Poseidon – Greek god of the sea and horses | Poseidon (Neptune) | Greek mythology gods #12

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I rule the deepest seas,
plaing with the tides, as I please. The mighty Kraken, I control,
sending him after wayward souls. I am the earth shaker, causing earthquakes,
you feel my work whn the earth shakes, and such disturbing sounds I make,
There, you’ll know when I wake. Be calm child, the sea will not harm thee,
it holds many secrets, I feel you’ll agree. I feel your fear, do not be afraid,
if danger comes, i will come to your aid. Poseidon, the ancient greek god of the sea
and horses. The earth shaker, “the Savior of Sailors,”
“The Leader of Nymphs,” “The Tamer of Horses”. He, who caused the tides to flow. who could create sea storms to sink ships. who caused the earth to tremble at his will. He whose cry, was as loud as ten thousand
men combined. Known by the romans, with the name, Neptune,
he was a fearsome god. Poseidon was the son of the king and queen
titans, Cronus and Rhea. He was swallowed by his father, Cronus, owing
to a prophesy that Cronus’ children would overthrow him. After being saved from the belly of their
father, by zeus, Poseidon, hades, and zeus, went into battle with the Titans. The brothers overthrew the Titans, and gained
control of the world. They divided up the world among themselves. Poseidon took over the oceans and seas, Zeus
took over the skies. and Hades, the Underworld. Poseidon was a large, and fierce god, having
long curly hair, a big beard, gleaming eyes, and a stern look. He often wields a three pronged, golden spear
popularly called a trident. and Sometimes rides his watery, four horse chariot, over
the raging waves. The golden trident is his most symbolic attribute,
which he struck on a rock to create the very first sea horse, Skyphios. and tear off a
piece of the island Kos, which is known today, as the island, Nisyros. Now Poseidon was a violent, Impulsive and
raging god. He would cause the sea storms to destroy the
ships of sailors who would not appease him. and cause earth quakes to ravage the lands
of those who scorned his worship. Once, he had unleashed a flood on athens,
because the people chose Athena over him. He had also flooded the city of Argos, when
he lost the control of the city, to Hera. In addition, when he could not stand the behavior
and authority of zeus, as the ruler, he conived with the other olympians to overthrow zeus,
which ended up unssuccessful, as zeus later overcame the rebels, with the help of the
goddess thetis, and the hundred handed man, Briareus. Atlast, Just like his brother, Zeus, Poseidon
was well known for his love of women, but at a slightly lesser degree. He had many consorts who bore him many children. His faithful wife and queen of the seas, Amphitrite,
bore him Triton, Benthesikyme, and in some stories, Rhode. Demeter, bore him the nymph, Despoena, and
the talking horse, Arion. Amymone, bore him Nauplius. and Aethra, ­bore
him the hero, Theseus. His other children were, the cyclops, Polyphemus,
the sea creature, Charybdis, the winged horse, Pegasus, and the hunter, Orion. Yet these were not all of them. Whichever woman the sea god could not win,
with his charm and gentleness, he did with force and craftiness. An example, was Medusa, whom he took by force
at the temple of Athena. Medusa was turned into a monster afterward,
for surrendering to being defiled.


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