howdy outlaws my name is Krisppykim and
welcome back to my channel in today’s video what I have for you it’s a very
very easy unlimited money glitch and Red Dead Redemption to online where you guys
can potentially earn $14 every five seconds all you got to do is to find
yourself a panther or a cougar preferably three stars and evil for you
guys to make the most out of this however this is not a solo method if you
guys need someone to help you out with a glitch comment down your gamertag in the
platform in the comment section and make the comments section and matchmaking
threat for all of you soon as you have the Panther or Cougar you guys can
duplicate it every five seconds and earn $14 say every time okay I would like to
give you shout out to the founder of this glitch his link will be down in
this description and those who would like to give a huge shout out to zero
and to the de Kela community for helping me out today all right I’m gonna show
you two kinds of point of views over here and let’s get them to help respond
to view first as a helper go to stables menu and you need to make sure that your
horse access and cargo access is set to everyone it is also recommended that you
do this glitch near the blue trace area now there’s a little bit of timing that
we need to hit over here but it’s not very hard tell your friend to get in
your own horse and you have to make sure that you have the carcass at the back of
your own horse what you want to need to do is go to stables go to old horse and
hover over your other horse okay now tell your friend to get off and to get
the or to remove the carcass to the back of the horse and soon as you see the
rogue disappeared from the car cast that’s the moment that you’re gonna
press X to activate your stable horse okay now from here get off the menu then
call in by whistling your horse you know call call to your horse my whistling to
it and there you go as you can see right now let’s how fast to duplicate the car
casts all right now I’m gonna show you the two participant of view the one that
is making money in this glitch you guys can do it visors okay so this is your
step as a duper you just need to get in the horse if your friend and you just
need to tap triangle now as soon as your tap triangle hold down the square button
to remove the car cast that’s it tap triangle to get off the horse and
have the triangle immediately after that hold your square button to remove the
carcass that’s it that’s your timing so you guys can duplicate the the Panther
or cougar or any animal of your choice and you guys can do this advice very so
okay again I would like to mention if you guys have no friend to do this
glitch wid then let me know or let that let me comment section be a matchmaking
thread for all of you so if you guys have questions regarding this glitch if
you guys having trouble or anything don’t hesitate to ask questions I will
answer each and every one of you down below in the comment section alright
thank you so much outlaws for dropping by the channel and rate this video and
let me know what your thoughts and opinions regarding the glacier and your
suggestions about the channel what would you like to see in the future thank you
so much my name is Chris became I do have an Instagram Twitter and snapchat
at Chris become give me a follow if you guys want thank you so much for dropping
by I’ll see you in the next one but bye


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  1. Skovbo31

    November 28, 2019 7:17 pm

    This is a very good glitch we use this glitch the last 14 days but if you want too make money of it you have too skin it and sell the Meat too

  2. Grim Pablo

    November 28, 2019 8:24 pm

    I think we’re getting to the point that glitches are needless. There are easy ways to make tons of money and gold. I’m sitting on 56,000 and 600 gold just from causally grinding with friends.

  3. Maddog Marshall

    November 29, 2019 8:07 am

    Wow another video of the same glitch plz stop uploading the 999999 video of this glitch.tnks 4 the content


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