(SFM Ponies) Naming Kids


I already have names picked out, I didn’t even know. First kid, boy, girl, I don’t care; the first one that comes out, I’m naming it “Hrrrrrrr”.


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  1. Lightning Point

    September 11, 2019 5:11 pm

    The best part about this video isn't even the video.
    It's scrolling through the comments, and seeing countless people trying to spell that name.

  2. Spinter

    September 11, 2019 11:11 pm

    I’d do that to if I were going to have kids… and if I could pronounce that! Imagine naming my kid something I can’t pronounce!

  3. Kriz Blessings

    December 1, 2019 5:27 pm

    well done on lights and movement, looks stunning, who did the voice over and are you looking for other voice acters?
    hope to see more like this, have a great day 🙂


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