebude příjemný. 😀 😀

  4. Matty Stady

    November 23, 2019 1:19 pm

    Hanzi ty máš přítelkyni z Újezdu u svatého Kříže pokud jo tak jsem tě potkal když si pro ni přijel.

  5. Domex

    January 5, 2020 1:42 pm

    32:33 byl Bender dřív pouštěl jsem si to v 0.25 rychlosti a měl to dřív, jinak super videjko❤️

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    January 5, 2020 10:43 pm

    Toto skuste, podla mna skvela výzva

  7. matulism

    January 6, 2020 9:12 pm

    Proč si Bender při zadržování dechu sundal kalhoty ale triko si nechal? 😀 😀 😀 😀 ++ já si zmáčkl břicho o vanu a už jsem nemohl dýchat 😀 (pod vodou)

  8. jan calkovsky

    February 21, 2020 12:56 pm

    To jsem nečekal,že vyhraje NERD,ale ty rybí oči bych jíst nechtěl:)A na víc já ani nejím ryby jak se zatvářil,když si to dal do pusy:)

  9. T3ddy CZSK

    February 25, 2020 10:06 pm

    Bender Bender Bender Bender Bender Bender vyhrává Bender Bender Bender o 20 setin Bender Bender Bender Bender Bender


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