On the Derby Trail: Sole Volante

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I bought him at the April sales in OBS. What caught my eyes? Two things. First, he walked really well. He was a beautiful mover. And the second thing, he looked like a horse
I trained. Not the same color, but the same kind of building. I trained a long time ago named Sagace, who
is one of the best horses I trained. And he looked like him, but it was Andie’s
birthday. I said, “Okay, I’ll buy you a horse for your
birthday.” He has a beautiful pedigree. I mean, maybe not resonating too much here
in America because it’s typically a European pedigree, but he has a fantastic pedigree,
his grandmother is Miesque. He has a champion as a grandmother and the
mother is by Kingmambo. She’s a sister of the Oak’s winner. I mean, he’s got everything you need in a
pedigree. I like to start them on a turf because fortunately
here we can train them on the turf, what we can see a little bit of how they go there
and I think it’s less harder on horses to start on the turf. And he’s bred for the turf anyway which was
not much of a brainer. Then, he did so well on the turf we decided
we’re in America, where dirt is the story of the racing here. And we decided to try him on the dirt and
we were very fortunate that he seems to do as well on the dirt as he does on the turf. To see if he liked it I run him in the wrong
race for him because he’s a horse who was bred to go a mile and a quarter, a mile and
a half. And I run him a mile, in Gulfstream, theoretically
small for sprinters. But, the key was to just know if he would
accept, to take the kick back because he’s a come-from-behind horse. In fact, when he took the kickback in the
turn, he became very aggressive. He loved it and he ran very well. And I was very happy with that effort. Announcer: Independence Hall is trying to remain undefeated, Ortiz goes to work and he still has the lead. Announcer: But Sole Volante runs up the leader
on the outside, we’re down to two. Announcer: Independence Hall, the whip is up. Announcer: On the outside, Sole Volante
runs by the leader. Announcer: It’s Sole Volante,
in front and gunning away! Well, he goes faster in the afternoon which
is good. It’s what good horses do. But, he’s an easy horse to train. He was very, very difficult when we got him
because he had a big problem with his testicles always twisting and we had to geld him for
that reason and since we gelded him, he’s one of the loveliest horses to train.


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  1. Joe Sollitto

    March 6, 2020 4:57 pm

    Speaking of pedigree, I can't wait to see Andie take on full trainer duties someday. She's had a great tutor!


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