React video from Phoenix Feather: MLP tribute main 6

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Oh… Hello everyone. My name is Sanie Dash. Welcome to the my channel Now today react video from Phoenix Feather This video is about MLP tribute main 6 Okay Now i just react this video but… I don’t know what can i doing I just want react this video. Okay Now let’s watching it Okay 3, 2, 1 and go Oh Applejack Oh, i know this music Raise this barn Oh, so amazing But sorry, Applejack is not my favorite Okay Good Oh wow And that’s Applebloom Applebloom- Applejack sister Okay. This is Big Mac And the Applejack pet Okay Oh, that’s Applebloom. Okay That’s Rarity And this’s Applejack familly Father and mother And that’s all everypony on Applejack town Okay next. Rarity Oh wow Okay Oh my, Rarity play computer at night Oh my, Rarity crying That’s Rarity eye Okay nice. But Rarity is not my favorite Okay Rainbow Dash. That’s my favorite Wow She’s so adorable Nice Oh Okay, that’s wonderbolt She alive with tank Oh, that’s Sonic rainboom Okay Wow! This is Rainboom. Okay Wow Nice Oh! Sonic rainboom Wow Nice It’s so wonderful So cute Oh, that’s Winderbolt. Okay This is “at the gala” Okay. Nice Oh, that’s Fluttershy Okay That’s butterfly Okay that’s Pinkie Pie. That’s my favorite Hello! How are you? I like this song Pinkie Pie so adorable Wow So cute Wow. So beautiful Oh wow. Too much Pinkie Pie Okay Wow Nice Oh, Pinkamena and Pinkie Pie Okay Wow Oh, that’s Pinkie Pie sad Wow. That’s “at the gala” She’s awesome Come on everypony Smile smile smile Smile smile smile Smile smile smile Smile smile smile Smile smile smile Smile smile smile Smile smile smile I can sing this song I like this song Oh, that’s Cheese Sandwish Okay. Twilight Sparkle. My favorite next Oh, the crystal empire. Music song in season 3 Wow She is so adorable So cute Okay. Wow That’s she become alicorn Nice. So beautiful And that’s Twilight on future Wow. Nice Nice Okay. I just react like that Now i see this video Phoenix Feather making so good But my favorite is Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie (sorry, I say wrong. My favorite is Rainbow not Rarity) Okay. 3 ponies Now i want to stop video right now If you want to see video from Phoenix Feather please subscribe to her and click on the bell to see all notification from her channel And also if you want to see more video from my channel please subscribe to me and click on the bell to see all notification. Also if you see my video is good please like Okay now i will see you in the next video Bye


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