Ripping Off Your Tongue Trick | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

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– Hello and welcome
to Junk Drawer Magic! – Where we create
magic tricks with stuff in your junk drawer. – Like me, touching my
nose with my tongue. – Akira, that’s not
magic! Anyone can do that. See? – Wow, I see what you mean! You’re very talented. You can do it
without using magic. – Why, thank you! – Let me try. Alright, hold on a second. (Suspenseful music) (Ripping sound) – Ugh! – What!? Akira! – See? My tongue
touched my nose! – What?! – Oh, Walker, Walker,
don’t freak out, it’s just a trick. Abracadabra. There. My tongue is fine! – Neat trick. (Thuds loudly) – We’ll show you how
to do this trick next. (Playful music) – Ready to pull off
your own tongue? – How about I use this other
tongue instead of my own? – Where did you get
a random tongue? – I don’t want to say. – Okay. Let’s go
to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need: Two small strawberry
Laffy Taffys, Strawberry syrup, A rolling pin, And a cutting board. Start by unpeeling
your Laffy Taffys. (Playful music) Wiggle and stretch each
of them out like this. Next, place one Laffy
Taffy on top of the other. Then pinch the edges
and start kneading them into a giant Laffy
Taffy, like this. Use your rolling pin
to stretch it out. Now, fold it in half
and pinch the edges together, like this. Stick your finger
in the middle of the Laffy Taffy and mold
it into a tongue. Now take your strawberry syrup and pour some
inside the opening. Finally, seal the
opening like this. You now have a fake
tongue filled with blood. That’s all the prep,
now for the trick. Stick out your tongue, and while concealing
your fake tongue with your fingers, move it into the place
of your real tongue. Bite down on your fake tongue where the blood is and it will come gushing out. Next, pull your fake tongue so that it looks like
you’re really stretching it out of your mouth. This will just add another
factor of grossness for your audience. Keep the part of Laffy
Taffy still in your mouth in the corner of your cheek. Like this. When you’re done
showing your audience that your nose is
touching your tongue, at this point, you can drop your fake tongue, say a magic word, and reveal that your real tongue is okay. And that’s the trick. Now let’s see that trick again. (Playful music) – Thanks for watching
Junk Drawer Magic! – Hey, Akira, since
you thought you were so cool touching your
tongue to your nose, beat this! I don’t have to touch
my tongue to my nose now that my nose is a tongue. – Yeah, but now your
nose is a tongue. Also, how can you breathe? – Hadn’t thought that far. I’m getting woozy!


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