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The animal world is harsh and hostile. Only
the strong survive – that’s the main rule. Although sometimes animal behavior surprise
us quite a bit. What do you think will happen after a horse
meet six wild wolves? I don’t know about you guys but this thought kind of makes my
skin crawl. Such unique encounter was captured in Abruzzo
in Italy. Six ravenous wolves caught a horse by surprise and started staring at her.
Horses are much larger and heavier than wolves but a pack of wolves can easily throw down
and bite to death any horse. Although this particular horse didn’t seemed
to mind being watched by the savage creatures. The guy who was watching all this must have
thought that it was all over for the horse. When it lay down on the ground it seemed like
a perfect moment for the wolves to attack but strangely enough, the wolves didn’t
seemed to want to kill the horse. And the horse didn’t look frightenedatall. On the
contrary, it dropped on the ground and started playing in snow. And the wolves were just standing aside, watching.
And so then they decided to play all together! And then they just ran away. Nobody seems to know for sure what could possibly
the reason for such behavior. Some say that if this scenario played out
in Sweden, the wolves would act much differently. Horses are the same height with moose so the
wolves could easily tear it apart. Unlike in Italy, in Sweden, a moose will definitely
try to run away from wolves. So, why is that the Italian horse wasn’t
afraid of wolves? And why the wolves didn’t attack? Here is what animal behavior experts
has to say: – The video was shot in Italy. This means
that horses rarely meet wolves in the wilds and are not used to dying from such encounters.
On the other hand, Italian wolves are not used to hunting moos and other large animals
like their brothers in Sweden. Italian wolves usually feed on rabbits and other small mammals. According to experts, that’s exactly what
causes such behavior. Wolves just don’t seem to realize that they can bring down a
horse. Similarly, the horse doesn’t realize that she s a potential victim. Which is why
Italian horses are not afraid of wolves at all. And that’s all for now guys, thank you for
watching! Press the


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