“ONE WITH YOUR HORSE” Eva Roemaat DOCUMENTARY (English subtitles!)


One with your horse My name is Eva Roemaat, I am 26 years old and I live in ‘the Achterhoek’, in Lichtenvoorde. Eva is always very enthousiastic while performing and that’s beautiful, she is always focused on the horse and she is always straight-forward and honest. It took me so long to figure things out, and understand things, it was hard for me to learn and open up, my ego was always more important. Eva was not always as free with horses as she is now, she was more preserved and scared. I remember going to the Country Fair as a kid, I always wanted to go staight to the horses. That had to be the biggest horse and the prettiest horse. My friend Kelsey and I used to pretend that those were ‘our’ horses. So you could say I always loved horses. Eva catched the “Horse Virus”, but I stopped riding horses years ago, years ago. I was around 15, 16 and going out and boys were ofcourse way more interesting, and then the horses just stand there… then the interest is over. I think Eva was about 6 or 7 when here interest in horses began, but I am not sure where it came from. I think it was my mom who got me into horses, she once had a horse, but all that stopped when she had kids, and I was the one who got her into horses again. Our first horse was my mothers horse Pacha, he kickstarted everything. Shortly after, Shilas came, he was 5 years old back then. Eva wanting her own horse didn’t come as a suprise for me, ofcourse I had a horse myself, but owning a horse… It costs time, money, space, a stable, and she was young- 10.. 11.. 12, so I first wanted her to just take care of a horse that owned to someone else. eventually she got that, and also, Shilas wasn’t her own horse at first. So she started riding Shilas. But, what she eventually could afford and arrange was a Shetland pony, so with her own money, the money she got from my mother, – like 50 or 100 euro’s, almost nothing- she bought this pony her own little pony. “oh, oh, wow, Flipje, what are you doing?! Wow so good!” I have my own business called Nalanta that started around 2009, not like a real business, but as a dream, I had a friend back then, Meike, she has a haflinger named Claudy, we were 14/15 and we thought; “Oh want our own Showteam because my horse can lift his feet on que!” Well, Meike moved to Germany so that failed- and then my (still) best friend Hannah van Klompenburg joined Nalanta, together we started building Nalanta. And then came Jesse, and Jesse and I really made Nalanta BIG. So Nalanta is not just mine, it’s ours. Eva already quite a lot of shows and she was very active on the internet, she already did a lot of tricktraining. And I did some small performances with someone else, just in the neighbourhood at my riding school for example. but then Eva got asked if we could come and perform together, and it went well and we had fun, she also just stopped working on Nalanta with Hannah and we decided that we would start working together. It all went very fast since then. I met Jesse on “Hyves” through Nienke, and he also did a bit of tricktraining and he stood out because he was a guy. That was rare. And Jesse wanted me to teach him, haha! So he send me a DM to ask if I did that. Our decision to work together started from various things; we were already good friends, we did the same things with our horses and we helped each other a lot. It just really works, Eva is so different then me and our horses are different too, but that just makes it work so well. Liberty-dressage is basically teaching your horse natural movements on a que that can be with a whip, your voice, your bodylanguage, really just what works best for you. The word “Liberty Dressage” already shows, that you try to train your horse in as much freedom as you can. And I don’t mean bitless, without a whip or bareback it isn’t necessarily linked to horsemanship or parelli, it is just another way to work with your horse that can go well with everything. You can teach sitting, laying down, rearing, everything that you like. By far the most important thing with liberty dressage (tricktraining) is having patience, and I say that because it was something I didn’t have, so I know how you could mess this up real bad, and having knowledge. If you decide, without knowledge, to teach your huge Shire to rear, you train something that can also be used against you, that is the ‘danger’ with tricktraining, you give your horse so much space to think together with you, and they are allowed to say no, or not agree with you. That is something you don’t see in riding, but for me in tricktraining it is important that they have a voice of their own, therefore it is very important to watch out and know what you are doing- to know exactly where your boundries are. I first saw liberty dressage in Cavalia, ofcourse in every horse-show you see horses doing tricks, but in Cavalia you could just tell it was not about performing but all about the fun and the horse. They were all smiling, all focussed on their horse, and even if things didn’t go as plan- for example, someone would fall off, then they would just laugh and try again. And especially that last thing, for me was like How can you not get angry for messing it up, why are you not getting grumpy and sad? So yeah, Cavalia really changed me completely. I had never done anything with tricktraining, just a lot of freestyle, so when I got to know Eva, tricktraining opened a whole new world to me that got me thinking; Oh, okay, this is also possible? I had never ever done anything with tricktraining, again, more with Natural Horsemanship and things of that nature. Getting the horses to not be afraid for things, overcoming their fears, really not more then that. And one day, Eva showed up with a huge pedestal, and with her abundance of enthousiasm she got Modus, my old Elite stallion, on the pedestal. He was so in love with it, he stood on it for ages and didn’t want to get off. Actually, they kinda offered it themselves. Eventually Eva came more often to clean the fields together, hang out and chill, take care of the horses and then she fell for Modim. She asked “Can I work with Modim?”, and I said ofcourse, your my friend! And that is how Modim went to Eva’s. And if I look at how he came back, very developed and muscly, very happy with what he learned, just because it is done in a very natural and friendly way. There is never any forcing, and you can tell that he feels very relaxed doing it, Before my business I did a photography education, it was fun but the level I felt was really below what I could already do, so it got me feeling a bit like; I already know it… People would bully me a lot because my horses, I was– I was 18 and and people older then me would laugh at me for it, I didn’t wear enough make-up, I did not have the most expensive clothes, and after I just turned 18 in all honesty, I raised my middle-finger and said BYE, i’m going to follow MY path. So when she said “I’m not going back to school, I wanna quit”, it was drama just getting out of bed in the morning and actually going, and for me it was okay that she would quit school, but she had to study untill 23– but then the solution came; she had to hold on untill her 18th birthday and then go directly to the Chamber of Commerence, and get signed in to start her own business. And she did that right away! I remember my mentor saying “you will not succeed, you will not make it big”, “nobody will want to book you” and it was so weird– I just left the school! And it gave me such a boost, I thought WATCH ME, HorseGirl is going for it!!! So I did the photography school for 6 weeks and then I was done. This is Shilas, the horse it all started with he was the first horse that came into my life, of my own horses. he was 5 then, almost 6 – he is now 17, it all started with him, and I am so happy he is still here and we can still do it together. Ofcourse there was also a period where things didn’t go so smooth between Shilas and Eva, especially in the beginning, it was really a search, A journey, because you know, Eva wanted to ride, and what do you see around you, what do you see in a riding school– everyone rides, you know, a certrain– –all the things everyone does, you want to do, but Shilas had a different opinion about that. Shilas has how own personality and he already knew, we are going to walk a different road. “We are defenitely NOT going to do that, we are going to do other things”. So Shilas thought it was very unfair when Eva would keep putting spurs on, and he would keep throwing her off. That would happen a lot, especially in the beginning Shilas would repeatedly stop her, show his boundries, “I don’t want this”, so Eva had to search for the way that Shilas wanted, what they COULD do together? and in a playful way they found out what they liked doing, and Cavalia helped, that beautiful show, when we visited Cavalia she knew what she wanted, in liberty with her horse, with as little equipment as possible, no pressure, no tack, all in liberty and based on teamwork. We found Shilas through one of my mothers best friends, she was looking for an older, relaxed horse that she could go on hacks with, and then she found Shilas. Shilas was a 5 year young gelding, with a lot of personality, a lot of power, thank God she bought him, eventhough I didn’t have a bond with him then, that changed, so i’m glad she bought him eventhough he was everything she was not searching for. My horses here on the property are haflinger Shilas, Flip the shetland pony, and Que-Habil. I got to know how through a good friend of mine, she had to train 3 stallions, one of them was a bit older– and his owner was looking for a place where he could grow old and rest, to be a horse; and now he is here. He is still owned by someone else, and it is not that I ‘borrow’ him, but he lives here and he is my best buddy, In the beginning Eva was… completely in love with Rede– no, I have to say that differently; Rede was in Love with her. Rede’s mother is called Rita, she is my own personal mare, it was never my intention to sell Rede, I wanted to keep Rede with Rita. Yet, Rede decided differently. Eva came to visit me, and Rede looked at Eva with her two big blue eyes, put her head against Eva’s chest, blew her warm breath in Eva’s nose, and Eva kept saying “don’t do it!”, “don’t do it!” “I don’t even want a mare!”, “I am not even a mare-person, don’t!” And the more Eva said ‘don’t do it’, the harder Rede would breathe in her face. Eva was completely shocked that Rede was completely covered in dirt, mud, all those things. So Eva wanted to help me clean her, and I was fine with that. We are cleaning Rede for about a hour, and then Rede bolted off, to a big mud pool, in the middle of the field, she looked back like; “Eva, do you see me?” fell to the ground in one go, Rolled to the left, to the right, came back to Eva dripping in mud, and Eva was just standing there like; HELP!, and I said ‘Eva, I told you, they are Schwarzwalder Pigs!’ And Rede was standing there, dripping in front of Eva, but it did not stop Eva in any way, to still fall in love with Rede, she asked, “Can I please buy her?”, okay, Rede chose, not me. I was working and I got a phone call from my husband his voice through the phone was shaking, emotional, and I didn’t understand what was wrong why he talked like this He asked me to hurry, he told me where to come there and there, because Eva had a car accident She was on her way to a job interview, because I wanted her to get another job, to earn a bit extra money because everything cost a lot. Complaining, she went, she really did not want that job and ofcourse she did not get it, because she was hit by a car very close to the business where she was doing the interview the driver apparently did not see her, and the jeep just drove straight over her body it is a miracle she made it out with just a scratch, but we were not sure of that when it happened. I arrived at the ambulance she was completely strapped down, because she was not allowed to move yet, and the only thing she said was “go away, I can do this myself!” she said to me. So then I thought okay, mabye it is not that bad she was already mad that she had to do that interview and this happening, with Horse Event coming it was just all drama, because she really wanted to go there and I believe it was about 2 weeks after the accident. I still remember, I layed there in my bed completely wrapped it was dark and the nurses were gone and I remember thinking ‘I have to go to Horse Event friday’, it was monday I got out of bed, limping, because the car drove over one of my knees I went to the bathroom stood on the leg with the painful knee did squats because I immediately wanted to train my leg, I had to go, I wanted to go and I did go, but after Horse Event, I was extremely sick. that was very intense. I started to look at tricktraining in a different way, you just see the horses grow from it. they became very proud of themselves, they are happy with the reward and feeling they get through the enthousiasm especially from Eva and her voice, they grow from the enthousiasm, they are like okay, and now? What else are we going to do? Her positive vibe, the teamwork with the horses and the way she puts things together, is beautiful for people to see. It is beautiful to see how positive she is, how she gives herself during the lessons, I think people who have experienced this know what i’m talking about. When you think your horse can’t do it, you will start believing that it’s all possible. Everyone just has to follow their own path, do their own thing regardless, set your goals and achieve them your way. and Eva has her own way but she does not force it on you she will only support you and teach you. I really enjoy tricktraining, it’s beautiful to add in your work, riding a horse gives you a different connection then when– –you play side by side, I think. doing that will develop a beautiful bond, a friendship. I think, if you have this friendship that has experienced everything- the good and the bad, you get to know each other in such a different way with Shilas in the beginning it was a disaster, we just did NOT get along and as I said, he forced me to look at horses different. and I think in a way he also learned to see humans different because he was kind off, yeah, he had his guard up and was ready to confront you so I think we helped each other a lot to become a new version of ourselves. She was really my mentor, I just experimented, If I did not do it right I would not get a response and Shilas would be a bit offended, offended because I was to intense or not clear enough. But if I did do it right I would get a positive response and Shilas would do what I asked of him. I basically did it all myself, and tried it all myself, and I really think that made me into ME, and not a clone of my example so I developed myself, together with Shilas. Something I really want to share with everyone who is watching is; believe in yourself, how cliché as it sounds, but you hear that everywhere because it is the truth. It doens’t matter if it’s not working, if you don’t understand it all, take your time I have been doing this for about 10 years and I still think “This can be better, different, more beautiful”, but also be content with how you are doing it don’t become a clone, no matter how much you look up to someone stay YOU. don’t become something you think is beautiful, because you are already beautiful enough.


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  1. Leona König

    September 14, 2018 8:36 pm

    So beautiful to watch. Wish you so much luck in your business, you're truly doing it with a special passion!! 😘

  2. Equi Fearless

    September 14, 2018 8:38 pm

    Oh Eva! Deze hele documentaire…wow! Ik heb er geen woorden voor behalve dat het absoluut prachtig is! Hoe jij en Shilas begon doet mij zo hard denken toen ik voor het eerst begon met mijn verzorgpony! Oh Eva ik heb zo veel respect voor jou! Ben zo dankbaar dat ik naar jou mag en kan opkijken, dat ik van je kan leren en deel kan zijn van de Nalanta familie! Ik ben je ook zo dankbaar dat je samen met Jesse jullie steeds inzetten om kamp zo leuk te maken en ons vol enthousiasme aansporen! Dankzij jou en Jesse heb ik anders leren werken met paarden, een manier waarop mijn eerste verzorgpony nu een gouden thuis heeft bij aantal kinderen wat eerst onmogelijk zou zijn geweest. En ook het feit dat ik nu met een paard als Kallisto kan werken, mijn dromen mee kan waarmaken en alsnog bezig kan zijn met vrijheidsdressuur en grondwerk is zo ongelooflijk! Zonder jullie zou ik nu niet eens staan waar ik nu stond. Echt Eva, jij en Jesse zijn zo’n grote voorbeelden! I love you both! Echt waar Eva, deze documentaire verdient nog zo veel meer likes! Hij is echt prachtig en ik heb zeker wat traantjes weg gepinkt! ❤️ Proud to be part of the Nalanta family! ❤️

  3. Anna Nowak

    September 14, 2018 9:11 pm

    The ending was touching. You're an inspiration. Giving so much heart to the horses and to the people. I used to associate horses doing tricks as circus ones. Liberty/tricktraing work fits Classical Dressage and creates a stronger bond between horse and rider. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Lotte B

    September 14, 2018 9:57 pm

    Dit geeft me ZOVEEL hoop! Ik word altijd gefrustreerd als iets niet lukt met mn pony maar ik ben er nu zo anders naar gaan kijken! Uiteindelijk wil ik ook zo worden. Eva je bent echt mijn voorbeeld. Ik weet niet op ik zo'n toekomst heb maar ik ga er wel in geloven💛 Zo inspirerend en mooi gefilmd, wat ben je toch geen geweldig mens Eva! Loveyou

  5. Lily Borden

    September 15, 2018 8:04 am

    Hele mooie documentatie Eva, echt kippenvel!😍Hoe jij dit hebt bereikt is zo inspirerend en zo mooi! De paardjes lijken zo happy en comfortabel in wat ze doen en dat is zo mooi.. echt respect!

  6. Nakisha Nester

    September 15, 2018 8:55 am

    you're so amazing and inspiring. I love your channel. I've also been learning Dutch as I'm traveling to Holland next year and so watching your videos where you speak dutch really helps and I've learned so much. Keep making great content like this <3

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    Wauw, heb er geen woorden voor! Heb zelf een paard, waar ik af en toe vrijheidsdressuur mee doe. Maar omdat hij bijna 3 maand op een andere locatie staat, voelt onze band wat minder. Ik werd strenger, ik werd boos,… op elk ding dat hij verkeerd deed. Je hebt me doen inzien, dat dat helemaal niet moet. Dat ik terug moet luisteren naar mijn paard. Zo'n inspiratie heb ik nog nooit gehad bij een video!

  8. Moehrenpony

    September 15, 2018 10:41 am

    To say it with Evas words: "Good soo!"😃 I love the documentary, they are so beautiful clips! I started Tricktraining with my pony 3 years ago because i saw your videos and i think my pony is really happy about this😄 He loves tricks! Thanks for all your inspiration for finding new ways to train with the horses☺

  9. Paarden Lessen

    September 15, 2018 12:21 pm

    Wauw hij is echt heel mooi geworden Eva!! Echt complimenten voor Marijke ook! Echt heel leuk om jouw verhaal te horen en je bent zeker een grote inspiratie voor mij! Ga zo door! 😘

  10. stevie verhaag

    September 15, 2018 4:07 pm

    Hele mooie video! genoten van jullie mooie verhaal, de beelden ze raakte me. Weer gemotiveerd in de toekomst met mijn eigen paard. Bedankt voor deze boodschap!

  11. Jadira van der Velden

    September 15, 2018 4:41 pm

    Wat leuk om dit te zien zeg! Ook leuk dat ik alles herken van 10/11 jaar geleden toen volgde ik je al 😁 ga zo door!

  12. Hermelien Goyvaerts

    September 15, 2018 6:02 pm

    Wauw, super mooie documentaire!! Heel mooi hoe je alles verteld over vrijheidsdressuur en je paarden! 🙂 <3

  13. Myrthe Duncan

    September 16, 2018 10:25 am

    Wauw, Eva.. Echt zo mooi! Ik was gewoon teleurgesteld toen de video afgelopen was, haha. Zo inspirerend, dank je wel!

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    September 18, 2018 12:49 pm

    (Een beetje heel laat sorry😂😅)
    Jeetje wat mooi Eva, alleen maar kippenvel! Zo zo super trots op jou Jesse en de paardjes❤️❤️ Heel inspirerend, oprecht❤️

  16. Autistichorse

    September 18, 2018 5:05 pm

    Wat een onwijs mooie documentaire over jullie beide zeg. Mooi om te zien waar het allemaal begon 🙂 eva en Jesse jullie zijn echt grote inspiratie bronnen

  17. kadova

    September 18, 2018 9:06 pm

    Thank you so much for such a great doc. Horses will always make us adapt to them. They reveal our own personality to us. Loved how Rede chose you 🙂

  18. Ashleigh Le Blanc

    September 28, 2018 10:42 am

    Love Your videos, I have just started my youtube posting videos of tricks I have been teaching my 2 year old cob, and my journey with my 3 horses. My photos on Instagram have already been liked my Jesse and Matt! I am existed to continue with my journey any feed back would be amazing!

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    Eva, so grateful that you created this video. Being in the US I have always wanted to know how you started and your story. Thank you for putting it in English. Knowing how you and Jesse met was also a pleasure the watch. What does Nalanta mean or stand for? The connection and things you do with Matt and Jesse are so fun to watch!

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    I'm from Russia so I don't know English . But your videos moves me to start learn this language.
    Actually in this movie you don't speak English, but in other you do.
    Also, you moves me to start riding a horse. They are amazing, you don't lie!
    Of course in Russia to do this sport is very difficult …it's cold in this country, it's expensive and there is another problem…Very few people in our country ride a horse , so we haven't got a lot of treners and horses . I don't write "good horses" because all horse are good.
    My favorite horse is Tracen, she is from horse riding school/I'm not in this school, our trener buy this horse / .
    Nobody love she.
    Nobody work with ahe. And when one girl went with this horse to the park, horse was scared so she run a way…Every one say , it is stupid bad horse . But she she is not to blame for that nobody cares about her and walks with her.

    Your videos moves me to start work with this horse. She is briliant.

    Thank you ♡

  21. Ellen Paredis

    November 5, 2018 5:22 pm

    hey ik ben eva ik heb nog nooit vab je gehoort maar je hebt egt leuke video's ik hou ook van paarden

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    December 21, 2018 2:35 pm

    Zo mooi, ik kan me nog goed het begin van jou herinneren. In die wei met shilas en dat witte paard wat erbij stond en met kleine Flip.
    Toen maakte je van die leuke uitleg video’s, daar heb ik toen veel aan gehad met mijn verzorgpony’s!

  23. VexCasm

    March 12, 2019 4:12 pm

    Beautiful soul you are, Eva. And it mirrors in your bond with your horses. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  24. equi jasmijn

    July 9, 2019 7:57 pm

    Hoi eva,
    Wauw zo mooi! Dankjewel door deze documentaire nu weet ik wat ik ook wil doen!😊❤ hoe ben jij met je geduld om gegaan ik vind het zelf wel lastig ook omdat als iets niet lukt ik bijna meteen sachie word😔 ik hoop dat je dit nog ziet❤
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  25. Robert Bareman

    November 19, 2019 1:00 pm

    Schitterende documentaire Eva, zeker je positieve instelling. Ook wat je zegt op het einde is helemaal waar. Mijn kleindochter van 5 is ook net begonnen met paard rijden omdat ze dat wilde. Nog maar zien hoe zich dat ontwikkeld. Ik volgde Matt al een paar jaar en kenden jou en Jesse niet. Maar sinds vorige week kwam Youtube met Jesse naar voren vanwege Matt. Maar omdat jij een bedrijf hebt met Jesse wil ik jou ook volgen. Groetjes Rob (Terneuzen,Nederland)

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    December 7, 2019 3:06 pm

    This is such a great documentary, Eva!! There should be tons of views! I rode horses for about six years when I was young. I stopped riding to play team sports in high school – soccer and crew. I really loved them both (especially rowing and continued on in college and some coaching) so I’m very thankful I had those experiences. But you inspire me to reconnect w horses again and to follow my own path in life as well!! I absolutely love your approach and working as a team w the horse side by side not just riding them. This is so beautiful and so good for the horses. It resonates so much w me. Thank you🌸

  27. M M

    December 16, 2019 6:34 pm

    Shilas is a “proud cut” gelding. I trained my proud cut gelding from “dropping his pe***” around me. I love the bond but the dropping is distracting. He’s not a public performer with this issue😨🐴😨


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