Shiva – Full Episode 2 – Twister Thief


Shiva! Hey, Shiva! Come on! We have
to go for cycling. Why is everything shaking? It seems, grandpa has
started singing. Why is everything shaking
if grandpa is not singing? Look, what is over there? Oh no! Such a big twister! Run! Shiva, don’t come out! Run!
– Run! Run away from the twister! Run away from the twister! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Reva. Reva. Help! Help!
– Run! Run fast! Shiva! Reva. Reva. I am over here. Yay!
– Yay! Thank you, Shiva! Tornado is the other
name of destruction. Today I wrecked havoc in
Vedas city in such a way… …that tomorrow no one will dare
to come out of their houses… …when you will go in
the twister, David. But Tornado, how will we rob the
house if nobody leaves the house? David, use your mind. Nobody will be in the banks too… …if no one will
leave their house. So you can easily
rob all the banks. It’s the first time, such
a big twister has come. Perhaps, this is because
of the global warming. There is destruction
in the entire city. Watch tonight our special
program on the twister. Grandpa, where did such a
big twister come from? Shiva, don’t talk while eating. Come on, eat your food. Yes. We will watch it.
Now be quiet. Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Everyday someone is
robbing the banks… …taking advantage
of the twisters. What do you have
to say about that? A theft in my area!
A theft in my area! Inspector Laddu Singh
is famous for nothing. In the radius of 50 km when
someone commits a robbery… …the people tell him
to give up stealing… …otherwise Laddu
Singh will come. Sir, Vedas Bank is being robbed. Peda Ram, somebody is breaking
the safe of Vedas bank. Fire! Fire! Sir, the bank is being
robbed, not this place. Let’s go to the bank,
what are you doing here? Come on! Tornado, this money
is from Vedas bank. Tornado is the other
name of destruction. Nobody will suspect
that a twister… …can commit a robbery. Now only one bank is left.
Only I will rob it. After that we will
leave this city… …and wreck havoc
in another city. Nobody can beat you. You are the best. There is one person
who can beat me. You might think that I am joking. But only he has the
courage to face me. Who is it, Tornado? – Run!
– It has come again. Who is this?
– I don’t know. But whoever he is, he
is very courageous. The climate of Vedas
city isn’t like that… …to get twisters everyday. What are you trying to say? The twisters are coming everyday. And a bank is being
robbed everyday. There is some connection between
the bank robbery and the twisters. We must find out about that. But how will we find out? We can find out its secret… …if I will succeed to put
my camera inside a twister. It will shoot all the images
and will relay to us. You don’t worry, I am there. Yes! A twister is coming. Come on! I have to put
my camera inside it. Oh! He is the same boy who
was after my twister. What does he want? Let’s go and see how
courageous he is! Shiva, stop! There
is danger in it. Shiva, it is coming over here. Run! Or else we will
be trapped in it. Kids, run faster. Everyone, come inside
this drainage pipe. There won’t be any danger here. Now these kids will never
follow any twister. Yes! My camera went
in the twister. Now let’s see what’s inside it? Yes, I knew, this
tornado is artificial. Hello, Reporter Rana. Yeah, speaking. It’s Shiva speaking. Listen
to me very carefully. I am sending you a
link on your mobile. You are can telecast it directly. One twister is still
heading towards the city. I am following it. Hey, guys! I got a hot tip. It’s a fake twister and the
bank robber is hiding inside it. Don’t laugh, just watch it. Come on, guys! Let’s go! Oh! This is Tornado. Look, our boss is on TV. Wow! Tornado, when did
you appear on the TV? What are you saying? Tornado, you are on TV. You are looking very
handsome and dashing. You are talking to some
one in this scene. No! No! Someone is relaying
my live telecast. It must be that boy. Yes, that boy did that. He has put a camera
in the twister. Catch him. He was hiding under
the small bridge… …on the way to the city. Go and catch him.
Don’t let him go. Hello! Who is this? It’s Shiva speaking.
– Yes. Yes. Sir, the elders say… …always keep your pants on. Shiva, I will take
care of Rewa and Uri. You take care of them. That boy will take
care of us! Really! Uncle, don’t call me a
boy, I don’t like it. You should call me by my name. What is your name, boy? Allow me to introduce myself. I am Shiva. Your own Shiva. You beat me so much while
introducing himself as Shiva. What would he have done to me if
I had not called him by name? Tornado, come fast! Help! This boy is dangerous. I won’t spare that boy. I will finish him! What is this? The twister
has changed its path. Boy, today you won’t
be able to get away. Today you are finished. You ruined my entire plan. You don’t know, Tornado is the
other name of destruction. Oh! You came! Very good! Now you will know that… …Tornado is the other
name of destruction. Boy, now you must pay the price
for interfering in my work. What have you done? It has gone out of control. Yes! Oh!
– Shiva! Help! All of you hold your bicycles. No! No! No! Hold the bicycle. Ready.
– Steady. Shiva, tell our viewers… …how did you achieve this feat?
– Somebody ask me… …how did I catch these goons? I made them run… …and then I caught them. I am defeated. Tornado is the other
name of Tornado. But you destroyed me. Shiva you have done a
very courageous job. Today I will run your special
program the entire day. I will get you rewarded
from the government. And I will also get you
saluted by 21 cannons.


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    Shiva fishing the Urdu futures gyres the but drug the vs the track Yehuda the vs TT tiff BC gm find syuohyghtdtyu

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    Hi to everyone who helped to make sure that you are interested in the future of Ambika prasad SE prapt I R PANJIkRIT Kar


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    Jhakkaas video…..My brother's favorite episode n mine is Doraemon……🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    just boreing, ek episode cycle ki alava banana chahiye, because without cycle shiva is useless. Cartoon ka real hero to cycle hai, shiva nehi.😒


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