Places To Eat in KC Area! White Horse Cafe Review in Parkville Mo Off The Beaten Path British Food


hi I’m dawn a man and we are with seven
is enough here to talk to you today about the white horse cafe so the white
horse it’s a British cafe that serves British food and it was great I loved it
it was it was it was neat it was so good that at a store later on Matt found the
bring the Union Jack so he had to buy it to represent. it was it was
fantastic we had heard about it from a subscriber mr. Mc Boing boing and he had
told us that you know they had British food and Scotch eggs and we went and it
was in Parkville Missouri I loved that I loved all the British pictures and they
were playing British music Beatles and Paul McCartney and all kinds of things
they did yeah and when you walk up you can very clearly tell as you’re driving
by that’s the right building yes have like the window pictures of soldier
another one of like a red phone booth one is flag so it was pretty cool that
was pretty cool and then one of Big Ben in another window yes Big Ben yeah it
was neat it was very neat it would that then the restaurant was very clean it’s
a newer establishment so it was very clean and friendly yeah very welcoming I
mat noticed the restrooms oh yes the loo-loo so yeah so we asked him of
course we asked him you know we want the full monty no we want the full
experience so what would you suggest and they told us the Scotch egg to start
which we’ve loved we’ve had them before at the Renaissance Festival but we love
Scotch eggs yeah that was her appetizer that was
and the sauce was Guinness chocolate sauce it was a No
Guinness chocolate mustard sauce and it was really good had a sweet flavor we
couldn’t identify it now they told we only knew mustard but
we’re like it’s something sweet what is it and it was it was mustard Guinness
and chocolate yeah that was a really good sauce and Scotch eggs are great if
you’ve never had one good yeah just to try it it was good it was really good
and so that was a great start that was a great and then we of course
went as we read the menu Matt’s been to England before and you can’t go to
England and not try yeah we had to get bangers and mash
we got a small order of that we did and that was great it was I loved it great
sausage with mashed potatoes and it had peas mashed potatoes and gravy yes and
every seems like everything the British make have peas in it but I like these
people the Scottish have haggis so you know No they have meat and potatoes No these
peas weren’t bad I don’t like canned peas that grossed me out but these were
not canned peas so I don’t know if they were fresh no but the gravy on the mash
potatoes had a great flavor with the sausage it was good now I would is
kind of wish it on full plate and Bangers and mash is sausage mashed potatoes gravy
with peas so and yeah it I was really impressed with that I was too and
this you go what did you get that your main I got fish and chips that’s right
yeah I we couldn’t not and they were and they I always say fantastic but I
can’t help but that’s my word they were they were fantastic it was really good
We were trying to figure out how they made the the breading and Matt likened
it to like a funnel cake breading and when you hear that it just sounds too
sweet it’s not it wasn’t sickening sweet it was really
good. It was crunchy breading What kind of fish? I want to say it was
Pollock it was Pollock yes and and then the fries were you know fries are great
so but our house ketchup is made from
scratch here in our kitchen it’s slow-cooked for about six to eight
hours so the seasonings really get in there through it it’s a little bit
sweeter than regular ketchup that you’d find but it also has no preservatives it
also has a little bit chunkier texture to it than bottled ketchup yeah the
fries were great and then Matt got fish pie it was so good though and it had
salmon and Pollock in it I would never have ordered that at any other
restaurant it’s so but it was British I had to try it it was either that or
shepherd’s pie we love and we love shepherd’s pie like we love shepherd’s
pie and they had shepherd’s pie with the different kinds of vegetables and then
the hamburger and the mashed potatoes but this was fish pie and it had Pollock
salmon mashed potatoes and gravy peas and carrots it was in a
white wine sauce in a white wine sauce bloody good it sounds strange but it was
actually very really was really good it was good it was good
and so yeah we were like it was a home run day for us it was and again if you
have watched any of these videos I’m not a bread pudding girl this this was
sticky toffee pudding it was really good and it had custard on top and it was
really good and not overly sweet it was really good with that custard but it
wasn’t super sweet it was really good at what I love this it was it was great
and yeah we we can’t say enough about the the customer service the people were
very nice and we actually we’re not done yet we finished it off with a cup of hot
tea we did we as we were eating the sticky toffee pudding
um we were like it’s hey wait we’re in England but we’re not yeah so we had hot
tea and they brought with a little hot out we had to have
because that’s just when you watch any British show they have to have milk and
we tried it was actually really good it was really I’ve never had hot milk
before but yeah other than I guess in my coffee yeah but it was good so yeah we
highly recommend it was a lot of fun if you want something unusual and different
yes head over to park trail to the white
horse yeah and then there are one of their menus it says something to that
effect like a little bit of England without having to cross the pond yes and
it was bloody good it was bloody good what is it it’s a
rotten bloody war let’s make the best of it shall we yeah okay so highly
recommended please like and subscribe and thank you yeah
oh good day if you have a heart any compassion in there like and subscribe


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  1. Whistledick McBoingBoing

    September 28, 2018 12:19 am

    Love the intro music. That made me laugh. Glad you all enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if that location would be as good as the one I go to (the original) on North Oak Trafficway but it sounds like it was. I’ve tried several things on the menu and never been disappointed. However, I never even thought about trying the tea. I will definitely do that next time. Seems to me like if you’re gonna have tea don’t you have to have crumpets with it?

  2. XDM50

    September 28, 2018 10:37 pm

    Hi Dawn and Matt!
    British food in Missouri? That's so cool! I would love to eat there!
    "Bloody good!" HAHAHAHAHA
    Cheers mates!

  3. Weekend Warrior BBQ

    October 3, 2018 4:21 pm

    Hi Dawn & Matt. I travel a lot for work and always ask the locals where to eat. The next time I'm in KC I'm gonna hit this place up. Great job.

  4. April Braswell

    December 5, 2018 6:04 am

    Very cute USA sign with Brit flag. LIKE 18. Not really big on British food. Tea and crumpets, now that's different! lol. Thank God for a Curry! Cheers and blessings, April


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