Sir Prancelot has a new game. Urban Safari. Horse feeding fun


what there’s the Apple here it is you
know you’re don’t want thar apple do you okay we’ll give you the answer it’s a
right in front of you sweetie it is it’s not working you’re trying to chewmy
bag I’ll bet your join us you in my bag there’s an apple right next to you and
we drop it on the ground see look right up here we have Apple you gonna get this
one okay you’re gonna get the apple there away oh you can smell it you can smell it oh no
we dropped it here he’s left a little bit here as well that was most adorable
we’re gonna play that game again we’ll put the Apple on the post and see how
long it takes you to work out it’s there I know you’ll got all fluffy mouth
no dude you got all frothy Mouse Oh sweetie okay you better make sure
there’s no more Apple you missed a tiny bit there Akito time see you didn’t like making me
as much as Polly does but you’re do like Nicky Ricky best feeling ever okay and Sir Prancelot although it’s
about to get enough it was lovely but no okay
so just so we all get this that’s the magic sign pet
it’s like I know you haven’t got food but I think I’m gonna come and check
anyway I think I’m going to come and check anyway
no it wasn’t food but that’s okay you


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