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Hey Hazel, where are we at? Rock City! Rock City, that’s right. At Ruby Falls! Wait, we’re at Ruby Falls! Ya! Are you ready to go down in the elevator? Are we going to go underground? We’re going way underground. We’re going to go in the mountain? Yes. Under the mountain? That’s right. It’s so dark, I can’t even see you. On November 1st, 1928 the process of drilling the elevator shaft was started. Two months of drilling into solid lime stone rock. A small opening in a previously unknown chasm was discovered. The disappeared for seventeen hours in the chasm. On their return, Lambert excitedly told of a amazing geological formations and a great underground waterfall. A few days later Lambert went back with his wife Ruby and name it Ruby Falls. It’s very quiet. is it too quiet for you? No. Don’t stand straight up. You don’t want me to hit my head? Owe! Did you really hit your head? No, I was just kidding. Looks like we’re going to have to climb through there Harper. Want me to lift you up? This is where he first stood up! Right there. Look, you can touch it here. It’s like polished. Wow. So shiny. I bet you’d like to take some of this rock home! Ya! That’s called donkey. It looks like the backside of a donkey. Donkey butt! I think this is where he climbed through to discover this place. Look at this column. Is this a race? I won! You did win. You’re so fast. This is called the leaning tower column formation. This says angel’s wing drape formation. It’s got that natural cave pink and blue. It’s bacon! Up there. That says potato chip. There’s the potato chip right there. These two knuckleheads. It’s supposed to look like a sunset back there. Look the dragon’s foot. A leprechaun turned it green! He did? I see. Did that leprechaun get down here? He probably bought tickets. You think he bought tickets to come in? Yes. This is called the elephant’s foot. Eww! What do you mean eww? That’s an elephant’s foot. Where’s the rest of the elephant? Look, Niagara Falls flow stone formation. Do you know what Niagara Falls is? It’s a big waterfall. Those stalactites. They make like a giant waterfall. The crystal chandelier. It’s up there. What does that say? You were right, steak and potatoes. Do you want to feel the steak and potatoes? You want to be line leader? Cave butt crack! Cave butt crack? What does that say? This is called Leo’s passage. This is where he crawled I think. He crawled in there. He crawled in there? Yes. To find this place, and then they came back and used dynamite to make this area we are walking in. Would you crawl through that? No! Ya, me neither.


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