Photoshoot in the Snow, Rain, and Wind | Cosplayers and a horse!

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I recently went on a photo shoot with
multiple cosplayers, multiple photographers. However, it was a little
smaller than usual. It was at that horse ranch. Worked pretty well, but the
conditions were rough. We had very cold conditions. It was actually snow at one
point, which I’ll get to in this video. Still a fun time. Still got some
interesting photos from that event. Equipment wise, I had the two Canon EOS M50s. I brought the 55 to 200 millimeter kit lens. I also brought the 32 millimeter f1.4, that was my main setup with the 32 and one of the M50 cameras. I brought the gimbal… I was planning on to do some video work, but with the
conditions it was extremely cold. A huge amount of wind, very strong wind. I
eventually figured out that it just wasn’t going to work out too well. So in
that case I just wanted to focus more on photography. There was only one other
person taking photos. What I did with video, as you’ll see in this, is that I used
the little action camera on a tripod that I brought. It’s the Manfrotto tripod.
The wind was so strong it was pushing over the little action camera with a
large tripod. (It wasn’t this windy this morning…) (GoPro down… GoPro down?) (GoPro down!) (It’s fine…) First photo session was with the Final
Fantasy Online cosplayer. Amazing outfit! She spents so much time on those outfits.
It was extremely windy at the time. We were able to get a few photos here and
there around the property. There’s one area with some nice trees, also really
tall grasses. I’m not really sure what you would call those. That worked really
well, even though the wind did mess things up a little bit here and there. We
took a few photos outside, but eventually we went back inside to warm up. I did
take some photos with her inside as well. Nice light coming in from the main door
area. I also used my little video light that I brought… to add some extra light
from the opposite direction towards her face. That way she has some backlight
plus directional light from the front. Before the event I decided to buy a
micro SD card for my phone. 128 gigabytes. That way I could most likely put all the
photos and videos on there. I think I ended up with about 30 gigabytes total.
So for the first set of photos with the Final Fantasy cosplayer… We took a
break. I pushed all those to the phone. That way I have that backup as quickly
as possible. Of course, these Canon cameras only have a single card slot. The second photo session was with the two video game cosplayers. One was from
Skyrim, other was from Witcher 3. With those photos I was using the 32 millimeter
lens quite a bit… We eventually switched to singles. I went
out to that same area that I did with the Final Fantasy cosplayer. With some
of the trees I could get some foreground tree plus the background tree. I really
liked that angle. I was using this screen quite a bit on the camera. It’s very
convenient to get angles that I wouldn’t normally see or look for when I’m
looking through the viewfinder. Also, I don’t have to bend as much. I don’t have
to angle as much with my body. When I’m using the screen I can pull it out if I
need to. Or I can just hold it in different angles. So with mirrorless
cameras that is a big advantage to having quick changes between viewfinder
and back screen. And everything is the same. While we were taking a break… There was
a very quick snowstorm that happened. It’s Illinois, so things like that do happen.
In this case October. It’s kind of a mixed bag of very
warm, very cold weather. But the snow came on. We went out. We took more photos. Again,
with the two video game cosplayers. I was having issues with what I wanted to do
based on shutter speed plus the lenses that I had. The Canon EOS M50 doesn’t
handle high ISO too well. Obviously with Canon sensors, they’re just not as good
in those situations. And I had the kit lens for 55 to 200. At 200 millimeters you’re at f6.3, plus the sensor that’s not
great. I was having quite a bit of grain and noise in the images. After looking at
them, some of them did turn out pretty nicely. I just wish that I had a faster
lens in that situation. Because I really wanted higher shutter speeds to get the snow
in a natural look to them. Because it was moving pretty quick. When I lowered the
shutter speed it’s just like long streaks of snow. And I had to up the ISO,
of course, in those situations. Again, equipment does matter in some situations. In this case having a faster lens would have helped out, or just came up with a
better sensor that could handle those higher ISOs. We also went out from the
porch area to the front lawn again. Took more photos in the snow, worked out
really well. In that case there was a bit more light, so the images aren’t as bad
ISO wise. Had Another break. In this case another photographer showed up. Another
cosplayer showed up. We eventually went out to their large building to take some
photos with a horse. Worked out relatively well. Again, in my case I had issues with
image noise and loss of sharpness with the photos. Because of the high ISOs. I
did take some photos with 32 millimeter lens, but when you have three
photographers taking photos at the same time… You want to be away from the horse
and the person. So I definitely had to use the longer range lens most of the
time. I did learn a lot with this equipment. It’s basically consumer-level
equipment, but I did try to get out as much as I could from the equipment. Some
situations it worked really well. The Canon EOS M50 plus the 32 millimeter lens
was amazing at getting focus right on the eye. Of course, when you do go in lower light conditions like in that big building,
with the horse… Focus was more of an issue. Especially with the longer-range
lens. With the conditions that were not ideal. I actually got very unique and
interesting photos that I would have not normally gotten, in those situations.
Mostly we do this in the summertime. So having it towards winter is very unique
and interesting. Again, thanks to the host of the event. Thanks to all the
cosplayers for coming out, taking photos with all of us. And I hope you enjoyed this
video. If you did enjoy the video please consider subscribing helps me out a lot.
Likes and shares about a lot as well. Thanks again!


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