Pregnant Horse Care : Leading & Handling a Pregnant Horse

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Hello, my name is Neil Draper, and we’re going
to talk to you a little bit about leading a horse and handling a horse on the ground.
Now she is standing here and she is a safe distance from me. You don’t want them on top
of you. And when I walk off I want her to pay attention that I am moving and that she
comes with me as I move. So as I’m moving, she needs to stay her safe distance. You don’t
want to hold them right tight, and that she will follow me and keep attention of me as
we are walking her over to the barn. And that I can turn her out of my way and she gives
me my space. And that I can do this on both sides, ’cause whatever you do to one side,
you got to do to the other side. And that she’s not scared of any tools I’m using to
train her with. She can’t be scared of my rope, she can’t be scared of my hands, and
she can’t be scared of me touching her or flinching away from me.


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