Peï en Vadrouille : Salento – Valle de Cocora

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Salento, half way between Medellin and Cali, lost in the coffee region, this small town is a bit like the Colombian’s version of Bruges (Belgian city) Full of history, the architecture is outstanding and tourist are filling the shops as much as local restaurants where you may taste the delicious trout But after a few days, if you are not living a couple love-story, I got to say that you got a bit bored So in order to fulfill this thirst for adventures, you hop on a jeep heading towards the Valley of Cocora, 30minutes away Hi there, here we are, going for a 5 hours trek Apparently this valley host the tallest palm trees on earth, reaching the height of more than 60 meters, let’s go check this out Crossing Cocora’s bridge in the south of Colombia… piece of cake… Don’ believe guide books, it is not a chill walk but rather a wild jungle venture Hey, just finished the walk but I have not seen any valley nor palm trees yet although the jungle was pretty amazing But finally, after a 6 hours trek, there you go, the tallest palm trees on earth…


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