Speaking the Horse Language | Part 6 Stallions vs Mares vs Geldings Theory

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In this episode of “Speaking the Horse Language” we learn to speak the language of the stallion, mare and gelding. So in the wild, yeah, let’s say you have stallions and you have mares. Now obviously with humans, we’ve introduced another thing. We have geldings. So when we’re talking about stallions versus mares versus geldings, yeah, there’s some important things to know. Now, a lot of people they think that the stallion is actually the leader of the herd. It’s not! It is the mare. There’s one alpha mare. There’s going to be several mares in the herd in the wild. But there’s one mayor – she’s Alpha. And she’s even in charge of the stallion. The stallions job. Well, we all know his job: make babies. The stallion will fight other stallions. That’s basically his job. Yeah, so they’re more aggressive – dominant. So when you’re working with stallions: Stallions are very dominant. Yeah, they’re very Alpha. They’re very territorial. Yeah, so with stallions you cannot slouch! You can’t be insecure! You have to be: square shoulders, good vibe and very confident! Yeah, even if you don’t know: Fake it, till you make it with horses, sometimes. They don’t know that you don’t know. Yeah, but if you pretend like, you know, they’ll follow you. Yeah, so with the stallion, you definitely have to be Alpha. You have to be dominant. With a stallion because, you know, in the wild: they just kind of kick each other and whoever is stronger wins. This is the better stallion and the other one will kind of go away and back down. Yeah, so with stallions obviously, I can’t kick my stallion. Yeah, I can’t kick as hard as he’s gonna kick. So, it’s not about who’s gonna kick each other. But with a stallion, he might test me. A lot of stallions, especially if they’re young, they’ll be very mouthy. They’ll try and bite you or nibble at you and nibble at your shirt. Yeah, so that’s them testing who’s Alpha. And if they can nibble at your shirt, then that means their Alpha because they got away with it. Yeah, so I have to have a bubble! I have to be very strict. And I have to just make it clear to them that when you’re with me you have to behave. With mares, you’re going to have a totally different vibe. Because mares are the real alpha but mare’s they’re very intelligent mare’s you have to be on their good side. And it’s not going to come with bullying. It’s going to come with respect. With a stallion, you can kind of be a bit rough and tough and spank him a little bit and say no you’re not allowed to bite me Whereas with the mare that might not work. Yeah, and again, it depends on the mare. Is she Alpha mare naturally in the field with the others? Or is she a little bit lower in the pack? This all plays a big relevance. If she’s an Alpha mare you’re probably not going to, you know, win her respect with bullying her. Or making her feel backed in a corner like she’s sort of forced to do it. She’ll probably say “no make me.” So with a mare you have to be very intelligent, you have to show her why it’s important to play these games or to do whatever it is that you want to do. And most importantly, I think, you have to have fun with her. You know, you have to make her have fun. You have to show her things that she enjoys doing. And then once she starts enjoying doing those things: the other things, even if she doesn’t enjoy it so much – she’ll start doing them because she’ll Understand that there’s a reason. Or she’ll trust you and she’ll follow you as Alpha mare. So a mare you have to sort of win her over. And a gelding, as we all know, geldings are pretty easygoing. Again, totally depends on the personality of the horse. But geldings are usually easygoing. They have, you know, different versions that they can do. They could be a little bit more lazy and like “naaah, make me.” Or they could be a little bit more fiery and a little bit more energetic. So based on the personality of the horse, you know, as far as geldings go: It’s just more specific to the personality of that gelding. Is he hot or is he a bit more lazy. And then we’ll apply the methods with the gelding as appropriate.


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  1. Lee Alexander

    July 27, 2019 7:29 am

    I adore my stallion. He's magnificent. Nibble my shirt? Not a prayer. It's not permitted and he dislikes being pushed away. He's more inclined to charge just to see if he can move my feet. He can't so he will do as I ask that day. Geldings? Pushy beasts who are in your face friendly. Definitely not my cup of tea. I've only just recently met a few so maybe I'm being unfair. They're kind of useless on a breeding farm so I have almost no experience with them. Mares are an entirely mixed bag. I tend to favor the very soft sweet ones since they're less inclined to kick at my irreplaceable stallion who is my special horse and closest companion. Please do not get a stallion until you have significant experience and someone who is very accustomed to them to teach you the difference in what you need to know. They don't respond in quite the same way s mare or gelding will so require a slightly different skill set and a lot more confidence. That's something you can't fake although you might get away with faking it with a mare or gelding.


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