Patterned Crusader Fly Mask – Standard with Ears Review

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I’m Lexi from Marketing, and today I’m reviewing
the Patterned Crusader Fly Mask Standard with Ears. I love
this fly mask because it offers all of the features I’m looking
for at a great value. Cashel fly masks have been
around for a long time, so I know that I can count on
the quality of this mask. It’s made with soft materials
and fully line seams, so it protects your horse’s face
and ears from the bugs without causing rubs. It also features
eye darts to keep the mask well away from your horse’s eyes.
Plus the material is super durable and I found that it
lasts for a really long time. It also provides 70 percent UV
protection which makes it a great choice for horses
that have a lot of white on their face and tend to get
sunburnt. This fly mask is unique for a couple of reasons.
First of all it has a 3 hole cap for your ears and forelock,
which you can only find in Cashel fly masks. This means
that you can pull your horse’s forelock out, which makes
it more comfortable for them especially if they have a really
thick forelock. Another thing that makes
this fly mask is it’s unique and colorful patterns.
These patterns let you add a little extra flair to your
horse’s turnout style, plus it makes it really easy
to tell which fly mask belongs to your horse. To make it even
more personalized, you can also add embroidery. This will be
perfect for any horse owner who is looking for a comfortable,
durable mask that’s fun and colorful, too. This fly mask is
really easy to care for. If my horse rolls in the mud and
gets it dirty, I just throw it in the washing machine on cold
and hang it to dry and it comes out looking as good as new.
In my experience, this fly mask fits true to size. My horse
wears a horse size in this mask like she does in all
of her halters and bridles and it fits her great. But
if you get your horse’s normal size and find that it isn’t the
perfect fit, don’t worry. We offer free return shipping on
all sized items, so you can exchange it for free.
I’m Lexi, and the Patterned Crusader Fly
Mask Standard with Ears protects my horse from the bugs and lets
her show off her wild side.


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