Problem Solving – Leading a Pushy Horse

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[client:] So, you just let her bite the rope? Yeah, for now. The rope is not the point. The problem is she needs mental engagement. So when she’s mentally engaged, she won’t have to bite the rope anymore. I’m just asking her to stay here with me. First I have to check the buckle, so it can’t get into her eye This is okay. If I pull the halter to the left, does it go into the eye? If I pull to the right – also fine. I think the ‘regular’ size will be fine for her. Let’s see, what we learned yesterday. Will it be easier for her to follow the feel on the nose? Will she maybe be less pushy? You never know what will happen, how the information has settled… I can see she’s a looot more trusting than yesterday. You can watch how much I move my feet; Do I move away from her or do I lean away from her The goal is that I don’t. If she gets too close, if I feel claustrophobic, or just feel that she is too close, I’ll just politely ask her to move away a little. I won’t punish her for being too close, or whatever, I’ll just ask her… iiinteresting [Keza: snorting sound] But we could hear her snort Even though it looks like she’s calm, There’s still a lot going on in her mind. That’s why she had to breath it out She’s standing different than yesterday as well. Before, she always stood like she was ready to fight for her life. And here I get contact from her again. I always keep my eye on her, especially because of her.. And friendly 🙂 This was now less than phase 1 and she follows me. Okay, As soon as she starts, I give release. And just like yesterday, when Isaw it was hard for her to follow me, I reward her for coming forward not just by releasing the pressure, but with extra petting and telling her she did a great job. She can sniff me, but she can’t nibble. I’m also trying not to have a too big of a distance.. Friendly, we’re okay. She wasn’t scolded, just a “Hey, watch out, this is my personal space” So now I’m giving her time to process what just happened. A big difference from yesterday is that she would really panic before Okay, she’s looking for contact, so she’s ready to continue. Phase 1 and off we go. So before I wanted to say, I don’t want the distance to be to big. I have some distance, but not more than this, so she doesn’t feel like she’s all alone and on her own. [quietly] Good girl, good job! I keep going in these zones, because we saw yesterday, that she was very… – look she licked her lips – Now, when I work with a horse, he can’t eat But if it’s Friendly game, now it’s “off duty” Now I’m not asking for anything. And she can eat. But if I say: “Let’s go”, she comes right with me. Now she’s really – bravo!- She really moved the front end away nicely And disengage Bravo. There was a little idea, “What if I go through you?” But, did you see, when she – oh – lick, lick Okay? She lost me there for a moment, when she went a little past me, and she was like:”Hmm”. Okay, she had a choice to make, will she go past me, and turn to the side so I end up somewhere behind her butt? Or will she find me. And she – it was her idea – she turned and came back to me. I start, This is all phase 1 I just blocked her nose with the stick, so she wouldn’t go past me So if she stopes so that I stay a little behind it’s alright. Bravo! Good girl! What matters is that she doesn’t go over me, she doesn’t turn to the side, she doesn’t turn her butt towards me, she doesn’t threaten me Now I try to disengage, Super! Okay! What a nerd 😀 Okay, so all the disengaging now was better than the best version we got yesterday, which means we already won. Bravo!


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