Scott Woogen – Horse Jobs are Real Jobs

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I’m Scott Woogen, and I’m the President
of the Virginia Harness Horse Association. I’m also a gastroenterologist, practicing
in Richmond, Virginia. In the game of harness racing, I’m an amateur driver, an owner
and a breeder of harness horses. This is truly an amazing place at Woodstock, to race harness
horses. The community is 100% behind us and make us feel at home. People come to race
from all over the country. We have horses coming from Minnesota, from New York, from
Pennsylvania, from Maryland, from Delaware. The trainers, the people get together, the
drivers, everyone really enjoys racing with each other. It’s always a thrill to drive
a horse, and quite often I’ll ask myself, what the heck are you doing out here, in the
middle of a race when there are horses all around you and your horse is grabbing onto
the bit and may be difficult to control, but of course you cross the finish line and the
adrenaline is up and you say, okay, when is the next race!


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