S3 Edit – How I edit a horse’s face

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First of all you need to find a good picture with a horse in the same position as yours. Put the photo next to you or your program, so you can use it to know what you should edit Now use the brush with a small size and start drawing Always look at your edit from a distance, too. It is possible, your edit looks great from nearby, but horribly unrealistic from a distance. Try to get the shapes right. Right now I am editing the lower lip And now I take a good look at the nostrils Try to get more depth by creating shadow or light You can see how I edit lighter parts of the nose here And the lip Now I use more than just one photo to orientate With more than just one picture you can tell better where to edit and how to do it Detailing the face is quite difficult, but always start with the mouth. It’s the easiest part to begin detailing. Get the shape of the face as good as possible And don’t forget about shadow and light (details are hard^^) So the mouth and nose area is finished. Let’s go on with the rest of the face Use a great reference picture and visualize where it’s light and where it’s dark Start drawing the lighter parts Be careful and don’t exaggerate If you struggle with the eye, take a look at my horse eye editing video Use a tiny brush Sometimes less is more, don’t exaggerate with the light reflection Don’t use too bright colors for the iris Now just go on with editing shadow and light Perhaps you need to correct some mistakes you’ve made by erasing Now get to the most detailed parts with a very small brush Correct your picture as much as you need to (Sorry for the sound) Now you’re done!


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