Snow Man【乗馬初体験】イケメンたちが白馬に乗って胸キュンゼリフ!


Hello! We are Snow Man!
[ (from left): Ryohei Abe | Ryota Miyadate | Hikaru Iwamoto | Daisuke Sakuma | Tatsuya Fukazawa |
Shota Watanabe ] Sakuma: Yosh~ Miyadate: Yoo-hoo~ Iwamoto: We are also in Nagoya for this episode Iwamoto: Without further ado Let’s decide who will plan today’s episode with something popular among Snow Man recently Miyadate: Board game? Iwamoto: No, we’re not playing board game Watanabe: That will take time
Iwamoto: It will be the most interesting We’re going to decide using rock-paper-scissors The person who wins will be the MC Rock, paper, scissors! Sakuma: Seriously!? [ The MC will be Ryota Miyadate! ] Miyadate: Thank you Iwamoto: Ryota Miyadate will be the MC for this episode! Miyadate: Since it has been decided that I’ll be the MC Today There is a place which I want to bring you to Where do you think it is? Fukazawa: I’m not sure but I’m taking a wild guess Is it Nagashima Spa Land…? Sakuma: But that’s in Mie Prefecture? Iwamoto: That’s not possible!
Abe: No~ Iwamoto: That’s out of our expectations! Miyadate: He’s right Fukazawa: Really? Thank you Miyadate: (I’m bringing you to) Nagashima Spa Land Tsukada-kun from A.B.C-Z was saying Nagashima Spa Land is great And recommended it
Abe: He did
Sakuma: He said it was great [ This episode… 40 minutes drive from Nagoya, Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture is the biggest theme park in Tokai Region ] Iwamoto: You’re travelling via a vehicle today?
(This is in response to Miyadate’s gag of travelling via his white horse)
Miyadate: It just so happens that I am Sakuma: He’s accommodating us Iwamoto: I see [First of all, dropping by a place on the way to Nagashima Spa Land!] Miyadate: We are now at Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture Tatsuta Fureainosato Rest Area [ Tatsuta Fureainosato Rest Area
Address: Aichi Prefecture, Aisai City, Morikawa-cho, Igetanishi 27 ] They are famous for their lotus roots dishes [ About 30 minutes drive from Nagoya. They can enjoy Aisai City’s speciality – lotus roots dishes, at Tatsuta Fureainosato Rest Area! ] Sakuma: Wow, there are so many here Miyadate: Lotus roots kabayaki (grilled eel) bowl Watanabe: There is lotus roots kabayaki bowl? Sakuma: That sounds delicious Iwamoto: Mitarashi (sweet sauce glaze) dango with lotus roots Miyadate: What’s that? [ They ordered lotus roots kabayaki (grilled eel) bowl, mitarashi (sweet sauce glaze) dango with lotus roots, and lotus roots rice burger ] Lotus roots kabayaki bowl and mitarashi dango with lotus roots coming up! [ Lotus roots kabayaki (grilled eel) bowl 500 yen ] It looks really tasty! Abe: Thank you Miyadate: Thanks for the food Watanabe: Is that seaweed on the back? Miyadate: It looks like unagi (eel) Fukazawa: Lotus root is amazing Abe: Is it delicious?
Miyadate: Delicious! Miyadate: It’s lotus roots and maybe meat Kabayaki (grilled eel) with sauce Abe: It looks delicious Miyadate: Delicious! Iwamoto: Is it okay for me to eat this?
Fukazawa: Go ahead~ Miyadate: Mita(rashi dango)-san Iwamoto: I’m eating~ Fukazawa: Lotus root…
Miyadate: in mitarashi (sweet sauce glaze) dango [ Mitarashi (sweet sauce glaze) Dango 70yen ] Fukazawa: How is it? Miyadate: Is it like rice cake? Sakuma: What is it? Iwamoto: I can feel a bit of lotus root but it’s like Mitarashi (sweet sauce glaze), mitarashi, mitarashi, lotus root~ Sakuma: Indeed It’s not overpowering Watanabe: It’s an excellent supporting character Iwamoto: It’s just nice [ Next, comments on the lotus roots rice burger ] Iwamoto: Eat it, Shota Watanabe: Alright, I’ll share a food commentary I’m eating~ [ Lotus roots rice burger 300yen ] Watanabe: This also feels like the lotus root is a hidden but excellent supporting character Fukazawa: I see Sakuma: Is it? So the taste isn’t overpowering Watanabe: This is really the best… Sakuma: You’re so bad at food commentary Watanabe: I’m really bad at it Miyadate: And so How were the lotus roots dishes, everyone? Sakuma: Delicious~ Miyadate: Delicious~? Sakuma: Where are we going next? Fukazawa: Are we going to Nagashima already? Miyadate: Nope There is a place which I want to bring you to Abe: Oh. Where is it? Miyadate: We are going to meet him Going to meet him? Sakuma: Who are we going to meet? [ And they have reached… ] Miyadate: Please take a look It’s a horse We are at Horse Riding Club Crane Tokai [ Meitetsu Joba Club Crane Tokai
Address: Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, Nagashima-cho Fukuyoshi, 879-5 Nagashima Sports Land ] Before we go to Nagashima Spa Land We are stopping here for awhile Sakuma: I see Watanabe: This is cool Miyadate: Does anyone have horse riding experience? Abe: No~ Sakuma: Long time ago When I was really young I rode on a pony before Miyadate: You look like a pony too Sakuma: Yes❤ Fukazawa: Please get a grip, Mr. Sakuma Miyadate: So, for today I’ve arranged for a coach Mr. Yoshikawa will be teaching us [ Meitetsu Joba Club Crane Tokai
Mr. Tomonori Yoshikawa ] Nice to meet you [ The horse riding lesson begins immediately! ] First of all, inside the horse’s mouth The horse is biting a metal rod It’s called a “hami” (bit mouthpiece) When you pull hard on it, it acts as a brake It also moves the horse towards the left or right The phase “hame wo hazusu (acting without restraint)” originated from this “hami” (bit mouthpiece) When we’re riding, we’re unable to reach the horse’s mouth So we’ll control using the reins attached to the bit mouthpiece [ Following this, lecture on signaling the horse to go forward ] Kick the horse’s stomach using both of your heels When you do this, it will signal the horse to move [Horse Riding Lesson Point 1
Kick against the horse’s stomach using both of your heels will move the horse forward] Amazing! When you pull towards the right, the horse will turn to the right When you pull towards the left, the horse will turn to the left [Horse Riding Lesson Point 2
Control the direction by pulling on the reins] Sakuma: If we don’t pull hard, the horse will not turn? That’s right. And pulling the reins towards yourself will signal a brake to the horse [Horse Riding Lesson Point 3
Stop the horse by pulling the reins towards yourself]
Miyadate: Amazing When the horse stops, you can relax the reins And pat the horse’s neck to praise it Sakuma: What’s the name of this horse? We call him Kakarot Sakuma: I’m excited [ First up, Sakuma, Miyadate and Iwamoto’s horse riding challenge ] Miyadate: Amazing! Try moving Please try kicking your heels against the horse’s stomach Yes, like a squeeze Yes just like that, the horse is moving Miyadate: Amazing! Iwamoto: That’s fast! Are you feeling okay? Let’s try it again, kick lightly with your heels to signal the horse Kicking will signal the horse to move Yes, try it again Again [ It doesn’t move…] Kick harder, yosh! [ Forcefully led forward ] Let’s go~ There is no need to look at your horse, keep your body up Iwamoto: It’s fast!! Lean back Sakuma: You’re doing well, Kakarot Like that earthling (Making a reference to Kakarot, which is also the name of Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball) [ Following that, Fukazawa, Abe, Watanabe’s horse riding challenge ] Let’s signal the horse to move with your heels Don’t pull the reins when you’re kicking Don’t pull too hard Yes, just like that Iwamoto: Shota isn’t turning the horse towards the right He’s turning right by himself Shota is going to fall down Shota looks like he’s going to fall down Fukazawa: Amazing! I feel like my shit is coming out!! Let’s try walking with the horse again [ The 6 of them are excited with their first horse riding experience! Next… ] Yes, this is walking the horse Miyadate: As Johnnys’ We have to look cool Shall we take turns to ride the white horse Face the camera… No, I mean face the ladies who are watching this And say a cool line that will make their hearts flutter? Sakuma: Indeed we are Johnnys’ Iwamoto: He’s already getting into the mood Fukazawa: I got it. Thank you for your hard work Iwamoto: That’s quick!
Fukazawa: Does everyone have to do it? Miyadate: Everyone Fukazawa: Everyone? Okay [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse
by Daisuke Sakuma ] Sakuma: I’ve kept you waiting. I’m here with this white horse because of you Shall we go? Ride with me, my princess Miyadate: Okay, cut! Watanabe: Rocky is also giving a wry smile [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse
by Hikaru Iwamoto ] Abe: It’s turning at the 4th corner Too early~ Sakuma: The horse has stopped too early! Iwamoto: Shall we horse? Miyadate: Okay, cut! I get it I thought he was going to say “Shall we dance?” Sakuma: But he said let’s horse (ride) together Watanabe: Rocky looks lost… [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse
by Ryohei Abe ] Watanabe: We’ve done such heart fluttering words before Fukazawa: Yes It has stopped [ The horse stopped again ] Watanabe: It stopped there again
Fukazawa: Is there something that caused the horse to stop? Sakuma: What is there? Watanabe: Maybe Abe is focusing at the camera and has accidentally pulled hard at the reins? Abe: My lady, are you an idiot? Watanabe: Wait a minute, I don’t get it Sakuma: I know what he’s referring to Mr. Sho Sakurai is better at this Abe: That’s right Miyadate: I see the line is from Sho-kun [ Taken from The After-Dinner Mysteries starring Sho Sakurai ] [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse
by Shota Watanabe ] Rocky has reached the point where it stopped earlier Oh wait, it has gone off course Sakuma: Where is that? Iwamoto: Shota, turn (Rocky) towards your left Shota is turning left… Not you, Shota! Turn Rocky left Okay~ He’s coming Watanabe: My lady Are you an idiot? Go for one more round… Iwamoto: Look at Rocky’s face! It’s giving a straight face ( ˙-˙ ) [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse
by Tatsuya Fukazawa ] It didn’t stop, that’s good He’s coming! Fukazawa: You are my lover and… not yet… [ He wants Rocky to move ] (Rocky is) not (moving) yet Rocky… Wait a minute Miyadate: Okay, cut! Iwamoto: When Fukka was saying his lines He wanted Rocky to start moving So that he can smoothly exit the camera frame He was trying his best kicking Rocky but Rocky remained straight face Watanabe: If the shot wasn’t zoomed in on the upper body, we could probably see him kicking [ Heart fluttering words on a white horse by Ryota Miyadate ] Miyadate: I’ve finally found you Do you know the flower language of hibiscus? A new romance Let’s go The only person who can ride with me on my white horse Is you Iwamoto: The ending is a pity! If only the horse moved at the last moment Miyadate: We have arrived at Nagashima Spa Land! [ The episode on Nagashima Spa Land will be revealed soon! ] Abe: There is still another turn- This is the best! But I can only say this We have probably lost 10 fans I’m scared!! Too scary!!


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