Schleich Horse Mobile Vet Van with Foal Playset

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Welcome to RaceToyTime Hi guys, RaceToyTime here! Today, I’m going to show you a Schleich Horse Club Surprise bag and this mobile vet playset. First, we’re gonna open up the surprise bag. In this series, you can collect twenty horses and ponies. This bag contains only two animals. So, let’s open this. let’s see what we have here. Oh, we have horse. It’s a mare I like the mane. It’s braided. And next… We have a foal. So, these are the animals, we got from the surprise bag. Now, let’s check out the mobile vet. This is the book of instructions. These are the stickers. And these are colorful band aids for the horses. Now, let’s start building the van. Here’s the van. This is very cute. Let”s open the roof and the side. So, I can show you the accessories. Here’s the desk. The x-ray machine. The laptop green apples Stethoscope a chair Here’s the medical kit case. medicine, stuff bandage Here’s the pad And here’s the vet. You can move here arms up and down. And lastly, here’s the Hanoverian foal. And also here’s the ramp Let’s put the horses we got from the surprise bag in here Then let’s put the Hanoverian foal in the stall. Oh, here comes the vet is going to examine the injured foal Well, I hope you guys enjoy that video and if you do, don’t forget to subscribe. And click those thumbnails to watch more fun videos here at RaceToyTime channel! Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned Bye! Bye!


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