Rescue horse gets a shot of penicillin PART 1


all right so this little girls hard to
catch. And hopefully I don’t get a hoof in my face. unfortunately she has to get a shot of
penicillin which is going to be lots of fun they really did a number on her mover over here I need to tie your short
I hate to do this you get me there’s two syringes I need the what you call it out
of here the alcohol Oh hold here a second
let me let her know she actually did really good with that needle well she
had her penicillin now she’s a good girl I don’t think she’s ever had
kindness she’s really freaking really really hurt her
there are lumps and bumps severe all over her this one feels like she’s got
some kind of stolen hopefully she’ll feel better she’s got some really green
goo piece not your next pumpkin but it’s going down now as I wrote it it’s
definitely going down a little bit why they hurt and I’m gonna to show you
if I go to her head made a liar out of me they were they were beating her with
cattle prods and all kinds of stuff so both of them are really see she don’t
she don’t like it just I know I just want to feel you’re headed for bumps because you can see we’re in a canvas
screen here it’s bouncing around everywhere
horses hate it my horses are all desensitized to it so this is like no
big deal these guys probably never seen a any plastic or whatever at least this
one here that one’s really good but this girl here these stickers are
gonna suck trying to get on these things are like glued on freaking USDA sticker
shit that they put on them pardon my mouth but kill town’s pissed me the hell
off I mean I just took care of our nice little USDA sticker you gotta love that
and it’s still stuck in her and I don’t want to rip it out we’re gonna use oil
so it’s gonna take a long time okay monkey we’re coming over honestly she
did really good I mean she acts like a crazy wild girl but she’s so she did
really good nice girl she’s a nice girl I mean she’s a little spooky but she
will be a great girl all right so we’ll let her finish
evergreen they also have medication in their brain for breathing because this
one here was popping really bad and we’re gonna treat the other one anyway


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  1. AzeriHound

    February 19, 2016 7:34 pm

    Another question: where are these ''kill pens'' and how much do these horses cost to rescue? I may live in the middle of Chicago, and I may not have the space and only just enough finances to care for one, but gosh darn it, I'm going to go and rescue one of these poor horses.


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