Rhino® SmartPak Collection Stable Blanket Review

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EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily
from Marketing, and today I’m reviewing the
Rhino SmartPak Collection
Stable Blanket. I own a couple items from
the Rhino SmartPak Collection, and I’m always impressed
with the quality. This stable blanket
is no exception. This blanket has a nice
durable exterior that is still soft
and breathable and the interior is a nice
microfiber lining which is soft against my
horse’s coat and doesn’t create a lot of static, as well. I love that this blanket
has double-front closures and cross-belly surcingles
that in addition to the awesome Horseware fit keeps
this from shifting and it stays in place. This blanket comes in a medium
and a heavy fill. I find that most of the time
I go for the medium fill. My barn is pretty warm at night. It’s nice because it keeps
JZ warm but also is pretty lightweight so it’s not a super
heavy blanket sitting on top of him all night long. I find that shavings
brush off of this blanket really easily which is great.
And the pattern, besides looking awesome, helps hide manure
and dirt stains. I always feel confident
when buying Horseware products and I love
that SmartPak and Rhino teamed up to create this collection. I always feel like they have
just amazing fit and longevity. With this special collection, you can only find these colors
at SmartPak. This blanket is perfect
for anyone looking for a really cozy blanket
for their horse inside. Also a great layering
piece to have in your horse’s winter wardrobe.
For care and maintenance, I machine wash this on cold
and hang to dry. My horse, JZ, is a 15.3 hh Appendix
Quarter Horse. He’s pretty wide through
the shoulders. I find that he wears
between a 75 and a 78 depending on the cut
of a blanket. For this stable blanket
I went with a 78 to allow some room for layering
if I need. And I find it fits him great. But if you get this blanket
and it doesn’t fit, no worries. You can exchange it for free
with SmartPak’s free return shipping. I’m Emily, and the Rhino SmartPak
Collection Stable Blanket will keep your horse warm and cozy
even on the coldest of nights.


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