Russian football hooligans fight – Ekskursovody (Spartak) vs Horse Band and Bloody Murders (CSKA)

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Respect is? stand we stand stand Whoa, guys, line up looking and the one who looks, there are The rest just stand there Come You have to shoot? Yes Let’s. Guys, are you afraid of? Where to go? There stand Stop! There stand Come on, guys! Come after me The guys there! Let’s go there, your fucked. You go on a dick Where did you go? Where are you on the dick? Come here I believe in you. Let’s Jam Come on, guys, fuck All in service Fuck on the dick All applauded Dance with these girls, boys Kill meat Go ahead Helps let him Davie Boys, we press Kill the fucking give Go ahead Kohl, work Kohl, work Help help! Come on, come on! Help Help Fuck Fuck help him Help jump jump Help As he fucked here Kill them fucking fuck Go ahead Actively jump Go ahead Depart Depart Kill Men killed Let’s fuck shit Go ahead Stand up! Arise All Horse Band Horse Band Horse Band Horse Band Boys Entourage


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