Pony Island I Am Error achievement and a shortcut for speedrunning (English subs)


Ok, Hello there. We are playing a litle bit Pony Island. This is just a little presentation of secrets. Um… well first of all, in the graphics settings there is one ticket when you’re in the game. Here is this “act select”, that is visible when you have completed the game. Act 2 So, this secret is from one achievement That is in the game. (If you bought it from the steam.) The achievement doesn’t tell anything, it doesn’t even tell it’s own name. Except if you watch it from umm… that one section. Find it from the shop and go look at the achievements. That is the only place you can find it. And this secret is pretty easy. Let’s go here. Yes i’m here. I personally found this achievement few minutes ago. Yes, i’m not doing that today. Go watch that playthrough so you can see, how you do that.. (It’s not in English. Yet) It was… 2734 2734 Let’s open this now. This is seems to be useless. Little faster, please. It is visible. I’m not going there again. Just like that. From here… This password is “iamerror”. Oh god… i wrote it wrong. (There’s no big i.) I’ll be right back. I found another secret. If you go here, before you have visited guest account, There is this Lost Soul. You can get in here now. Another daemon. This was expected. This takes me “back” to the Beelzebub fight. I’m gonna fight this and see if something happens. Is there something special? Not yet. Oh, i’m just playing this again. Or am i getting faster to the act 3? Well, this could be used in speedrunning, if this really works. Give that mouse back! Ok, let me delete it. I want to figure out what is in here. This is like… a secret that i didn’t know about. Ok, so this could be used in speedrunning. I’m not going to speedrun this game though. That skips whole adventure mode. Adventure mode is really long. That is going to be interesting. Ok, so let’s go back to the original idea. *skip* Ok, now i’m not doing the same mistake. iamerror. Alright. When you write this password to that, you’ll get this screen. And then that one ticket. Thank you for watching this video.


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  1. Kan3

    February 14, 2019 7:14 pm

    hey buddie, how did you manage to get the menu after defeating the boss? for me, it goes straight into the fluffy pony island


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