Reasons why your horse refuses at a jump


Hi everybody my name is Laura Kelland-May me and today we’re going to talk about Why your horse refuses and what you can do about it? All right everybody my name is Laura, Kelland-May. I’m here to help you To help you out with what you should do if your horse refuses You know it can happen, you were balanced and had great pace to the first fence, you hit your spot continue onto the second fence. Unfortunately the horse maybe had a different idea. Are these things that you… Reasons why the horse may not have gone over that jump Instead of neatly tucking up his legs or her legs to complete the jump he she veered around the jump sending you sideways Almost into the jump and has that ever happened to you. I know what’s happened to me You know WHAT GIVES? Why did that horse all of a refuse that jump, not decide to go over that fence and that’s what we have to find out so We’re gonna review what’s going on with your horse and what to do about it. It’s not only important to know That your horse is refusing But you have to understand why it’s refusing so you can fix it and we’re gonna go over that here the top five Reasons why? My horse is refusing … One Maybe s/he is sore somewhere And maybe hooves legs back, maybe your saddle is pinching Maybe the mouth is sore this means that you have to do some investigation it may even require a visit from the vet Maybe you’re interfering with the horse somehow Getting left behind putting on the mouth Getting too far ahead that means you’re gonna need to get some professional help with your riding your riding position To get in with state with the horse number three Maybe the horse doesn’t feel comfortable jumping what you’re asking him to jump the jumps are too high too. Scary, but tougher combination or tricky Situations that the horse isn’t used to doing so when that happens they often refuse or maybe you’re not Committed to going over the jump And that’s something you’re gonna have to deal with as well or maybe it’s a combination of some or all of the above You have to figure those things out So what do you do if your horse is sore? If you think the horses are maybe a good idea to get professional to look at it this means calling in the vet Or your trainer to come in to see if your horse’s back is sore Or if its legs are sore if it’s mouse or if it’s or somewhere even get the farrier to take a look at it maybe The horse has an abscess or something or maybe it’s something that you just can’t see and the vet It’s gonna have to take a look at it for you And if it’s … every time every time you took a step … And you were sore somewhere you wouldn’t be wanting to jump or go over a jump and jump off of something or jump over something so you have to think of that the horse is a living feeling creature, so you can’t ask it to jump when it’s sore or sore somewhere so Best to get a professional to help you out once you rule out soreness, then we can move on to something else But ruling out soreness with the horse is one thing you’re gonna have to deal with think about the saddle spit the horse may buck because the saddle is pinching it somewhere or slapping on its back causing the horse to be sore make sure your saddles fit properly and This also means that you’re going to need to Get somebody to help you if you’re not familiar with it get somebody to help you figure out if that saddles fitting properly When you’re looking over your horse check for heat pain and swelling these are the three Simple things that you can do to look at your horse To see if it’s sourced somewhere The area that sore is gonna be hot gonna be painful if you touch it the horse is gonna react to it And it’s gonna be swollen heat pain and swelling take a look at your horse If this have a sore leg doesn’t have it sore back does it have a sore hoof, is its mouth sore Take a really good look at it and investigate if it’s sore somewhere after ruling that out We can move forward and just who other things is your horse Uncomfortable going beyond sore is it uncomfortable is it not Happy or trained. Does it have the right training, the basic training to go over those jumps This is called “over facing” if you over face your horse that means you’re jumping something (or the horse is not jumping something) that That feels comfortable with so that means that you haven’t done your homework at home To train the horse properly so when it gets to the horse show or show grounds that it is… Feels that uncomfortable that it doesn’t want to go over the jump is the jump bigger more complex Scarier have more flowers. Maybe a water or Liverpool and the horse doesn’t feel comfortable jumping that What you’re going have to do with this horse is build jumps at home that going to be similar to the ones you see in a horse show so build jumps with boxes flowers trees Gates hay bales you get the picture Design your training riding program so that it does include Complex situations that you would find at your horse show. Another reason why your horse may refuse is because you as the rider aren’t committed to going over that jump Maybe you’re afraid to go over that jump maybe you are over faced and you are meeting Jumps that are more complex higher a little bit different than what you’ve done at home so the same thing holds true for you you have to get in there and Establish your training program so that you are comfortable jumping the same complexity of jumps that you will find at a horse show Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and make sure that you’re breathing And your breathing is going properly So that you can get to the jump and over the jump and onto the other side of the jump The other thing is that maybe it’s a combination of all of these things maybe a horse is sore somewhere because you got left behind and Then he doesn’t feel comfortable And neither do you feel comfortable so it could be a domino effect of all these things building themselves up together? My name is Laura Kelland-May. subscribe like and comment on these videos Alright so there you have it a few things that may cause your horse to refuse stay tuned and then you’ll learn exactly what to Do when your horse refuses and how to ride it? Thanks. Now bye-bye see you later


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  1. Cmac

    May 9, 2018 5:06 am

    Thanks for the clip 🙂 I had a great jumper and started making them scarier and now's she's lost confidence. As well as myself. It was a black and white Chevron that got us ;( lol worst part was I made it for that exact reason it exposed a HUGE hole in our training. Can't wait to get through this.

  2. Hayley Demmocks

    May 28, 2019 8:42 am

    I've ruled out soreness completely, I am not an incompetent rider, multiple lessons which went awesome, I've gone through massage etc for my horse. Would like your advice, my horse is 100% one event then the opposite the next..

  3. TM Equestrian

    November 28, 2019 2:34 pm

    I've tried EVERYTHING with my pony we've had all sorts of vets and everything check her, she has so much talent and we trust each other so much (on the ground and riding) she won't let anyone else touch her except me and freaks out if someone else rides her or if someone else stands in the arena when I ride, she has so much scope and I've done so much for her but is still so unpredictable and stops so badly! When I first got her she was okay then started stopping (running out actually) and I went right back down and slowly built her back up to 1,05m and she was so good at that height now has suddenly started stopping again, and like I said we have really tried everything possible 😭
    I'm 13 and everyone else my age, in my area, are on fancy ponies and horses and jumping so high and barely putting any effort in and I try so hard and don't know what else to do


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