hello and welcome,to another skyrim tutorial
in this video I’m going to show you how to get the unique horse frost which is frost
theres only two unique horses in skyrim which is shadowmere and the one I’m going to show
you to get,so for this your going to have to come to riften,more specifically you going
to have to come to the bee and barb which is the in at riften and we are looking for
a guy called lewis once your in the bee and barb he will be here we just going
to go through the dialog with him.what sort of message,sounds easy enough,so that is going
to start the quest promises to keep so were going to have to head over to the jail now
and go and find sibi for some reason every time i speak to this guy and come out he’s
out here with me don’t know weather its because we didn’t finish the dialog or something like
that,but overtime I’ve done it cos i have done this quest six times now because the
horse keeps diving silly vampires keep coming and killing the horse,anyway to riften jail
we go,so depending on your speech skill is weather your going to have to pay this guard
to get in there or you can just persuade him for me my speech skill is high enough to persuade
him,if you want a guide on how to up you speech i do have a full guide,nice and easy way to
do it,so persuade the guy or pay him depending on your levels,thats what i thought so he’s
going to lets us straight in and sibi will be in the final cell here so were going to
go through the dialog with sibbi,i was sent by lewis lutrust,you don’t own the horse you
already sold to letrust,so now you have a choice to make depending on your speech skill
you can either say it sounds expectable or you can say you know i bet maven would pay
me even more for this information,so doing this then he will give you a key to his secret
stash,so now were to head of to the lodge i will meet you back when we are there,so
we have made it to the lodge its obviously its not far its just behind err riften really,you
will have to fight you way through mercenaries you can try and do it quietly and not alert
them all but for some reason they keep seeing me so take out that mercenary and your see
the horse is actually here but we not going to seal it yet because were are going to get,were
are going to have fight with mercenary first,and then were going to get the papers and the
secret stash,so you can try and do this quietly or you can go through the whole hog of fighting
all the mercenaries i am going to try and do it quietly,so thats going to give us the
secret stash,now all we need is the paper,which are round here on the table,in this actual
lodge there is an unusual gem if you want to collect that i do have a full guide on
all 24 gems if your interested i will leave a link down in the description,so we didn’t
alert any of the mecenarys which is great,now quite simply we have to steal the horse,so
once you have the horse now you have a choice to make you can go the long way or you can
go the swing bean stupid way,so i am bona go the swing bean stupid way because its faster
and it doesn’t involve walking round ginormas mountains,so make sure you follow exactly
where i go if you going to do it the swing bean stupid way because other wise you will
fall of the cliff with the horse it will die and you will have to do the quest over and
over again,so i come to this little area here and then i give it a nice slow trot all the
way down so the horse doesn’t die,that is perfect now there will be some enemies in
this area,theres been enemies for the six time that I’ve done it there been all different
enemies and they keep killing the horse so I’m hoping that theres going to be no vampires
theres just going to be lewis letrust theres no enemies that is perfect,so were going to
complete the quest without being killed,so quite simply were going to go speak to him
now,so now you have a choice to make,you can ether say I’m going to maven unless you leave
the horse with me or you could just kill him I’m going to go with the persuading thing
because of my speech skill,so there you go thats going to complete the quest promises
to keep,and because are speech skill was so high we didn’t have to kill him,and then we
have the horse,so that is how we get frost as you can see its not stealing now he actually
are horse so we can run around to are heart is content,so if you enjoyed this video or
found it helpful smash the like button for me subscribe for more skyrim tutorials and
ill seen you in the next video and I’m out have a good day


34 Responses

  1. Johan

    January 2, 2018 1:09 am

    My frost died and idk how to get him back 🙁 I also had shadowmere before I got frost and i dont know how to get shadowmere now

  2. Lee Green4312

    February 15, 2018 10:36 pm

    I don't know why, but this video gives me a homely feel for some weird reason. I love the idea of waking up in your little secluded cottage and riding your beautiful white horse through fields with the sun shining on the horses hair! I know it seems a bit girly, or gay but I love imagining things like that!!!!

  3. Diamond Bunnies

    May 17, 2018 8:02 am

    I wish horses didn't fight enemies because I had frost but she died when she was helping me fight 😣😭😭

  4. Wesley Lee

    June 3, 2018 7:59 pm

    I downloaded a mod called horse armor and frost looks amazing. Unfortunately I downloaded the mod after he died any idea if there is a way to get him back other than starting over?

  5. Aquarius

    November 5, 2018 4:22 am

    Does the horse have any special abilities , otherwise I'm just gonna tell Maven and get paid. 😂Fucking useless white sperm horse.


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