Pavitra Bhagya – 2nd March 2020 – पवित्र भाग्य – Full Episode


‘This is our Shanti Vihar
Colony’ ‘where I have lived
from childhood.’ ‘I, Sister Pranati
and Brother Prabhas.’ ‘Our lives are lead in every
corner of this colony.’ ‘Sister, look at our neighbour,
Ms. Sulbha’ ‘whose hobby is bargaining.’ ‘He is Hari, the tea vendor’ ‘whom we would ask
for biscuits for Rs. 2.’ ‘And that is Pappu on the bike.’ ‘He got a beating.’ ‘This is the same colony
which leads to our house.’ ‘1/4, Shanti Vihar Colony,
Delhi.’ ‘Due to Mother Goddess’ mercy,
it has lost its peace now’ ‘because the arrangements for’ ‘my sister and Archit’s
engagement are going on.’ ‘Oh, wow!
Look at the chaos at home.’ ‘Actually, a big problem has
taken place in the morning.’ There is a lot of work
to be done. And you have given me
this new work now. And mom and dad’s
everyday fights. Won’t you miss this, Sister? Come, let me show you
one more glimpse of this. What is this, Shobhna?
You always blame me. It was the engagement ring. I had given you
one thing to keep safely and you couldn’t do that too. And the entire house
looks like a knacker’s shop. I am looking for it. What is this, Shobhna?
So many medicines? I wonder whether this is
a cupboard or a chemist’s shop. Half the hospital
can be set up here if we get some bottles
of saline. Everyone can see my medicines. What about your heap of files? My cupboard looks like
a medical store to you. And your cupboard is like
a government office. Oh, God! You are sneezing
due to the dust. Take this anti-allergy pill. It is a precaution.
What are you doing? I am recording your video
for sister’s farewell video. Will you show this in the video? That the daughter’s parents
lost her engagement ring on the day of her engagement? Will her in-laws respect us? Come on, stop recording
the video. It was an expensive ring.
– Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law,
did you find the ring? I checked the entire house.
I didn’t find it anywhere. I’m happy you found time
for other things apart from yourself. Lord Krishna, I will light
five lamps using ghee if we find the ring. Why did you purchase
such an expensive ring? Specially, in white
polished gold. Taunt me later. Save the family’s respect now. Go and check whether Pranati
is ready or not. Mom, listen to me.
Relax. How can the ring disappear
just like that? It must be somewhere around.
We’ll find it. Sorry, Ms. Pranati. I shouldn’t have stolen
this ring from your room. I won’t repeat this mistake
in future. It’s okay.
– Don’t inform mom and dad. Promise, Ms. Pranati.
Otherwise, they’ll shout at me. No problem.
I won’t tell them. Remove it quickly. Mom will
hit me otherwise. – Okay. No, it’s okay.
Nothing will happen. Pranati, did you find
the ring or not? Yes, Mom. I found it.
– Where is it? Where is it?
Give it to me. When would you give it?
After the engagement? Why are you roaming around
with these bulbs like Amitabh Bachchan
from ‘Yaarana’? Get ready quickly and come. The boy’s family will be here
any moment. Now, I’ll have to light
five lamps as per the vow. The ghee could have been saved
if you would find it earlier. I’m coming, Mom. Thank you, Ms. Pranati. Mister, I’ve been telling
you guys from a long time. But you are not doing anything. Why aren’t you fixing flowers
on top? Oh, God!
I have to do all the work. Let me check the temple.
All this in the temple.. ‘I hadn’t kept these ‘Laddus’.’ She is still thinking about the incident that took place many years ago. Why can’t she forget the past
and move on? Pranati. Pranati. What is all this? For God sake,
why can’t you forget this? This is the only thing
that I do. Mom, you know
that on this day.. – Enough! That is a closed chapter. It is time to move on. You have to forget the past
and move on. How will the story proceed
if you don’t turn the page? Mom, don’t you think we should inform Archit
and his family about my past? Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? It’s a promise on me.
Don’t even think about it. It’s better if some things
remain unsaid. I’ll hide it, Mom. But I won’t
be able to forget it. Let me tell them. I won’t have a burden
on my heart. The price of some mistakes
have to be paid lifelong. Wounds also leave a scar. Get used to living with this. ‘Mother Goddess, give me
the strength to move on.’ Come on, Jugnu is fighting. ‘This story is a work
of fiction.’ ‘No kids were harmed
during the shooting.’ Jugnu. Listen, the warden is here.
She’ll hit us. What is this noise? It’s nothing, ma’am.
We were just having fun. Were you having fun?
Do you think I’m a fool? I’ll teach them a lesson today
if you allow me. No, I cannot spoil her
face today. You know what? Americans are coming
to adopt her. I’ll sell this useless girl
in dollars. Do one thing.
Change her looks. Make her shine so that she looks the way she really is. Girl! Hey, come on. Wow, Jugnu..
You received your birthday gift. This time you’ll become a maid
of an American family, Jugnu. Be quiet! They came here to adopt her. People adopt us to do
their house chores. You said the same
thing last time, too. – Shut up. Idiot.. Let’s go, Jugnu.. Let’s go. There she is.. Come here, dear..
– Hello, Ma’am.. Sit down Jugnu.. Hello.. Do you want to eat? Hey, you idiot..
What are they saying? Do you want to eat anything? Do you want to eat? You may have all what you want. But you have to use a
fork and a knife to eat. Not with such dirty hands. They have arrived. Welcome.. Greetings.. Bless you.. Please come. I want to speak
with Pranati alone. Yes, sure..
Why not? You can go. Come, Priest.. Let’s
prepare for the veneration. We’ve ordered these ‘Ladoo’
for the engagement from a famous store called
‘Munna Halwai’ of Karol Bagh. It’s made up of pure ghee. These costs Rs. 1,600
per kilogram. The thing is I don’t like underrated sweets. O’ my God. What happened? I was just.. Ms. Pranati..
Please return us the ball. Here you go. Thank you, Ma’am.
– You’re welcome. Sorry..
He is the son of our gardener. You were saying something,
right? Yes.. This engagement..
– What happened, Mr. Reporter? You talk so much
during a report.. And now you forgot how to speak? It’s nothing. I actually thought
of asking you one last time. For my own contentment. You don’t have any problem
about this engagement, right? Moreover, you agreed to marry
me after I tried for five years. You sure that you’re not
doing this under any pressure? Like tension,
negative feelings etc. If there’s anything
like that then.. – Of course. There are something one
should decide using their mind not with their heart. And we know each other
for the past five years. We are very close friends. A lot of people
gets married with strangers and start their life. At least,
we are better than them. And what about love? Is there any love
present in our relation? Love is not like
they show in movies. A violin doesn’t play in the
background in a real love story. And neither does a Prince come
on a horse in slow motion. Technicolour’s are
only our imagination. And a life is black and white. What’s important is friendship trust,
respect and compatibility. And we already have that. What else do we need? I’m ready for this engagement. So from now onwards,
I’m your fiancee. But before that,
I’m your friend. And I will always be. Thank you.
– Hope I didn’t sound dramatic. Sister!
– Oh, my God! How dare you!
– Give me the ball. Do you want the ball? Let me give it to you.
Because of your petty ball all my expensive Laddus
fell apart. I’ll give you a slap..
– Ms. Sumitra.. You want ball it seems.
– Sumitra! Ms. Sumitra, it’s okay.. He was just playing. He didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not right for you to raise
your hand on a child for such a petty issue. You think this is a petty issue! My gold platter got damaged. I had prepared
such expensive Laddus to present as the offertory. And you think this
is a petty issue. Kids are also a form of God,
right? Assume that the offertory was
presented to Lord Krishna. Do you have any idea how
expensive these Laddus were? I am sure they were
not more precious than a child’s innocence. Praniti, let’s go inside. I have some work in the kitchen.
Please come. Come on. – You come with me.
You want to be like Ronaldo. Mister, leave the sweets. Just put the basket
of fruits outside. Mister, hurry up. Be quick. Have you gone mad? Why are you arguing with
your future mother-in-law? Mom, what are..
– Don’t argue with me.. Anyway my blood pressure
has shot up because of your mother-in-law’s
Laddus worth Rs. 1600. Just stop arguing. You shouldn’t get emotional
for every kid. You are asking me not to get
emotional for every kid. On the day when I got her
and also lost her. Quiet. Be quiet. Why don’t you forget her? She is dead. There is only one way
to get rid of old bad habits. To make good and new memories which you are going to make
on your engagement day along with Archit and not by thinking
about losing an innocent. Mister,
please take this as well. Please.
Okay. Whether you believe it or not,
Mom. I feel that this is God’s indication that I should tell Archit
about my past. This alliance was fixed
with great difficulty and you are bent on
ruining everything. Go and apologise. Why should I apologise? For my sake! Go and apologise
to her right now. Go. Go! Today is my birthday. Oh, wow. I want a cake.
– Oh, sweetheart. Unfortunately we don’t
have a cake today. But I have something for you. Chocolate Muffin. Try it. Won’t you ask my birthday wish?
– Wish. Now ask me what I wish for. I want to run away from here.
You foreign witch. What’s going on here!
– Hey you! Shankar! Rama.
Come here quickly! Catch her. She is running away! Jugnu, this way! Let’s go. Pray to God and jump quickly. Make sure you are not
seen anywhere nearby. Thanks, Gattu. You helped me.
I am indebted to you. You call me your friend
and then keep accounts. Take the number. It is our cook’s number.
Keep it safely. He sleeps in the afternoon after having lunch. Call me in the afternoon.
I will somehow manage to get the phone. Then we will talk
over the phone. Call me.
– You too should run away from here
as soon as possible. There she is..
– Catch her. Hurry up or else
they will reach here. I am really sorry, Ms. Sumitra. I didn’t mean to offend you all. I said whatever I felt
was right then. I’m really sorry.
– It’s okay. Now that things are
getting cleared even I want to clear
a few things. Ms. Shobhna,
I hope you will not mind. This is in my nature..
– Smiti. Leave me. I’m talking to her.
– Stop it. Actually, I usually
keep things clear. We have raised our son
in a royal style. We have got him educated
in best schools and colleges.. Sumitra, we have come here
for our child’s happiness. Mom, let’s do the work
for which we have come here. That’s what even I’m doing. I’m thinking of my son’s wife. If my son’s bio data had gone
out into the marriage market we would’ve got
heaps of proposals. But Arjit ended up
liking your daughter. What can we do now? Anyway, forcing someone to give
us gifts is not in our values. Sumitra, please stop it.
– Let me talk. If we accept your daughter we will be adding an extra
member into our family. And that will also increase
our family expense. We will give her love, honour
and respect. That’s bonus. And daughter-in-law’s salary
should come to her in-laws. Mom, do you even know
what you are saying? Dear, they are ordinary people.
They are not poor. And they don’t run their
household on her salary. Just look at these
grand arrangements here. Had they been surviving
only on her salary they wouldn’t have set up
such grand lights here. Right? You are right, Mom. They have actually made
the arrangements good. Her salary should come
to our family. – My dear.. My God bless you! Praniti’s in-laws will have
right on her salary after her wedding. I mean it. What are you saying?
– What is going on? And, Arjit,
what are you saying? ‘Your family, my family,
your daughter, my daughter’ ‘your salary, my salary.’ Aren’t we a family? Yes. We are a family. And what mom is saying
is not wrong either. Your salary should come to
our family after marriage. Your salary of Rs. 35,000
will come to my home and my salary of Rs. 50,000
will go to your family. Hey! Have you gone mad?
What are you saying? Praniti, if you
take care of my family even I will take
care of your family. Isn’t it, Mom? Even they will accept me. They will give me
love and respect. I agree that they are
giving us their daughter but they are also accepting
a son into their family. And, Mom,
even they have spent a lot on Praniti’s upbringing. But, dear.. – Mom, listen. Ms. Shobhna would’ve
found a lot of alliances. Their daughter earns Rs. 35,000.
She knows household work. She knows how to
respect her elders. This is the bonus, Mom.
She is a teacher. We don’t have to worry
about educating our children. Ma’am, if we’re getting so much,
how can we not give them back? My mom hasn’t given me
such values. Isn’t it, Mom? The deal about salary is fixed. But ensure this thing. My mom is very good when
it comes to calculations and I have taken after her. Good kids don’t hold knives. And you are a very good child,
aren’t you? Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry, okay? Dear, come. – Take her.
– Sure, ma’am. They are being so
good to me now. But they are just faking it. They will beat me
a lot afterwards. Nobody will do anything to you. I will come to your orphange.
I promise. Nothing will happen to you. Stop acting. They will thrash me a lot later.
I’m telling you the truth. Help me. Forget it, we will take her.
– Take her. – Come. Come. Why do you start fighting
for everything? Sit down. Try to understand things. Arjit, you didn’t even verify if they were actually
from Bal Mandir. Brother Kabaz, Dad.. Please find out about them.
– Calm down. I will do it. Oh! She was holding a knife. We should have handed over
her to police. Such leeches.. – Ma’am, what
are you saying? – Praniti.. Stay in your limits. They say that children
are a form of god and your daughter has taken it
very seriously. But such children are
from a bad bloodline. Ma’am, please..
– A man and woman meet they have fun with each other and then they send their illegitimate children
to orphanages. Mom, stop it.
We are already tense. Why should I stop? She is the one who is
making her more tense. Why is she crying for
that illegitimate child? Illegitimate child? Is she illegitimate? Then what’s her mistake in that?
Tell me. Stay quiet, dear.
– Why should I? Tell me. The parents make mistake
and who should bear it? Their children. There you go.
You’re arguing with me for that cheap bloodline. What is wrong with you, ma’am?
How can you be so mean? She was frighterend.
She is an orphan. Is it your job to rescue
all the children? You fought with me for that
ball boy before and now you are fighitng
with me for this girl.. Mom, please stay quiet..
Stop it. Why are you asking me to stop? Talk to the one who has
created all this fuss. She is acting as if they have
snatched her daughter. Do you even know the pain
of a mother getting separated
from her parents? Do you understand it?
– Yes, I do. – I see. Now you will tell me what
a mother’s pain is. – Yes. Is that girl related to you?
– I had someone like her. Even I had a daughter.


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