Pokemon Rusty: Battlehaus


I must journey on to honor my fallen friend. Pikachu, you were truly irreplaceable. Come on, Pikachu 2! You and I gotta find some wild Pokémon to battle! You looking to battle? Then you came to the right house! BATTLEHAUS! Here at Battlehars, we’ve got all the cutting-edge new battle styles. Except for Horde Battles Cause they’re cheap, f***ing trubb as sh*t! Wow, you’re really mad! Yep. Mad for borttles! Let’s go! COASTER BATTLES! Choose your Porkémon! Go, Spearow! Flying-types are weak against roller coasters. I’ll remember this! STACKER BACKKLE! Stack your Ponymon together! Then you battle! I totally understand! Go, Snorlax! Did I win? Well, sort of. You lost! BATTLE BATTLE! We battleship while our ba-champions watch! Wow- ooh! Pikachu 2, I need orders! Wow, what kind of battle is this? Oh that’s- that’s Yu-Gi-Oh. Oh. Let’s go. Wow. I had no idea there were so many kinds of battles. Each one more necessary than the last. Only one more: BATTLEHAUS BATTLE! It’s you (serious) Versus the Battlehaus. Wait. What? Listen kid, thing cost me millions. I’m in deep to Team Rocket and their new boss is calling in debts. I need the insurbance Or I’m Dunsparce. But, Rusty loves Battlehaus. We’ve all got our own battles, kid. Besides Don’t you want to win a blarttle? Great work today, Pikatwo. PIKATWO! You’re evolving!


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  1. Willcc19 -

    October 3, 2019 6:57 pm

    Bidoof just sits there in amusement while Rusty gets beaten to a pulp. lol. Is there a Pokémon Rusty has owned that he didn’t treat like a slave?

  2. Hadari Anims

    November 6, 2019 8:10 pm

    it's all fun and games until you remember rusty is 10 years old and was beat to a bloody pulp by a grown man


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