Pregnant Horse Care : Horse Pregnancy: After the Birth

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My name is Neil Draper, and we’re here today
to talk about pregnant mare care. And as she has the colt, and the colt is on the ground,
and the mare and the colt are together, you want to check them both out. Just visually
check them out and make sure everything looks all right. Like there’s no excessive bleeding.
Of course it’s going to be very messy, you’re going to have the birthing bag, you’re going
to have the placenta, coming out. And if the placenta doesn’t come out all at once, don’t
worry about it. She’ll walk around, and it’ll come out. Don’t pull on it, don’t tear it
out yourself, because that could ruin her uterus. Now if you go like eight, nine hours,
ten hours and she still hasn’t gotten rid of the placenta, then go ahead and get a hold
of the veterinarian, he’ll give her a shot that makes her contract and she will discharge
the placenta.


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