Shiva – Full Episode 35 – Toofan


Take. Take. Hey! We’ve only brought foodstuff. No one has brought water. It’s not at all tough
for me to bring water. But I haven’t brought my
arrows with me today. Once upon a time, a water
drought struck the village. Everyone came running to me and
requested me to bring water. I removed my arrow… …and fired it on earth. And the arrow entered so
deeply into the earth… …that the water
came rising upwards! And so much water came out that
the seven oceans were formed! We realised today how the
seven oceans were formed. Looks like some wild
horse is in trouble. You all wait here.
I’ll go and check. Shiva! Ghosts roam
around in the jungle! Please don’t go there! Even if you escape the
ghosts, you won’t… …be able to escape
the wild animals! Even if you escape
the wild animals… …you won’t be able
to escape the aliens! They too roam around in the jungle! Come on. Let’s go there. Hi! Don’t worry. I’ll remove you out. Thank you for doing
our job, little boy. We had dug this hole for catching
hold of this black horse. He’s a wild horse. So, let him stay in the wild. How will you’ll feel if someone
ties you up and carries you away? Sabu, see how the children of today’s
generation preach to people. All this is the
effect of television. Leave that horse or else… Just go away from here if you really
care for your life, little boy! Don’t address me as a
little boy, uncle. Shiva! My name is Shiva! This little boy will beat me up!
This little boy will beat me up! You naughty boy!
– Sabu, teach him a lesson! How dare you beat up Babu? Thank you, friend. Thanks again, friend. Let me remove this
rope from your neck. What happened, Shiva? A very beautiful black horse… …was trapped in a hunter’s trap. I fought with the hunters and
freed him. And he ran away. Where are those hunters? They are in the same hole in
which the black horse was there. As they say, those who
dig a hole for others… …they themselves fall
in the same hole one day. You could’ve at least waited for
us. I would’ve rode that horse. It’s a very tough task
to ride that horse. He’s a wild horse. I saved him. Even then, he
didn’t let me come near him. He really runs like a storm! We’ll name him Storm. We’ll address him as Storm
if we ever meet him again. Storm, take this. Would you
like to eat some green grass? Take it. Don’t be scared.
We’re friends. We’re friends. Storm, you naughty horse! Wait!
I’ll teach you a lesson! Storm, we’re friends
from today onwards. Look! Shiva is riding Storm. Hey Shiva! We too want to ride him! You just won’t listen, will you? Horse riding without
saddle is very dangerous. Be careful! Shiva had told us! Even then,
we didn’t listen to him! Mummy! Shiva, just like every year,
a horse race is about to… …take place in Vedas
city after two days. If Storm participates in that
race, he’s sure to win it. No. If we take him there… …then someone will surely
capture Storm and take him away. He’s just fine over here. Hey Johnny! Why do you return every year to
tarnish the name of Vedas city? Till date you haven’t
won any race. Sorry, Mr. Racewala. I can’t
participate in the race. Boxer has a high fever.
He won’t be able to run. I can’t arrange another horse
on such a short notice. Yes. He has a high fever. He can’t run in the race. Your Boxer got sick just
by hearing about the race. Take him to the hospital. And get yourself admitted
in the hospital as well. Grandpa, we have held… …a grand race in Vedas city. But unfortunately there won’t be
any participant from our city. What would he do if there was any? Eventually he would have
lost and dishonoured him. I wish, there would be racer who
could win the trophy for Vedas city. This is a very big problem. The race is in our city… …but nobody is participating… …from our city. Oh no! There will be a participant. This time I will
participate in the race… …with my horse, Toofan. Although I didn’t want
to bring him here. But our city’s
honour is at stake. We will meet tomorrow
at the race. Shiva, wait. Tell me,
where are you going? Toofan, come here. That kid didn’t come. Looks like, he get scared. Only 3 minutes left
to start the race. Nobody showed up
from Vedas City. We must start the race. Yay! Yay! Ladies and gentlemen! We are having this
race since 4 years. And Raftaar Singh from Venus
city is a 4 four time winner. I hope, somebody else
will win this time. This time little participant… …Shiva is participating in
the race. All the best, Shiva! Shiva, riders also fall
during the horse race. Be careful! I will climb again on the horse
if I fall. You don’t worry. Till date nobody
could climb again… …after falling from the horse. But all the best! I forgot to tell you one thing. You have to take three
rounds of this racecourse. Third round is the final round. Remember, three rounds
of this course. Okay, everyone! Ready! Get, set, go! Shiva! Come on! Run!
Shiva, very good! Shiva, be careful! Stop the race! Stop the race! It’s not a train that would stop. The race will stop
once it is finished. Very good! Very good! Shiva, very good! Somebody stop the horses. Kid, today I will teach you a lesson. You dared to stand against me! Shiva! Oh! Very good, Shiva!
– Very good! Yeah! Uncle, don’t call me a kid.
Shiva. My name is Shiva. Why can’t you surpass them? I am trying. Toofan can’t
run faster than this. Toofan is a wild horse. Perhaps
he is not used to the belt. He will run in his full speed
if you remove the belt. Yes, Reva. Good idea! Shiva! Run faster! Shiva, you can win! Yes, Toofan. Just a little far.
Run in your full speed. It’s a question of
Vedas city’s honour. Yay! Yay!


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