SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong


Glitchy Boy theme English Subtitles By Blaze Master Enjoy! *SMG4 Production presents Mario VS Donkey Kong DUN! The Mushroom mall *Donkey Kong appears* *Gorilla noises* *beeping noises* *nothing is there* *Oh look, its Pauline and Peach* *Pauline laughing* Peach: Okay, uh Sweet. Pauline: Oh!, haha aha. Peach: Ohhh… no… (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) *2 Retards/Mario And Smg4 play Jurassic park for one whole week *Smg4 And Mario playing *Dancin’ Dino boss Mario Health 75% Smg4 30% Toad:uh excuse me but you’ve been playing that game for a week straight you have to leav- Merio: Shut up! MAMA F**KER! *gibbeish* Toad: *gibberish* Mario: Fak You…! Donkey Kong:Horaay Warning:Dong Level increasing *He saw dat ass *Hallelujah* Pingas/Dong level 100% Max Power *(Meme) DONG EXPANDED!!!! (Meme)* *Pauline gets kidnapped Meanwhile… Mario And Smg4: the guy who made the video and channel Mario: the retard Guy: Aw Jesus Christ! Aw F*ck Fat Italian/Mario: Nah, it’s probably nothing. (You sure?) Nope! *Peach drops herself* peach: Mario, Help me! Oh no! (Mario you done F**ked up Now! Peach: HELP
OR YOURE NOT GETTING DINNER TONIGHT Peach HELP OR YOURE NOT GETTING DINNER TONIGHT! Mario: Ah Piss *Mario mumbling* Smg4 Gaming montage WOOOAAAAHHHH!!! MLG 100% SWAG 120% Donkey Kong: Wahay! Hoo hoo! Mario: Hey, come back here you big monkey! *Donkey Kong is doing evil thing O SH!T! *Epic trash can dodge* *Mario screm and old man dodge* *Mario in shock and dodges bench* Mario: Oh my ass! (the F**K Maorio: I am invincible!!! *Mario gets rekt by a soda machine Aw SH!T! *Donkey Kong steals car* *Dong ride* Luigi watches mario and Donkey kong Ohhh… *Donkey Dong vs. Mario* Mario: *groan* C’mon! Haha! Hey Donkey Kong! *Dong sacrifices Gardevoir and Gardevoir screams* Spaghettiman: I DON’T CARE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Gardevoir is kilt and Expansion Pak is paniking* *Fried Waifu and monkey fall off broken car* *Monkey takes fried waifu and is somehow not on fire.* Retater: Mama f***ker Oo oo! *Drops banana peel* *Mario gets rekt* Mask shop broke Peach: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *gibbersadfish* oh, no. Mario: Ow, Hm? Oh ho! Hello! Waht’sup? Get them all mother fucker! *Dong is off free and plumber gets mauled by police plumbers* *Mario survives the assault and screams in terror.* *Frustrated Meroh* *Convenient sign* Oh! *Mario gibbertoxavanha* Oh no! Hey! Wait a minute. Aha! Oh you mama mia! *Mario gibberclovermonorpokemonname* I am the smart! Hmmmmmmmmm? Dafuq? BEEP x1 BEEP x2 BEEP x3 Ahaha! You can’t stop Mario! WAA-HOO: U, ain’t goin’ do shit! U ain’t gonna do it! U, ain’t goin’ do shit! *Mario gets rekt* *Nevermind* You ain’t gonna do sh- Well goodbye Mario. You were always an idiot in SMG4’s videos. Insert badass monkey here. F*** me Oh, you got Mario thinking now! *Mankeyz in the background* Mario: Ohhh Mario: Hmm? Dixie: *Munkey gibberish* HE: HMmm… *Mario “kidnaps” Dixie* Balloon Abomination (Merio): *High pitched Mario gibberlish* Mario! Ho ho ho! Dumbass mofo! Mario: *So much merio bullsh!t that u can’t see the words. *Mario detects Hoo-Hah* Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Oh bo9y! *Diddy is prepared to maul and eat his next victim* HOLY SH!T I’m a banana! *Mario prepares to attack his prey* *Monkey abuse* *Whistle.jpg* Monkeies: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Where did he go? Mario: Go, Banana! Diddy: Oh shiet OOOHHHH, BANANA! OOOHHHH, BANANA! OOOHHHH, BANANA! OOOHHHH, BANANA! OOOHHHH, BANANA! *Monkey assault* *Monkey noises in the backround* *Discomfort Pauline* DK Gets TOiyz *DK Cup (with plushie), Golden Banana and Fanart* *Laughter House* Greaaaaaaaaaah! Oh! *Leffff* *Mario is now Asian for some reason* *Wife abuse?* You son of a bitch! *Dancey Kong* *Mario snaeks pup* You wut!? *Panicking Dong* *Mariogibberish* You big monkey! I don giva fuk! *pew* *and* *stab* AUGH MY ACH! OHMAGOD! AHHHHHHHH!!! OHF*CKINGGODOHMYGOD! *Well Mario screwed up* Mario: Come at me bro! *Nothing happened!* *Still fighting* *Confusion* *Italianesse* Donk: Hey! Auh hee hee! *slaps Mario* Hey! *Kong laughs and Mario is confused* dafuq N.E.S. Ho my god! *DUN!* *Nuts Dong crushes plumber* Ok! Wahoo, yipee! Oh huhuh, ah huhahaha *Another kidnap* DK: GOTCHA B*TCH! Peach: Gawd dammit! SMG4: WIll you shut up!? Shut up! Shut ya goddamn mouth! *Catch dat Kong* *Pauline falls off* *Banana phone* No you don’t! *Mario suffering from an “Earthquake”* *Planet of the dongs* *Planet of the h̶o̶m̶i̶c̶i̶d̶a̶l̶ dongs* *Planet of the dongs* Mario: Hurry, Hurry, Hurr- Mario: Oh No! Chunky: It’s raping time! *Well Mario’s officially dead* Chunky: Tankey- AAHHHHHH 😀 D: ded Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh Dankey kang: noooooooooooooooooooooooo Dankey kang: NOOOOOOO
*Pauline deeed Dankey kang: NOOOOOOO Wahoo, yeah! Fuk u big boy *Mario’s mad* Hey stinky! *Dankey Kang: The Game* Barreels! *DK dropping bareels* Oh you mama mia…. Lalalala, hm hm hmm *IT’S RAININ’ SHET* Wahoo yeah! OOF! Mama mia…
INCOMING! INCOMING! #ded *MaaM is [TRIGGERED] *Item equip!* *mario used hammer!* *The most OP item in Dankey Kang: The Game* DED DED DED *Merio dun giv a fak* *Merio DAMNage Dealt: ∞*
*TOAD ded: -∞* #REKT I am the smart! *Suddenly Explosive Barrel*
I am- *KAPLOOIE!* #REKT FUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! Mama mia… *Convenient elevator* ♪DK!♪ ♪DONKEY KANG!♪ ♪D-D-DK!♪ It’s a me! DK: O hell no-oh ohaaaaaaaa! DK: O hell no-oh ohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Pauline: Woo-hoo… atk Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *Menacing* Pikachu I choose you! GO! hhfgf *And the villain won*
MAMA F***ER! rip mini mario OK! *2 Dancin’ Dinos and Brneh teh Dienosr boss in the game screen* *dankey kang kidnaped princess peach!* Noooooo….. ok dokey!


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  1. Schroed3rGD

    October 6, 2019 1:39 am

    DK Shows Up*
    DK: (Took Pauline Again*) GOTCHA BITCH!!! 😈😈😈
    Peach: God Damn It! 😡😡😡
    SMG4: (😡) Will You Shut Up! Shut Up, Shut your goddamn mouth!!!

  2. ธวิท คํายิ่งเดชาภัทร

    October 18, 2019 7:43 am

    Lanky Kong: Ooohhhh, Banana!
    Horde of Lanky Kong: Ooohhhh, Banana! x4

  3. Super Zero ZX

    December 10, 2019 2:49 am

    Cuando será el día que ésos 2 se llevarán bien algún día …

    Eres cruel peach, deja de tus pemdejadas smg4 solo porque Mario se fue a ayudar a alguien no significa que te creas un pro, no sabe lo que es sigilo, sabes donkey kong para conquistar a una mujer no es secuestrarla sino conquistarla sino funciona entonces si que hay que secuestrarla, aquí vamos de nuevo, sin hacer nada los derrotó a todos, entendí esa referencia, pelea de machos y al final todo salió bien para todos

  4. Wendy GomeZ

    December 27, 2019 3:45 am

    ,, que risa que risa primero es la cara de Donkey Kong y después los juguetes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😃😂

  5. Neo Metal Sanic

    February 9, 2020 5:36 pm


  6. Wallace Lion

    March 1, 2020 9:57 am

    Godzilla 🆚 Bowser/Koopzilla
    King Kong VS Donkey Kong/Donking Kong
    Godzilla 🆚 Kong
    Koopzilla VS Donking Kong


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