Nub TV – Live Stunt Show w/ The Horse


We’re down here in harrisburg at the HMAC Correct We are about to throw down a live stunt show Go for an unofficial works record Most cinder blocks broken on Horse’s nuts
in A minute A minute The time period, a short time period Or something like that Give the people at this place a good time
and show Harrisburg what it’s all about I’m Horse, king of the nut shot, if you don’t
know who i am i basically get hit in the nuts for a living So I’m here with my guys from Nub TV We have the amazing hob right here And one of hob’s specialties in mouse traps
so he’s going to do a little front flip for you This is my good buddy Ben Gravy Ben likes to take some nut shots too Drake here is going to be the sexy man of
the crew tonight He’s going to take his shirt off a little
bit Oh my god that hurt so bad How red is it? let me see, oh my god show
the crowd We’re going to take all these cinder blocks
up here And smash them over my nuts with a sledgehammer And we’re going to see how many we can do
in a minute, works record style


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  1. Kurby Smash

    January 6, 2014 7:09 pm

    Holy shit ahahahhahahah you're insane! That amazing hob jump over the guy nuts made some omelete!


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