Rath ki Race – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon – As seen on Discovery Kids


Can you to overtake me? It is not easy to beat me. I know brother, but the race is not over yet. Watch ahead brother! Brother, you will once again win this year’s chariot race. Do we once again race to our home? Alright! Ballu won’t win this year’s chariot race. How is that Champu? Because we’ll do something so that Ballu won’t able to finish his race. Mom!! Dinner ready? I am very hungry! Yes son. Kisna! Why don’t you take part in chariot race? Mom! If brother Ballu wins it isn’t my victory? I know, you don’t want to compete your elder brother, isn’t it? Mom! You watch, tomorrow Ballu will win. You all are welcome in the chariot race, I am Khabrilal. I’ll give you the minute by minute news of this race. Before that I’ll tell you from where the race will start and where it will end. Chariots will go from this ground through Anandnagari market and up on the hills. And then down the hills cross the big bidge of Anandi river. And then they will return from smaller bridge, and they will enter this ground again. The one who finishes 5 rounds of this ground will be the winner of this race. Now we’ll meet the competitors of this chariot race. First competitor is Ballu. And then Suddi, Radhika, Champu, Gabru, Pappu, Mangu and Tinku. Then now village head Bholaji will wave the flag and start the race. One! Two! Three! Ballu has a good start. His chariot is at the front, behind him are Champu, Suddi and Radhika. Ballu! More fast Ballu! More fast! Well done Ballu! Well done! Ballu has gone to the dangerous hills. Toto, go and see where our friends reached? If you tell Toto, the work is done. Radhika, what happened? Champu has cheated! He removed my chariot’s wheel. He shoud not cheat Ballu also, Toto, go and see. I’ve sent Ballu towards the dangerous hills. Now we’ll win the race. Both these cheaters have sent Ballu in the wrong direction. I’ll tell this to Kisna now. Last year this path was not there, perhaps this year they’ve changed the way. Stop! Don’t be afraid! I am here. Now I am out of the competition, I think this time someone else will win. Kisna! Champu and bhondu tricked Ballu, Radhika and Suddi out of the competition. Bhondu has sent Brother Ballu on the wrong way, come with me. Now when the race is half complete, a new contestant has come forward. His name is Kisna! See! Kisna! Bhondu has sent Ballu brother on the wrong way, come with me. I am out of the competition, now someone else will win the race. This is the work of Champu, Bhondu. They would have gone very far ahead now, Kisna how will you defeat them? We will defeat them together, brother come on. Kisna see there! Champu and Bondhu. We can hear horse hooves, I think the first chariot is coming in. Ballu! Everyone thinks that the first chariot will be Ballu’s. What is this? Its Champu and Bondhu. They left Ballu Behind. 2nd chariot has also come, but what is this? Gabru is on this chariot, not Ballu. Ballu is left behind. Didn’t I tell you there is something fishy? Else why would Kisna participate from mid race? Pappu is on this chariot and Mangu on the next. This is a miracle Last Year’s winner is left behind. Looks like Champu Bondhu will win this year. The race is not over my friend! Another Chariot, this is surely Ballu’s. But what is this? This is Kisna’s chariot. Bhallu, Radika and Suddhi are with him. They left in different chariots, but they have come back together. Kisna! First round is complete, Kisna and gang are in the last place. Can they defeat Champu-Bondhu? Kisna be careful of the chariot. Move Over! All of them are cheaters. Try to get past us if you have the guts. Kisna! Show them how much guts we have. Kisna has accepted defeat. What is this? Gabru loses control of his chariot, now Kisna is in fourth place. Kisna, our left wheel is breaking. Kisna, our right wheel is also breaking. All of them are cheaters. Now we cannot win. Kisna won this year’s Chariot race! Kisna, you did a wonderful job. You started after half the race was over and yet won. That too honestly. We are proud of you. What No one else can do. Kisna can do that.


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