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Welcome to Equestrian Adventuresses – the show for women who love horses, travel and adventure. In today’s show, I travel to Greenland to meet Naasu and her husband Piitaq who are the only locals in Greenland to create a horse riding tour. I see icebergs for the first time, learn about their culture and ride horses in the stunning landscape. I’m Krystal Kelly and I’m on a quest to see every country in the world. My favorite way to travel is on horseback because it gives you a unique perspective. On my journey, I’ll be sharing fellow equestrian adventuresses inspiring stories that I meet along the way. So, join us on this quest! Christian and I head off to Greenland to meet with Naasu, an empowering adventuress, who along with her husband Piitaq has become one of the only locals in Greenland to create a horse riding tour. We fly on a small plane from Iceland to Narsarsuaq, a small town in the south of Greenland. Narsarsuaq used to be a US Air Base during World War II as a stopping place for planes heading to Europe, where they could refuel. The airbase closed in the late 1950s and today is used as one of only two international airports in the whole country. The second one is in the capital city of Nuuk. With a population of less than 200 people it doesn’t take Christian and I long to explore the town’s highlights. This is one of the top 30 glaciers I’ve ever seen in my life. On our way. We head back to the airport to catch a lift to the nearby town of Qaqortoq to explore a little bit before heading out to meet the horses. It’s Christian and my’s first time in a helicopter and even though were stuffed inside with the daily mail, we loved every minute of the 30-minute ride. There are only a total of 150 km of roads in the entire country and only sixty kilometers of these are actually paved. The only way to travel in Greenland is either by helicopter, plane or by boat. We land in Qaqortoq and discover that there is an actual paved road. Everyone seems to travel by car in Qaqortoq. Even though there’s only six and a half kilometers of road in the whole area. This has got to be the cutest place I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Our Airbnb host gives us a tour of his hometown in his car. Qaqortoq is the largest city in southern Greenland with a population of over 3,000 people. The world’s longest word is Greenlandic and it’s 153 letters long. The next morning we catch the long boat ride back to Narsarsuaq to meet with the other ladies attending this horse riding adventure with us. We meet Piitaq and jump in his boat and take the 10-minute journey across the fjord to the farm Inneruulalik. My name is Piitaq and I am 29 years old. I’m a sheep farmer here in Greenland. Me and Naasu, we moved to Inneruulalik, the farm, in 2012. And we’ve been doing sheep farming for seven years now. We meet Naasu for the first time as she helps us off the boat. That’s teamwork! Down the field along the grass. And you can just walk over there. We will be staying on Piitaq and Naasu’s farm Inneruulalik for the next week during your horse riding adventure. We are all very excited to settle in for the day and after selecting our rooms, we happily explore the farm. My name is Naasu Lund and I am 29 years old. I live in South Greenland in our farm in Inneruulalik with my husband Piitaq and our two children. I grew up in Narsarsuaq at the airport place that everyone comes from. So, I decided to go to school in Denmark and that was where Piitaq also was. So and yeah, there we met. Even though he grew up here and I grew up in Narsarsuaq. It’s like 10 minutes away. I’ve never seen him before I think. Yeah, so I didn’t get very far away. This farm, Inneruulalik, is the farm that Piitaq’s grandfather started. In 1946 he built a house and then he built a stable and then they had eight children. We are the third generation here, now. No one else – his grandfather or his father – has had any horses. It’s Piitaq’s [idea]. Christian and I enjoy a brief moment of the romantic views. He decided it was more fun to try his hand at fishing. Denise and Christian spend the rest of the day catching our dinner. And Naasu cooks us the freshly caught fish soup. I think it was in 2015. Piitaq just had an idea that he wanted to do some horseback riding for guests. Just like they do in Iceland. We had our first tour in 2016. And now this is our fourth summer. I am excited to saddle up and start our first riding day getting to know the farm and the horses. Naasu starts assigning everyone their horses. All the horses are Icelandic horses. I am matched with a fiery little horse named Piccolo who thinks he’s the Seabiscuit of Greenland. This is Blacky, he’s slow. You have to really like, “Come on!” And then, ok, he can go a little … Piitaq carries this and I have this It’s radio. So we are connected. It’s just in case. And he also has a cell phone and I have a cell phone if there’s connection. We don’t really have a vet here in southern Greenland. We have one but I think it’s difficult to have them come down. We do a lot of things ourselves. All the farmers here, they put shoes on the horses in themselves. So, Piitaq does that, too. I noticed, some have a noise, you know, many say “Shhhh” to calm down. But we have the opposite. “Shhhh” means go! Go! And we use that when we gather sheep. So, when we want to make the sheep run we say “shhhh!” The horses are used to that noise. Joining me on this adventure is Yulia from the Ukraine, Sylvia and Edda from Germany and also Denise from Denmark. Hi, my name is Yulia Frolova and I’m Russian but I live in Bahrain right now. I have the goal to travel to as many countries as possible and ride horses in all of them. Greenland is my 46th country. Naasu and Piitaq’s farm is absolutely stunning. And we enjoy our ride with the many spectacular views. We even see an old Viking ruin and meet Naasu’s mares. Our horses are sure-footed and very comfortable to ride. I think the first day will stay in my in my heart, because we literally went and took a picture with each and every stone. The first day, you just, you just cannot believe your eyes. We head back to the farm and the horses enjoy a good scratch. Edda and Silvia also decided to go for a swim. My name is Sylvia and I’m from Leipzig in Germany. I’m surprised by the weather here. I wouldn’t have thought it’s that warm. I absolutely wanted to swim around an iceberg or at least close to it. And I did it. And I found the water to be warm. No problem! I always had dreams that I would travel to faraway places. I always even when I was really small, I was so curious about the world. Well, why would you want to go there? I’ve always been fascinated with places that are more off-the-beaten-track. A little bit less explored. I think if you haven’t traveled a lot, then it is hard for you to imagine and even with all the technology we have nowadays. We have internet. We have books. We have movies. We have HD. I don’t know what – Virtual Reality. Being in a place like this. It will never look on a TV screen the way that I can see it now. I mean, I really feel like I could totally live here. In 2012 we moved here, me and Piitaq. That was in March. And then we got married in June. Very fast. And then shortly after I got pregnant and then we had a daughter. And then we had a son. I think it was right before I got pregnant that we had our first horse, actually. I don’t ride horses because I’ve been pregnant or taking care of kids. All the time. It was like very fast that I fell in love with horses. So, I think that’s more of my role here with the horses: I try to make sure they have enough love. Piitaq is the one who rides. So, I know when my children are big enough I will get to ride Today’s plan is to stay the night at another farm and explore some of the sites along the way. My name is Denise. I’m from Denmark, but I’ve been living in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, since November last year. I’ve been riding horses on most of my travels around the world and I just thought it would be a great way to experience South Greenland. It’s just a very calm, relaxing group. We have good fun. Everyone’s very experienced more experienced than me, but very helpful very friendly. I’m riding Blacky, which just fits me great. What I like about horse riding is that it’s it’s a different experience than if you were hiking. You know walking and riding it’s so different. As soon as they start cantering. It just it, gives you this rush. Where you just fly over green grass or meadow, or in the mountains. We stopped in the village for a quick lunch and so Yulia can finally get some internet for the first time. You need to be prepared when you go to Greenland You can buy five or thirty minutes. So come on, huh? Yeah, it was the time when I was typing the fastest I ever, ever typed. The locals aren’t used to seeing people traveling by horse. We then ride through the village. We visit an old Viking house and church and receive a small tour from the local guide. I stand watch over the horses while the others peek inside. Friends and family of the chief, they slept closest to him. We eventually arrived to the farm where we will be staying the night for the next two nights. Naasu is there waiting for us. I think I’ve been lucky to have Naasu with me, because it’s been very good. Without her, I don’t think you can make it. Naasu prepares us a big dinner before heading back home to the farm. We will see her the next day. On a farm, I think the woman is home, taking care of the children, cooking. I like to be outside. I like to fix the fences. I like to go to the Sheep I just bring my children outside. Yeah, but I still do all the cooking. It’s … It’s kind of both. I’m still a lot home, but I try to be a lot outside. Trouble occurs, when we learned that several of our horses have jumped their pens and are nowhere in sight. Three of the horses which belong to the farmer on the other side of the hill jumped the fence and escaped. So we are going to catch them. Christian, Piitaq and I saddle up the three horses which didn’t escape and head out into the fading light to round up the loose horses. You stay there! Luckily for us, they didn’t get too far. And I am reunited again with Piccolo. We reach our destination overlooking the glaciers and ice cap. The horse I’m riding is wonderful. It’s lovely and well-behaved. I can ride him with long reins. He’s a lot of fun. We each enjoy our picnic lunch and enjoy the views in silence. Even the horses seem to like the view. 80% of Greenland is an ice cap. It is the second largest body of ice in the world. If all of the ice were to melt it would lead to a global sea rise of seven meters or 24 feet. So it’s like 10 o’clock at night and still daylight out. The one thing I can say about Greenland is that it’s just absolutely stunning. Like you can’t take a bad picture here. It’s a very much a dream come true. And this is why I don’t go hiking! My name is Edda I live close to Halle/Saale in Germany. To go on a vacation on your own isn’t easy. In my opinion, with trail riding tours all over the world you can just head out on your own and meet like minded people. It’s never a problem. We arrived back at the farm. But this is colored. Yeah, it’s embarrassing. Naasu has a surprise for us and we enjoy putting on a traditional fashion show. The traditional Greenlandic outfits are made of seal and sometimes even polar bear. At some point I think Piitaq was a bit surprised that it was all ladies coming. That’s right. He did wonder one time like: “Why doesn’t men ride?” Yeah, when I saw the ladies, of course, I was like Like what am I doing here? I should be out there! Then I started thinking Piitaq and I should just switch. Yeah, so I’m yeah, I’m still waiting a little for the children and then it will be my turn, I think. So have you ever ridden? I have like a little but on my own. We have that grey horse here. She’s very … She’s different. She’s different. It all started with her. So I – one day I just … She was eating grass and I just went over to her and I think I had to find a rock. And then I got on the rock and then on the horse with no equipment or anything on. I hope Naasu will take over. I will teach her to ride. Night falls and our adventure in Greenland has come to an end. We say goodbye to the beautiful family and Inneruulalik farm. I can’t help but wonder what adventures are still yet to come. Next time: I travel to Brazil to ride in a 750 kilometer endurance horse race on criollos. I get used to the gaucho saddle, avoid the leeches and tackle the freezing cold winter weather.


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