Review Donkey Kong Country Returns ( Wii )

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Sorry I could not
resist the temptation. I had to show you everything I
possess about Donkey Kong Country. As you can see I possess the
Donkey Kong Country trilogy in duplicate. You never know, there might be a disaster
or the cartridges running out! A bit like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears
that I have in 5 copies. Like that I’m ready! Unless we run out of energy.
In this case, I’d be cursed! I’d better buy a
generator or windmills… Solar panels! Like this
I would produce my own energy! The goal of showing you all this
before reviewing DKCR… I wanted to credit
Rareware’s trilogy. I know many of you already know it.
I address to the younger. YOUNG ONE! Do you hear me?
YOUNG ONE, listen to me! You don’t know Donkey Kong Country.
It’s not that bad… DON’T PANIC! DON’T WORRY!
You are not a lost cause! Acquire urgently a SNES with
Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3! Even if it’s the weakest, DKC3 is still one
of the best platformers on SNES! Given that SNES is the
Queen of the platformers, and of the RPGs
-let’s not forget about it. Believe me, you
won’t be disappointed! Donkey Kong Country, what else?
I won’t go into details about Donkey Kong Country but… What can I add? Donkey Kong Country!!
The title speaks for itself. Play it!
Just play it! What about
Donkey Kong Country Returns? Before beginning the review, let’s talk about something
I mentioned on my New Super Mario Bros. review. I do this because both games
have the same gameplay flaws! Let’s talk about the
gameplay with the Wiimote! What I complained about
in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, some of you didn’t understand,
or perhaps I misspoke – more possibly. I didn’t say I wanted to play
with Wii’s motion control. It would have been awful! Of course not. Wii’s motion control
is awful… Awful is the word! BUT we can still say it’s
a failure in itself. Because Nintendo didn’t even try a motion control.
They already knew they couldn’t do it! Something else astounded me in your comments.
You told me it’s not made for the Wiimote/nunchuck duo! Please take note that
I’ve played with this duo. But you’re claiming it must be played
as originally planned; with the loose Wiimote. A lot of you maintained it’s the only way
to play this game and Nintendo had figured it out! But you are absolutely right!
Of course Nintendo has figured it out! They convinced their consumers
to play with on a horizontal gamepad! Frankly, let’s applause them!
It’s a REAL masterstroke! You’re telling me you’re satisfied
to play on Wii with a NES gamepad! Frankly, Nintendo is the king!
There’s nothing to add. NOTHING TO ADD!
Your comments astounded me. Tremendous!
It’s tremendous. A horizontal pad satisfies you.
You’re satisfied by playing with a rectangle in your hands! It’s tremendous!
A simple control pad and 2 buttons! Guys, you got me there! I understood
Nintendo had figured everything out! They have fisted us perfectly!
And consumers applause. I admit my defeat!
I admit they defeated me! How enormous!
You killed me guys. I don’t pretend I’m right and you’re wrong.
Of course, everyone has an opinion. But think about it for a moment.
For me, there’s no doubt. For me, it’s crystal clear!
But once again, everyone his opinion. The issue with Donkey Kong
Country Returns (DKCR) is the same. I mentioned it on the Direct Live,
We use motion control just by shaking the Wiimote! We roll by shaking, Donkey Kong blows
when we shake AND press “down”, and he pounds the ground
when we… wait, what must be done? Yes, when we shake
the Wiimote/nunchuck duo! That’s the only use of
motion control they found for DKCR! Now listen to me, I’m going to tell you
DKCR’s only gameplay flaw! Well I just mentioned the flaw! It’s not
in the game but from the gamepad! Especially as I think, Nintendo forced
Retro Studio by saying them… “Well dudes, don’t forget it’s the Wii.
So you put us some ‘handjobmote’.” “Like that we know it’s Wii and NOT
GameCube! Don’t mess AROUND!” “And more important, don’t make it
compatible with the GameCube pad!” “NO! We don’t know why,
but you forget about it!” Can somebody explain me why DKCR
cannot be played with a GameCube pad? Has anyone an initial explanation why we can’t play
with GameCube’s or Wii’s classic pad? Maybe they don’t want to sell it.
But there are only 2 solutions! The Wiimote/nunchuck duo and the
loose Wiimote like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. For me, it’s intolerable! They should
have let us play with the GameCube pad! We can roll by pressing a simple button!
We can puff with another one. Every movement of Donkey Kong
could be done without motion capture! Motion capture, it’s peanuts.
It’s nothing! Let’s be frank. I come back to your comments.
Some told me “It’s normal, it’s a 2D game”. Let’s take a 3D game that should use this opportunity.
Not Wii Sports, it’s not the same. The Mario Galaxys. Don’t you think both
could be played with a standard pad? It is absolutely playable
with a standard pad! Well not just with a control pad, there must be an
analogue stick! They exist since PS1 and N64! Now, don’t tell me you NEED
a pointer to collect these useless star bits. It’s nothing! They only make you THINK
you need a pointer but it’s useless! Once again think a moment, you’ll see
the Mario Galaxys are playable with a GameCube pad! It’s crystal clear! Why do I keep on mentioning the
GameCube pad? It may seem obscure. If you don’t own a Wii, you may think
“Why does he speak about GameCube?”. “Why this pad specially?”. Well you must know
that the Wii is compatible with all GameCube games. It’s a good point for the Wii. Let’s mention it
when Nintendo does something decent. On the Wii, behind a flip-up panel,
there are 4 controllers ports for GameCube pads. That’s why I talk about
those pads, it’s really simple. You can play with those controllers
and many Wii games are compatible. Like GoldenEye, that I reviewed.
But why make DKCR incompatible? I don’t get it! Being forced to slap each time we want to
roll, puff or pound the ground… It bored me hard, I would have preferred
no motion control. That’s all. Apart from this, let’s talk
about the game itself! So Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s my thought: It’s one of the best games
I’ve played this year… By far. I’d even say it’s been a really long time
since I last played such a nice platformer! Really! By long time, I mean 10 years…
Yes it’s been 10 years. It’s been a decade since I last played
such a great platformer. An old school game; 2D,
from left to right… A classic game! Retro Studio didn’t
miss their chance. It’s even more surprising because
they had only made the Metroid Primes! Really good games in the view of many.
I can’t say because I’m not a big Metroid fan. Well I’m interested in Metroid but
I never played them enough to share my opinion. We can say it’s a flaw of mine
in my video game knowledge. I only played 2 opuses:
Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 1. And I had only played
each one for only one hour. I can’t give my opinion. But one day,
I’ll play one of them. Wait. Super Metroid has always
been in every top 3 SNES games! I’d rather start playing it! But Metroid
is not the only saga in this case. There are many cult sagas
I’m not familiar with. The Megamans. I don’t
know anything about them. And the Ghouls’n Ghosts. Someone borrowed me a
Ghouls’n Ghosts on SNES. I found it lame. It felt the same as with
Super Castlevania IV. I thought “What a crap!” I thought “What a dung!”. I found it ugly,
with animations worthy of a 8 bits. I didn’t understand it.
I found the gameplay atrocious. I was dying in loop, I was stuck at the first level.
And I stopped playing within 20 minutes! Although it’s cult. I don’t know why
I’ve got so much issues with some sagas. So what was I saying?
I started to talk in all senses. YES! My opinion about DKCR. It’s been a while
since I last played such a nice platformer! It has small flaws. I’ve written them
on a post-it, like I began to do. But REALLY, this game is…
YES! I was mentioning Retro Studio! I was stunned by Retro Studio’s mastery.
It’s their FIRST platformer. They showed such a big mastery about
what makes a great 2D platformer. It commands respect. Really!
You must play it to understand. Here you have a glimpse, but you
must play to experience the emotions! I don’t understand
how they managed this. I’m going to talk sincerely.
One week ago I reviewed New Super Mario Bros.. Well DKCR HUMILIATES, I mean it:
HUMILIATES New Super Mario Bros. Wii! Nintendo, with its 25 years
experience of developing platformers!! Isn’t that crazy? I find it crazy!
And not only in technical matters. I hear you: “Hooper, you only talk about
technical and production aspects”. Of course technique is
wonderful, but that’s not all! Let’s take the level design aspect,
the key point of Super Marios. DKCR is twice… TWICE as great as New Super Mario Bros. Wii! And the game is longer, and the game is harder,
and the game is more valuable! The gameplay is not superior, but equivalent.
We move Donkey Kong how we want! The only move you need to practice is…
let’s call it the big jump. Yes, big jumping;
when you bounce off an enemy. With a simple jump,
you do a small jump. But if you time well, you can big jump.
But it requires accurate timing. It’s not just keep on pressing the Jump button or
the pad up, like in many 8 and 16 bits platformers. It’s more tricky than this. At the beginning
I thought “No way, I’ll never do it”. But it’s achievable. Now I can
bounce on 50 enemies, I’ll do big jumps! The idea is to… to press jump
just before touching the enemy. That’s how to do the big jump! If we fail the timing, we small jump.
I admit it’s tricky. But when you succeed, how enjoyable!
And you become proud of yourself! Now I succeed all the time
and I find it wonderful. So regarding the gameplay, DKCR competes any Mario game!
A Mario that has 25 years of maturity! Amazing! I never thought Retro Studio, a new-to-business
could perform with such a mastery. I take my hat off to them!
It’s a really good work. Before listing all pros and cons of DKCR
– well what I think they are. Let me take a moment to explain
why I over-enjoyed DKCR. There are 2 reasons: First
a lot of levels contain unique concepts. These have an specific design.
I’m not pretending there’s no clones. For example, the forest world has 8-9 levels
and their designs look a bit alike! You feel like you only played
4 levels instead of 9. In fact I felt the first part was
more thunderous than the second. Watch my “Direct Live”.
It ended on level 2-2. Just after this, really
cult levels ensue! Level 2-3 is a rocket barrel ride.
We’ll see many of them. The rocket barrel
is like… a torpedo! We sit on top of the barrel and we can
only adjust angle with a strange inertia. We can angle DK up in the sky.
But it’s done with a [special] manner… It’s quite tricky, you know.
Near the end it becomes… tricky and… You’ll lose a lot of lives. Don’t expect to die 2-3 times!
NO, you will lose dozens… hundreds of lives! But don’t worry, we
collect 1-ups everywhere! Cranky Kong sells lives
for 15 banana coins the lot of 7. Lives are not a problem
even if we lose them easily. Anyway, this rocket barrel level
is beautiful, we take a full view! These levels are not hard, except the final ones.
But it’s a rewarding challenge! It doesn’t bore you, it’s a fun difficulty.
And these rocket barrels are wonderful. I love them! Afterwards there’s one of the best levels of the game,
the giant octopus one. Watch out for spoilers! Not about the plot,
we don’t care for the plot in such a game! Although I miss the Kremlings!
But I’ll talk about it later. If you want to play this game, you saw
enough gameplay. Stop this video and buy it! Buy it! Just buy it!
Even if you don’t have a Wii… I don’t care!! But buy DKCR!
Why? Because I want a sequel! Whether you have a Wii or not,
BUY DKCR! Buy every DKCR you’ll encounter. You saw 15?
Buy all 15! Like that, we may have a sequel
if the game sales well. As of now [2011], 2 millions copies
were sold! It’s not bad for such a game! And Christmas has not yet come!
Hopefully, it may reach 4 or 5 millions sales! It’s a LOT for such a game!
For example, GoldenEye hardly reached 600K sales. Frankly, 2 millions sales for DKCR it’s amazing.
But I think we won’t have a sequel. From the bottom of my heart
I HOPE we’ll have a sequel! Just imagine a DKCR2 with
remixes of DKC2’s OST! OMG. We could also get other Kongs and so many
other great elements! But I fear we won’t get any sequel.
[TN: DKCTF was released in 2014] Nintendo may only requested
this game to appeal core gamers. As a reminder, since 2008
Nintendo has a bad reputation. The years ’08-’09 were silly. We were about
to think “Nintendo is dead, they only aim casual gamers!”. Their E3s were atrocious.
They didn’t show any game, only stats. It was like “Look at us, the
Wii is the most selling console!!!” Their E3 were only
things like that. In 2010, they noticed the sales of Wii were decreasing.
It still sold but not as much as 3-4 years before. They thought “We’d rather focus on our gamer friends”
and they started producing “challenging games”. Games for core/retro gamers.
But look they released GoldenEye, DKCR, a Kirby… …we feel like thinking
“Nintendo want to make us happy!”. For some games it worked, for some not.
Personally I didn’t enjoy GoldenEye… I enjoy DKCR. I think Nintendo just requested games
and won’t analyze the sales results. 3 millions or 5, they won’t care! That’s why I think DKCR2 won’t be.
What a shame! A sequel would be A-MA-ZING.
You know, just an OST remix. Just a remix of DKC2’s OST,
we would fall flat on our butts! Just for that! Plus adding new elements… Damn create a sequel! That’s why I urge you to buy all copies.
Buy them ALL GODDAMMIT! I got a bit excited. Where was I?
Yes! The 2 reasons why I over-enjoyed DKCR. So this level with the octopus
following us everywhere. There’s a raging sea, a storm,
the waves are beautiful! What a masterpiece!
But not every level is like this, what a shame! Afterwards it returns to
classic, but still nice, levels. Then we see
the tsunami level. Damn! During the whole level,
a wave will sweep towards us. We have to hide behind rocks
it’s great. It’s a genius idea! It’s another
amazing level. Then another gorgeous level; the sperm whale level!
It’s the only level with the aquatic theme from DKC1. The only level
with this remix. First you get it, there’s no aquatic levels!
But I’ll talk about that later. It’s the only level that
resembles an aquatic level. And how appropriate! We hear a remix
of “Aquatic ambiance” from DKC1! This remix is wonderful. When I first heard it,
it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Listen
to this. Exhilarating…
Yes, It’s the word. When we hear this remix of the classic “Aquatic Ambiance”
on this sperm whale level it’s really exhilarating! Now no doubt, the quality of
the remixes is debatable. But I’ll mention it later on. For example,
Aquatic Ambience’s remix is inferior to the original! I don’t see myself listening to it
on my mp3 player. I’d rather choose the original.
But it doesn’t make it a bad remix. There are good and average
tracks! But I’ll talk about that later. So this sperm whale level, not exceptional
but it’s an experience. It’s a lot of fun
and pretty to watch. After that, there’s yet
another gorgeous level. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil you the entire game.
I just present a few levels and I let you discover. No kidding!! I won’t talk
about all 60 levels! Just a final point,
on the beach once again. The level starts normally, then we notice
it takes place in various planes! We did already see this design earlier,
but not as marked as here. First a forest with its foreground,
afterward the beach and we land on a boat! It’s the level you
see on your screen. We enter the holds of the boat,
then we get on the deck… Just after we join a new boat
in the background. Cannons are
shooting at us! What an experience!
And it’s a nice tribute to DKC 1 and 2! The levels on ships with their ladders.
How good to have them back!! This feeling of navigating…
Then we’re thrown in another boat. And finally, when we’re on this boat,
it sinks and we jump at the End-level barrel. When I reached the end of the level I thought
“Wait wait wait… BEST GAME EVER?” “Is it the best platformer ever created?!?”
That’s what I thought at the end of this level. Unfortunately, thereafter it turns back to classic again
No more octopus, no more sperm whale. It’s not that bad, but it’s back to
classic, traditional levels. It still has a high quality level.
The level design is just less inspired. It’s something I’ve disliked.
I first thought “This is sensational!” But it’s only a very good game.
Not a sensational game. That’s one of the two reasons
why I over-enjoyed DKCR. In addition to some gorgeous levels,
there’s its contents and its difficulty. The game is not hard, it has a
properly calibrated difficulty! The perfect calibration!
That’s just what I needed. The difficulty is superbly calibrated.
It has a progressive difficulty. Also, there’s a nice replay value
to collect the puzzle pieces. I think it’s a good challenge
to find and collect them. It’s the same to collect the KONG letters.
Even though they can be found easily. From World 3, I began to finish
every level with its 4 letters. Every time I were collecting them.
And if not, I started over. The KONG letters are easy to catch
because we directly see them in the level. Let me tell you: First challenge,
finish the game. It should not take more than
8 hours to beat the final boss. Second challenge, collect all KONG letters.
Not a hard task, they are easy to catch. Third challenge, collect all puzzle pieces!
It’s much harder. To collect all of them, it’s tricky.
We can buy Squawks to Cranky to help us. Let me explain… It costs 15 banana coins
and I used it a lot. You activate it on the map and then
Squawks appears in the level. And the nearer we get
to a puzzle piece, the louder he’ll scream. We don’t know where to go,
nor what to do… But we know it’s near. Squawks comes useful. It’s one of the few
animals to return, I’ll come back to this point. It won’t be used to fly
or to light up the level like in DKC. It stays on its branch.
We can’t interact with it. Thus to collect puzzle pieces,
it’s really useful. But once all puzzle pieces
collected, that’s not all… … there is still something to do:
Mirror mode and Time trial! The time trial, I’ll talk about it later,
is the biggest challenge! It’s for the hard core
Asian players. It’s hard as hell! It’s about speed-running to get a gold medal.
You must rush the level with DK… It’s a really
hard challenge. But first, let’s talk about the
mirror mode. It must be unlocked. While the time trial is
available once you finish a level. Time trial is easily unlockable. For the mirror mode, you must collect
all KONG letters from every level. When you collect all letters in a world,
you unlock its secret level. There are 8 worlds,
so we’ll unlock 8 levels. These are called “K levels”
and are the hardest levels of the game. Once these
levels completed… We unlock yet another level! World 9.
But this world only contains one level! And then I got
disillusioned! World 9 is…
I’ll show you the cutscene. A world? It’s rather a level.
They say it’s a world but it’s just one level! I think they had planned to make more levels
but Nintendo put pressure on them. What makes me say that? Well,
because of the artworks we gain as bonus. You’ll see it in the
artwork gallery of the “golden temple”. There are pictures of levels
designed like the “golden temple”, Levels with giant bananas, strawberries, etc.
But these are not included in the game. Things like a roller coaster in bananaland
or donuts but they never appear. I think they projected to make an
entire world with 7-8 levels. It would have been the hardest world,
as level 9-1 is one of the hardest. They may have been pushed; the game was presented
at E3 2010 and was released in December ’10! Nintendo may have accelerated
Retro Studio to finish the game in December. I think it’s the reason why
they didn’t do what they planned. It’s a shame because level 9-1 is really
the cherry on the banana cake! It’s pure platforming,
and the music is nice! I let you listen to the track.
Try to guess where it comes from. If you found,
BRAVO! If not, or if you have
an idea like I had… I wasn’t sure so I looked up.
It’s a remix from Donkey Kong Jr. It’s not from
the DKC trilogy! It’s the only remix from
another game than DKC. More than the half of the OST
are remixes from DKC1. The rest are original tracks AND
this one which is a DK Jr remix. If you guessed, bravo.
It wasn’t easy. Let’s go back to mirror mode
unlocked after world 9. What is it? In fact, this is where the fun is!
I enjoyed redoing all levels in mirror mode! By the way, I’ve reached
185% of the game. No, the game doesn’t end at
100%, nor 101% like usual. It’s not 100%
but 200%. I reached 185% and
Good Lord was it hard!! Fortunately I could count on Squawks
to help me find puzzle pieces! I don’t say it’s impossible. But sometimes you
must know the process to discover them. Like collecting all the
flying bananas in one place. Of course once you know the process,
you understand the tricks like the banana one. In first gameplay, you’re not
supposed to know it. That collecting all bananas
in one place will unlock a puzzle piece. Small processes like
this are hard to guess. Fortunately I had Squawks. Otherwise
I wouldn’t have reached 185%! Thus mirror mode, I cut myself off once
again. But it’s usual with Hooper!! It’s amazing! It’s an awesome challenge.
I’ll show you in the video. I’m reviewing in voice-over
for those who didn’t notice. Because I would receive mails like
“Hooper, why don’t you tell me about what I see?”. It’s voice-over!
It’s voice-over!! I greatly hesitated between
voice-over and live recording. But I have a lot to say. Imagine
if I had to explain all this live! It would have been a video where I babble,
when I rage for playing badly. Like in my review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
It would have looked like this! For me it was an average review. I failed
a bit, while I prepared myself for it!! But life
is life! Mirror mode, will I manage
to talk about it? Mirror mode… Well you name it,
it’s playing all levels like in a mirror! The levels will be from right to left
instead of left to right. It’s funny to notice our brain is used
to that classic platformers, shooters… …and other kind of games, they all
scroll from left to right. All like that. Here the scrolling is inverted and
you cannot use Diddy anymore! It’s DK alone and with one heart.
No hit allowed, it’s sudden death! 2 changes: from right to left
AND we must avoid everything. You know what? It’s excellent!
It’s the mode I enjoyed the most. There I noticed the game
is properly calibrated! For a lot of reasons.
Let’s take something I was amazed of. The fact that you can collect
all KONG letters OR/AND all puzzle pieces… …either with DK and Diddy or just DK.
It means you can finish the game with DK alone! THIS is a tour de force
from the developers. Let me explain. First of all,
Diddy is not playable except in coop’. Because you can play in multiplayer.
One will control DK, the other one Diddy. I won’t tell you about this
as I never tried it. I let you find out the information online.
But in one-player, you can’t control Diddy. We’ll only control DK. When we throw a barrel,
Diddy rides DK’s back, that’s all. Like this, we can use the jet-pack. Not for a
long time, 2-3 secs, but it comes very handy! We could think some puzzle pieces
can’t be reached without jet-pack. But NO. I did 95% of the levels
in Mirror mode and I realized Diddy wasn’t required! That’s where we have
the most fun! I guarantee! I really enjoyed the Mirror mode
replaying in reverse without Diddy. It’s awesome! In this mode, we have
to master the “big jump”. In this mode, we must master
the roll-jump and other moves. When we manage to master
all this, it’s amazing. And when I saw that the
developers made it possible to… …raise all collectibles with DK only.
Frankly, I say round of applause!!! It merits fucking applauding!
I fell on my ass! On my first play, I thought we couldn’t raise
some puzzle pieces or letters without Diddy! I was wrong! There you can
see the mastery of Retro Studio. These elements make you think
“Oh my God, this game…” THE PERFECT!
It’s the perfect! You’ll understand what I mean
after seeing Mirror mode. It was difficult
to do better. Now, let’s
move on. The Time trial.
It’s very hard! To be fair, I was only
awarded 2 gold medals. I could do better, but it
requires so much training! Of course we can also get silver
or bronze with slower times. But to get a gold
medal… Olala! One of the levels I got a gold medal in
is the sunset level you saw in my Direct Live. Obviously it’s a flat level. If I manage
to re-record this, I’ll show you. When I got the gold medal,
I wasn’t recording but I’ll try. As you see, you must roll-and-jump
and then keep rolling without getting hit. Not get hit once and
do that… in… every level! And with DK only, you
roll-and-jump again and again. And you must do do this in the
whole level to get the gold medal. The guy who manages
to get ALL gold medals! It’s possible, I’m not saying it’s
unfeasible! But THIS guy is a SPR. This guy is hard core because
collecting letters it’s doable. The puzzle pieces,
hard but feasible. Completing K levels… feasible.
with good training. Idem for level 9-1
BUT time trial!! With the Time trial we
pass to a superior level. The gold medals… But wait there’s more!
There are the shiny gold medals! These are achievable if you do the perfect run.
It means it’s impossible to do better! The shiny gold medals, I think
only 3 players on Earth got them! Can the game developers
even reach this? Bottom line, you’ve noticed
there’s a ton to keep you busy. How many hours did I pass
on the game? I can’t tell. But to reach this 185%… Let’s
say 30 hour at least! It took me at least 30 hours! Once again it’s not a
waste of time, it’s fun. We have good time.
It’s all I need. I think I’ve mentioned everything
that made me over-enjoy DKCR. Now let’s talk about the flaws.
First there’s no aquatic levels! You know, there’s a loss of identity
from the original trilogy. I really felt that. Well it’s not a big
loss, we still feel like in a DKC! The identity loss begins with the baddies.
Exit the Kremlings. Like I feared in my Direct Live,
Kremlings are gone, no King K Rool. They replaced them with strange
voodoo masks. Well that’s their right… I don’t know why they did that.
Not for copyright infringement. Perhaps they wanted to
create a brand new bestiary. Exit the bees, exit the snakes…
Exit the crocodiles clapping their jaw. Remember them? In the caverns?
Exit the rats, exit the raccoons. The whole bestiary was changed.
For me it’s a weakness. Because the game loses its identity.
But it doesn’t make a bad game. It’s like in the Mario Lands you
don’t have… Wait… No! In Mario Land, you also
have Goombas and Koopas. There are unique baddies and levels
but yet Mario Lands are nice. DKCR is not a bad game, but the loss of Kremlings…
I have trouble with their decision. At least they created a
nice new bestiary. You must know every world has
its own type of baddies. Crabs in the beach world.
Skeletons in the cliff world… Every type of baddies is in
appropriateness. Wow, that’s good talking! It’s in appropriateness,
is it not, Sir? Every type of baddies is
appropriate with its world. I mean at first we fear the loss of Kremlings
but finally it’s not that bad. I got to admit, I was hoping King
K Rool returning as final boss. I’ve hoped until the end but NO.
The final boss is quite average. Its music theme is lame.
K Rool’s one was much epic! It was one of the best tracks of DKC!
King K Rool’s theme in DKC1! It was amazing! Why didn’t they add it?
They were stupid with this! They should have remixed it!
How stupid! I can’t explain. The identity loss also comes
from the map. It’s average as you see! It’s a New Super Mario-like design!
It comes without spirit. Of course, the maps from
DKC1 and 2 weren’t that good. But they are nearly better than this one
which looks like made just for having one. We all remember
the world map of DKC3! It had good music, it was big,
there were hidden paths. There were hidden caves or
swap shops with the bears. DKC3’s map design was OMG!
Here it is the bare minimum. Another element of identity loss
is Diddy not playable (except in coop’). In a sense, he just
became a simian-jetpack. Again it’s not bad but…
some choices are questionable! Another weakness is the animals.
The only animal present is the rhino. Rambi is there
in a few levels. It’s useful, it smashes the road.
We’re invincible unless we fall. We get no hit, walk over spikes
and use the charge. Rambi is very fun to use
but it’s the only animal. Exit Expresso the ostrich and
the frog with the unpronounceable name, Of course exit Enguarde the swordfish
as there’s no more aquatic level. They are an important part of the series!
It’s not a simple type of level! Aquatic levels are
important, excuse me! It’s a gentle yellow card Retro Studio!
Gentle yellow card! Back then, aquatic levels
were recurrent and had awesome music! It makes Hooper’s teeth to grind
because it’s a big flaw, honestly. Afterwards, let’s talk
about the bonus stages. They aren’t bad but they
always echo and never evolve. We count 4-5 of them and
only one goal: collect all bananas. The process is easy to learn…
There’s no progression! From first level until last,
all bonus stages are the same! They aren’t bad,
but they repeat so much. There’s something wrong
with bonus stages. The difficulty should have risen.
But they remain the same. It’s an odd choice. It’s not dramatic
but I wanted to mention it. It’s just strange. They could
remake DKC’s bonus stages. Like this one where we had
to pick the balloon with the icon. They could have remade
bonus stages but no. I’m not fan. They aren’t so bad
but there’s room for improvement. CRANKY!
Let’s go to Cranky’s. He’s the only remaining.
Exit Funky, exit Candy. Of course I’m just
referring DKC1. Other Kong members exist
but as it’s a remake… Can we call it remake? It’s… I don’t know, it’s
Donkey Kong Country Returns! Thus Cranky. He has
disappointed me a bit. He no longer shares infos.
No more jokes and he repeats himself. I was disappointed by Cranky.
He disappointed me. He just became seller. He sells
lives for banana coins. As you see I’ve got 999 coins.
Perhaps we get too much of them. He also sells the keys that…
Well it’s a lame concept… You saw it in my Direct Live,
this key unlocks one level per world. I don’t see the use of buying keys.
For 20 coins each, it’s like given! What are they
used for? And he also sells 3 other items
we can equip before entering a level. The “Heart boost”
that adds a third heart. The parrot, I’ve already told you.
Do you remember? I hope! And the banana juice, it gives us
invincibility. I used it once… Watch out!
I may spoil you. During my “Vidéo Défi” I made a few days ago.
Yes, I made a “défi” about this game. I don’t reveal which levels
but there’s a “Video Defi”. I don’t say much but in this
video that I used banana juice. For me it’s useless. It’s like
the star in New Mario Bros. I don’t get it. For me it serves no purpose.
I’ll show you a clip. I was surprised during my “Vidéo Défi”
when I saw DK change form. It’s Dragon Ball DK! He’s golden
thus it’s Supa Saiyajin 3 DK! I think it’s a funny nod.
A golden monkey… What else can it be? It’s funny… But I don’t
get its purpose. The heart boost is really useful.
You’ll see in the “Video Défi” I won’t say much! Here’s about Cranky, not great.
They could have done better with the Kong crew. Many players may have
liked a much detailed map. With Funky who, bringing us…
by bringing us. WHAT? I can’t say it!
Funky… Funky who bringing us…
It means nothing! Funky who bringing us…
Wait I can’t finish my sentence. I want to say Funky who bringing…
WOW, tremendous! Funky… bringy…
No! Bringy doesn’t mean a thing! I want to say Funky could have
been bringing us to the desired place. Why can’t I end this sentence?
Funky… bringing… Wait, what’s happening
is unbelievable. Funky who be bringing us…
Wait I look like an autistic! Funky bringing
us there… Funky who bringing us there ?
Yes! Funky bringing us to there. Damn! Is it English?
Funky bringing us? Who bringing us…
You who bringing us… Brin… DAMN!
TREMENDOUS! Funky who would be… THERE YOU GO! Who would be bringing us! I forgot the “Would”!
Funky who would be bringing us. Why didn’t I put “would”?
Funky who would bringing… NO! Oh I’M SICK!
Something like this! Tremendous! Now the flaws… Did I mention
everything on my post-it? Yes, I think
I’ve said it all. For the flaws, you got it.
It’s not perfect. I wouldn’t I have turned up
my nose at extra levels. World 9 has just one level.
What a shame. The game is long enough.
But it goes by so fast! We have so much fun!
I wish we could have an ice level. Or an aquatic level.
Damn! There’s a lack! It was so close to the perfect.
Close to the top! It’s ‘only’ an excellent game.
It could have been better. Now for
the OST. 50%, nearly 75% of the tracks
are remixes from DKC1. It’s great! You know how much I respect
the composers of the first trilogy. After all I made a TOP 20
best DKC trilogy songs. I’ve put a link in the video description.
You’ll see how much I love this OST. I’m really glad of this.
It speaks with nostalgia. It’s the easy way
but they got me there! They got me.
I was charmed by some tracks. I got to admit… I can’t
hardly say bad about it. I can’t say bad
because it’s nostalgia speaking. I loved it, I loved it…
And I loved it. The tracks I disliked
were non-remixes. I must admit, the new
tracks are not awing. They won’t be
remembered. The new tracks, we hear them once…
We won’t later! For these tracks,
they failed a bit. Trust me, they won’t be
noted in records. For the remixes, there are
good and less good,obviously. Some are as good, others equal
and others are less good. But globally, it’s good quality!
The remixes are good! I really enjoyed
hearing them. It brought my
memories back. I over-enjoyed listening these remixes!
Some remixes are stunning. Here’s my opinion about the OST.
I won’t go into details… …I won’t drag it on.
But I really loved it! And that’s why they MUST make
a sequel with DCK2 remixes! DKC2’s OST is far superior to
DKC1’s one, which was amazing. There must be a sequel. Please
Nintendo, let Retro Studio make a sequel! Please, please…
Please be kind! NOW about the bosses. All bosses were fully
rethought compared to the original. Exit silly bosses
killed in 3 hits. I showed you one in my Direct Live.
Here’s another one. They’re funny and challenging.
You must find a way to beat them. Well… They won’t be noted
in records, like the tracks. They won’t be memorable,
but they are still better than DKC1. Neat, that’s the word…
Bosses are neat. Neither too hard, nor too easy.
We die a bit before beating them. I loved it. We can see cutscenes
with DK and Diddy. And with the poor animal
being cursed by the masks. It’s funny…
It’s friendly. One good point of these cutscenes;
thankfully DK and Diddy don’t talk! Wait, they could have done the
same error as Sega with Sonic! Everything was possible.
Let me remind you of something… In France -only in France I think-
we had an animated TV series. It was around DK, Diddy,
Funky, Cranky and so on. How lame!
OMG how lame! I don’t remember watching one full
episode. I don’t know on which channel. WHAT A SHITSACK! Everything! The animation, the…
Everything was mediocre! I don’t know when
it was broadcasted. Surely the same years as
the DKC trilogy. In ’96 or ’97. In those years they
released this CGI series. Holy cow! What a disaster!
What a disaster. All that to say, thankfully
the characters don’t talk. Giving a voice to these classic
characters would have been a big error. And I maintain: Sega, by voicing Sonic,
made its biggest error. I know opinions
diverge about it. But it’s one of the reasons
I disliked Sonic’s Adventure. When I saw him talk I thought
‘Wait something is wrong’. Something was wrong. Sonic in a city,
talking with people? For me, it wasn’t anymore the
Sonic I knew. HERE! Even if I told you DKCR
had an identity loss… …partly due to the absence of Kremlings.
But still, it remains a fucking old school game! It’s excellent…
It’s… Come on, I say it. It’s a
Donkey Kong Country! Of course, it’s different
from the originals. It’s true, the ambiance is different
something is missing… BUT it’s a Donkey Kong Country
new generation! We have great fun! Perfect handling
and motivating challenge. I repeat, it’s one of the best
platformers I have played for 10 years. And it’s one of my best games
of 2010. I say it loud and clear. Retro Studio had more chances to fail
than to succeed like they did. Don’t forget it’s a heavy legacy.
It’s Donkey Kong Country; it’s Rareware! For me that’s a great surprise!
It could have been a simple platformer. Especially when you see recent games,
Sonic 4, GoldenEye… It poses questions. And we have games like this!
Let’s applause. I won’t forget the primal
trilogy, let’s not exaggerate. But it’s still
outstanding. I really hope there will be
a new trilogy. Why not dream? A new trilogy
is now possible. It would be
something to die for! Well let’s leave on this.
I say goodbye and until next time.


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