Good morning, Everybody
Well, not really morning It’s already 12.00 PM here,
Well, I’ve wake up from around 10 o’clock But I’m taking my time on the bed,
on the phone, brushing… Edit and upload video, right? The dancing one, how was it?
You Guys like it? One day before the election,
we still in Jaipur… Unfortunately, we can’t elect I’ve been trying to contact the Indian consulate Nobody answer,
maybe because they also very busy Because they only located in Mumbai
and Delhi, none in Jaipur Wanna ask for the election paper be sent,
so I can send it back But nobody answered,
so we are abstentions But anyway, still I hope,
whoever the president is… He can give the best for Indonesia Well, no matter how good they are,
there’s always plus-minus, right? Because it’s life,
no matter how good you are… there’s gonna people who don’t like you, right? Well, let’s just pray for the best
and start from ourselves… To change the country Before changing the country,
change yourselves, right? And he, just lazing around Big bro Hmm? Hi, Guys, times show it’s 12.49 PM
and the foods are already here Let me tell you,
this is Mahi Tikka This is like chicken Tandoori
which we always order every day And this, we want to try it,
it’s called Mahi Tikka This one is fish Next, this is Biryani rice,
there’s goat meat inside You eat Biryani rice with the yogurt,
mixed in But it depends on your preference And this, the crackers are so good!
Eating while watching And he still on the bed Ok, let’s eat Really, if you go to India,
you have to try chicken Tandoori… And Biryani rice also chicken butter,
Their lamb dish also good Their lamb dish taste like “rendang” Alright, Guys, lunch’s over,
I’m going to meet with my friends We’re going to market together
and I’m wearing this Because all my outfits are dresses
and I can’t use it to go to the market, right? So I’m using this, the pant is so comfy,
it’s really comfortable Must stay looking good, right? Building another stage for tonight,
oh my God! Let’s go to the city So now we’ve just arrived at the city And then, we gave him like… He ask for like 50 rupees, I only have 100,
so I gave him 100 and he just take… Now he is gone We’re like, “What, what is going on?” You should’ve taken that… We’re waiting for crossing Broad street, Brother Let’s get a coconut – What is the name of the market?
– Bapu Bazar This is cute, it’s so different,
coconut in Indonesia and India Did that happen to you? Ok, let’s try It’s chill Sorry, I’m just gonna finish this
So good! So yummy It’s so different with the one from Bangkok as well But still a coconut taste How do I explain?
You have to try it by yourselves My second coconut – Freaking good
– Yea – We’re looking for Maang Tikka, it’s for?
– The forehead I’m going to do another dupatta giveaway
for Mubarak eid Also, the volume is from the ring?
How much is it? 750 rupee It’s so fun Back to my room already, quickly prepared,
because must get ready at 19.00 PM Now, it’s already 18.30 PM
and my brother just go showering Listen, the song is still Indian song Mika Singh again, we got Mika Singh fever Ouch! We are getting ready again I’m wearing an outfit from Syarliet,
the jewelry also from Syarliet I will show you how’s the afterlook Hi, Guys, I’m with Aunty Reka Aunty Reka is aunty of Ihsan also, yes? – I’m from Bangalore
– She is Ihsan’s aunty – She was telling me about saree…
– Textile saree History of saree and textile of our country And there’s like 1.125 kinds of textile in India – One of them is this
– Sateen silk saree – This is silk…
– From Kanchipuram, it’s called Kanchi saree Kanchi saree, and this saree
is already 25 years old The silk looks very, very good Aunty was telling about a long time ago… People buy saree for like,
I think 5.500 rupees? And now at least 14.000 rupees But, you want to invest in good silk,
it will last long I can inherit the saree to my next generation
and the next, nothing will happen to it So now they’re seeking blessing
before marriage procession Now we’re at the place
from yesterday after-party This is the buffet This place is only for eating,
dancing will be at the front It was supposed to be outdoor But, because of the big rain,
we have to get back indoor This is it So cool! Very, very good,
very nice! Oh my God, our favorite song played outside But we’re inside going to eat,
so hungry! The time now show it’s 23.00 PM
and it still not started Well, it started,
but we don’t know what’s next event Supposedly, the groom gonna meet the bride But we don’t know when it will start,
just dance all the time, right? Now we’re going to eat something
There’s all kind of fruits here All kinds, I’m serious See, I told you All kinds Satisfied? So what’s gonna happen after this? The entourage enter
and welcome by the girl’s side… Then the groom takes the main stage,
that’s when the bride enters… And they will exchange the garlands And how long they take to dance? That’s as long they don’t get tired – As long as they want?
– Yea, as long as they want So the groom will pick up the bride
after he thinks, they’ve done dancing Until what time?
There’s no time, Madam! Oh my God, this is an Indian wedding – So usually, the bride is waiting?
– Usually, the bride waits till late They know the grooms take time This is so an experience for us! Cause we’re like waiting,
what’s after this? We don’t know,
it’s just dancing and dancing Don’t worry, they’ll coming soon,
you guys get to see them soon Please make some noise, put our hands together
Let’s give it up for the bride! This for the sake of singing at the ceremony,
I’m sleepy And now, it’s almost 04.00 AM Right here, I take off all my accessories Super dense sleepy And they take at least another 30-40 minutes
because they haven’t even gone around Before, I fell asleep like a few minutes
at the dining area I fell asleep and people were looking at me But I don’t care, I love it I’m so sleepy, it still not over Ok, Guys, I’m giving up
I can’t hold it anymore, so sleepy I fell asleep again, and when I woke up,
the session already over It still not over yet,
but I can’t take it anymore It’s almost 04.30 AM The wedding is super good, so nice! This is gonna be my last day here Hello! Good afternoon, Everybody! Ok, take a bite No, half Nice? This is so good Because we haven’t opened the box yet What’s on your sign? Is it good? So that’s my Indian wedding trip It was a magical wedding There’s a lot of shock culture for me and my brother Because it was so fun and different So it was one of a very interesting experience It was so fun, everybody is dancing,
so having fun We can see the bride and the groom
were really happy Especially the groom, they’re super happy Especially the groom side,
because we’re having fun at the groom side They keep dancing, partying,
there are also ceremonies So yeah, that is the royal Indian wedding Which cost millions of dollars… wow! But it was really, really fun As you can see, a lot in my Instastory who said,
“Wow, it’s like watching an Indian movie” That’s right! Back when I was a child,
I used to watch Indian telenovela And this is really happening Ok, thank you so much for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe, like… And comment down below,
hopefully, you guys like it Even though I’m sorry,
I missed some events… Because I fell asleep,
exhausted at that moment Also because of this camera of mine kinda broken,
so I can bring this one with me So I’ve got to use my phone
So yeah, alright. Thank you!


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