Pregnant Horse Care : Horse Pregnancy Trouble Signs


Hello my name is Neil Draper and we’re here
today to talk about pregnant mare care. And I’m going to talk a little bit about the mare
having trouble; you may have to have a C-section or something to that effect. The colt could
be breached. The colt could be too big to come out of the canal. So as she’s having
it, what, what you want to look for if you can and sometimes they have it so fast that
you don’t have a choice, it’s just done with and… And what you want to see is the feet
and the nose will come out first. That’s the first thing you see and then you know it’s
all right. And if she stays awhile and it takes her awhile to have it, there’s no big
deal. If, if she gets it out part way and the, and the birthing bag’s over the horse
and you, and you can get up and get to your horse without her getting nervous or kicking
you or, because we want the horse safe and we want you safe. That you can break the bag
and let; because the colt probably won’t really start breathing till it’s completely out.
But sometimes they will start breathing back there and if you break it then it sometimes
helps so that the water, and stuff to; let the colt come out. Now if she’s laying on
the ground and you’re having trouble, and the colt is not coming out and she’s been
stressed out, then you’ll be able to see because she’ll be hot. She will be worn completely
out and that’s the time you might want to think about getting somebody there to help
you. But if she just looks likes she’s in normal labor and having the normal labor trouble
which should be: heavy breathing, pain and she will be sweating a little bit then don’t
get too concerned because sometimes they’re in labor for hours. But if she’s having trouble
and there’s like discharge of excessive blood or such you want to get her to a vet and see
what you need to do to get the colt to come out safe for both the mare and the colt.


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  1. Edison Abbott

    March 3, 2012 6:46 pm

    lol it was kinda funny when my mare had her filly, no one was home except for my dad and he was busy talking with an electrician that was at our house, he said he looked out into the field and saw my mare Mable rolling around on the ground and then she actually rolled into a ditch(not a deep one) in the field, my dad went to go check on her and when he got there he saw Mable standing up and getting out of the ditch with our new filly Misty. 🙂

  2. Gigi Mussell

    December 29, 2012 3:05 am

    what do i use for the ground becasue i dont want plants to grow that the horse/cows/goats ect. cant eat. (so probably not grass or dirt) waht else could i use?


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